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Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
September 2014
Results published 4th November 2014

Hello Dancers!  Thanks to everyone who reported their data during this busy dancing month!  Our reporting was up, even without Japan, Canada and NoCal.  We hope they'll be back in the stats next month!   We continue to get new areas represented, or coming back to the survey after a hiatus.  As instructors see that this survey represents the students they serve, it is great to see what other instructors are teaching.

If you receive this survey and don't yet report to a collector....please let me know, so I can get you hooked up!  If you are so busy (as we all are!) please ask a student to do your reporting.  This is a great activity for someone who is in love with the sport, but doesn't see themselves as wanting to teach.  Let them be part of the worldwide community that makes this survey so valuable.

IF you are a choreographer and know that your dances are being taught more than this data represents...please forward the survey to those instructors who haven't been reporting....let's get them connected and get your dances accurately reported!

Deadline for October's data is the 20th of usual.  I'm heading out to Tucson on the 24th to visit my daughter for our "DanceGiving" there won't be any fudging this month. :)

September 2014

Here are the results from the April, 2014 World Dance Instruction survey. 141 instructors sent in 890 dances and 1906 teaches. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, WaAU:Western Australia, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, NI: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IE: Ireland, SCT: Scotland, AT: Austria, NL: Netherlands, FI: Finland, DK: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong, MY: Malaysia, Cr: Line Dance Cruise, CH: China, TR: Turkey, PT: Portugal, UN: Unknown, TW: Taiwan, QC: Quebec.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Randy Pelletier for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

22 Teaches
American Kids; Randy Pelletier; CA-2; GA; MA-2, RI-2, OH-2 MI, OH­3,NY-3,NC,CA-4,GA

20 Teaches
Fun For All; Sue Ann Ehmann; FL-2; VT; VA-3*,NC-7,NH-4, MA,MN-2

18 Teaches
Mamma Maria; Frank Trace; MA-3; NH-4; NC-2,NswAU,TX-6,MN, MA

17 Teaches
Rita’s Waltz;Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson; VA-2; CA; NM-2,TX-6,NC-2,MN-4
Such A Fool; Niels Poulsen; CA; MO-2; VA-2,NM,CA,NC-3,NswAU-3,TX-4

16 Teaches
Ah Si; Rita Masur; VT; TX-4; CA,NC-3,VA-4,MN-3
Down To The River; Karla Wallman; OH-7; VA; CA,FL,NC-2,TX,MN-3

13 Teaches
Bachata Conmigo;Ira Weisburd;NM; AZ; CA,NswAU,TX-3,MN-6

12 Teaches
One Less; Joey Warren & Brenna Stith; MO; VT; NC-2,MN-3,CA-2,AZ-3

11 Teaches
Caught in the Moonlight; Rachael McEnaney; MI; NswAU,VicAU; TX-8
High Cotton; Niels Poulsen; MO; NM; CA,TX-6,MN-2
Itsy Bitsy Spider Dance; John Dembiec; OH­4; VA- 5; NC-2
Rockin the Wagon Wheel;Jamie Marshall;TX-4; AZ-2; MO,CA,AZ,MN-2
You'll Be Okay;Rachael McEnaney;UK-2; AZ; CA-3,NC,VicAU,MN-3

10 Teaches
Alcazar;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson; VT; NM; TX-4,CA,NC,NswAU,MN
Country As Can Be; Suzanne Wilson; MO; NY-2; TX-7
Feeling Hot; Rachael McEnaney; VA - 2; NC-4; TX-2,MN-2

9 Teaches
Falling Rain; Juliet Lam; CA-2; TN; NswAU,TX-5
Holy Cowgirl;Guyton Mundy;CA; GA; NY-2, NH-3, MA,NC

8 Teaches
Cupid Shuffle; Bernard Bryson; NH-2; VA - 2; TX,TX-2,MN
Dream Lover; Daniel Whittaker; MA-6; NM; TX
Drive By; Nathan Gardiner; MA-4, RI-4
Eternal Secret;Ria Vos;NswAU-3; UK; UK-4
Pay Back; Mike Camara; MA-4, RI-4
Roller Coaster; Mike Camara; MA-4, RI-4
Some Kind Of Wonderful; Mike Camara; MA-4, RI-4
Summer Celebration; Ira Weisburd; MA-3; TX-5
Those Were The Days; Daniel Whitaker & Rob Fowler; CA; NswAU-2; TX-3,CA-2

7 Teaches
Come Dance With Me; Jo Thompson; AZ; TN; TX-5
Drinkin Beer; Jamie Marshall;TN; MN-6
Fireball; Will Craig; CA-2; MN-3; NC-2
Good Morning; Jo Thompson Szymanski; VA-3; NH-2; NC,MN
Imelda’s Way;Adrian Churm;TX-2; WI; NC,NM-2,MN
Love Me or Leave Me;Frank Trace;NM; TX-4; MN-2
Two Step; Robert Royston; VA-2; VT; AZ-3,NY

6 Teaches
Double Shot of Crown; Felicia Harris Jones; MO; VA; MA-3,CA
Fault Line; Warren;VT; TX-5
Get My Name; Guyton Mundy & Will Craig; CA; MO; VA,TX,AZ,MN
Gin & Tonic; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; VA; NY-2; CA,NswAU-2
Huggable; Frank Trace; AZ; FL; Oh­4*
Let's Have A Party!;Rachael McEnaney / John H. Robinson/Jo Thompson;CA; MN-4; MN
Over the Rainbow Swing;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-6
Ring My Bells; Julia Wetzel ; VA; NC; TX-4
Tell Him That; Frank Trace;NY-2; TX-4
Toes; Rachael McEnaney; TN; NM-2; AZ-2,MN
Won't You Stay; Joey Warren; MO-2; NswAU-4
You Got The Soul; Mike Camara; MA-3, RI-3

5 Teaches
Ain't Wot U Do; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; AZ; UK; CA-3
All About That Bass; Gail Dawson; TN; VA-2; MN-2
All I can Say; Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward; OH­2; MO; NC,TX
Baby Kisses;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell;NswAU; NY-3,CT
Beautiful Goodbye;M.Barr;TX-4; TX
Budapest;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU-3,NswAU,VicAU
Caballero;Ira Weisburd;NM; TX-4
Cowboy Charleston; Jeanette Hall and Tonya Miller;TN; NH-4
Cowboy Charleston; Unknown;VA, TX-3, NM
Cut a Rug;Jo & Rita Thopson;TX-2; NC; MN-2
Drunk On A Plane;Lyndy & Dan Albro;CA-2; NH-3
Electric Slide; Ric Silvern; VA ; TN; TX-2,MN
Fireball;Kate Sala;FL-2; UK; UK-2
Geronimo Easy;Gary Parker;NswAU-4,VicAU
Get It Bae; Joey Warren, Linda McCormack & Will Craig; MO; VA; CA,MN-2
Honey Bee Boogie; Thompson, Marshall, Trace; OH­4*; NswAU
Hot Kisses; Donna Manning; OH-5
Just a Fool; Bourassa & Frechette; MA-5*
Just Add Moonlight; Maggie Gallagher; VA - 2; MA; GA-2
Laughter In The Rain;Dee Musk;CA; NM; MN-3
Little Red Book; Dee Musk; OH­2; TX-3
Love Heart Waltz; Annie Saw;VA; NM-2; TX,MN
Love You Forever;Rob Fowler, Rachael McEnaney and Jo Thompson Szymanski:;VA; MA; CA,TX,MN
Mamita; Ira Weisburd;MA-4, TX
Moving Hips; Frank Trace;OH-4*, CA
Off The Chain; Fred Whitehouse; MO; MN-3; NC
Old Bones; Linda Oates; TN; TX-4
Overcomer;Mark Simpkin;NswAU-5
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O;Maggie Gallagher;NswAU-5
Shotgun Jenny; Kathy Brown; MO-3; NY-2
Simply Counting Stars; John Robinson ; VA; NC; MN-2,MN
Stealing the Best; Rosie Multari; AZ; NC-2; TX,MN
The Longest Time; Dee Musk; MO; TX-2; MN-2
Try;Mitchell & Rachel Burgess;NswAU-5
Walking In The Rain;Maggie Gallagher;NM; TX-3; MN
Walking On Air; Simon Ward and Amy Glass; FL; TX-2; NC-2
We Are Tonight; Dan Albro;VA; CA; GA-2,MI

4 Teaches
@ The Hop;Carmel Hutchinson;AZ-2; CA; MN
Alabama Slammin':;Rachael McEnaney:;MN; TX-3
Bad About to Happen; Dan Albro; MA; NY-3
Be My Baby Now;Vicky St. Pierre & Rachael McEnaney;NM-2; TX-2
Blue Night Cha;Kim Ray;AZ; NC; MN-2
Carolina Moon;M. Barr;TX-4
CC Shuffle ;Unknown;NH-3, MA
Cha Cha Burn;Blevins & Symanski;TX-4
Chica Boom Boom; Vikki Morris; TN; NswAU-3
Country Walkin;Teree Desarro;TX; OH­3
Crank It Up; Cheri Litzenburg: VA ;VA-3; NC
Cruisin';Neil Hale;CA; TX-2; AZ
Easy Cowboy; Cindy Norlin; MA-2, RI-2
Enchantment;Jo T Szymanski;NM; TX-3
Fall In Love; Pat Stott; TN; CA; TX-2
Fee Good Rumba; Frank Trace; OH­4*
Feelin' hot;Rachael McEnaney;NswAU-4
Footprints on the Water; Brady & Babinec ; VA - 3; MN
Get Ready; Julia Wetzel; CA; NH; CA-2
Good Luck Charm;Carl Sullivan;NswAU-4
Honey Bee; Bourassa & Frechette; MA-4*
Hootenanny;John Robinson;MI; TX-2; MN
Just Close Your Eyes;Bill Larson;NswAU-4
Just Let It Go;Guyton Mundy,Niels Poulsen;AZ-4
K Step Boogie;Jo Thompson Syzmanski; FL; NswAU; TX-2
Love Can Build a Bridge;Gordon Elliott;NswAU-2,NswAU *,VicAU
Not The Only One;Craig Bennett;AZ-3; MN
Outta My Head;Donna Pearce & Maddison Glover;NswAU-4
Pontoon; Gail Smith; AZ; TX; MN-2
Popcorn;Tim Gauci;NswAU-4
Redneck Angel ;Cheri Litzenburg and Rene Filiou;NH-3; MN
Sailor Dance;Gudrun Schneider;CA-4
Say Geronimo; Ria Vos;CA-4
Scarlet Devil; John Robinson & Junior Willis; TN; VA-2; TX
Superbad; Joey Warren; MO; VT; AZ,CA
Sweet Little Liza; Marie Sorensen;TN; FL-3*
Sweet Sweet Smile;Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step;AZ; NM; CA,MN
The Majestic; Frank Trace; OH­4*
This is Me;Yvonne Anderson;NM; TX-3
Timber;Gloria Stone;TX-4
Trail Dust;Unknown Choreographer;TX-4
Tush Push;Anonymous;NswAU-2; TX-2
Without Fire;Karl-Harry Winson;TX-4
You and Me; Darren Bailey; MO; NswAU; MN-2

3 Teaches
1929;Kate Sala & Robbie M Hickie;TX-2; CA
A Long Way Home;Gordon Elliott;NswAU *,NswAU,VicAU
Ain’t Wot U Do;Neville & Julie;AZ-3
AK Freak; Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy; MO; NC-2
All of Me; Simon Ward; MO; VA – 2
Almost Dosen't Count;Dee Musk;NswAU-3
Amame;Robbie McGowan Hickie;TX-2; MN
Applejack; Alison & Peter; MA; UK; VicAU
Backwoods Bump; Derek Steel; MI*-3
Bailando Amor;Kate Sala;UK-3
Body Goes Boom; McEnaney; VT; CA; UK
Boot Scootin Boogie;Unknown;CA; GA; FL
Broken Arrow; Derek Steele & Patrick Fleming; MI*-3
Bullfrog On A Log;Cef Decaney;CA; NY-2
Bump It To Cotton Eye Joe:;Sue McFarlane:;MN-3
Cabana Boy;John Dembiec;NM-2; TX
Call Me Baby; John Robinson & Chris John; MI-2; NC
Casa Musica; Vane & Verdonk; OH­2; NswAU
Caught In The Act;Ann Wood;NswAU; TX-2
Cheap Talk;Gaye Teather;CA; NM; TX
Cheek to Cheek;Rob Fowler;NM-2; TX
Come Out Tonight;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU,NswAU *,VicAU
Completely;Peter & Alison;TX; MN-2
Crazy Foot Mambo; Paul McAdams; GA; CA; NM
Dancing In the Dark;Jo Thompson;TX-3
Evergreen;Karen Hunn;CA; NM; MN
EZ Shuffle; Larry Bass; AZ; GA; NC
Fly Like a Dove;Tina Argyle;TX-3
Forever Cool:;Jo T Szymanski:;MN; MN, WI
Fun In The Sun;Frank Trace;TX-2; MN
Goodbye;Tim Gauci;NswAU-3
Hello Dolly;Lorraine Kutela;TX-2; MN
Hey O;Darren Bailey;NswAU; MN-2
Holy Cowgirl;Rosie Multari; VA -2; MN
Hot Bananas;John Dembiec;AZ-3
I Got It Easy;Rob Fowler;UK-3
If You Were;Linda Pink;NswAU-2,VicAU *
I'm In Love With You; Vane, Holtland; OH­3
Kongo Walk; Derek Steele & Eryn Miller; MI*-3
Kreedom;Jo Szymanski & Michele Perron;TX-3
Let’s Chill;Vivienne Scott;TX; MN; NC
Light On;Debbie McLaughlin;NswAU-2; UK
Lindy Shuffle;Jane Smee;TX-3
Looking At You:;Judy Rogers:;MN-3
Love Lifted Me; Jo Thompson Szymanski ; VA; CA; NC
Meat & Potato Man; Karen Tripp; MO-2; VA
Moving Along:;Sherri Busser:;MN-3*
Nightclub Baby Nightclub;Michelle Burton;TX-3
Not Through Loving You;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;NswAU-3
Piece of Cake;Rob Fowler;TX-3
Por Ti Sere;Jo Thompson;NswAU-2; TX
Pretty Hurts;Adrian Lefebour;NswAU-3
River Bank; Gail Smith; MO; CA; OH
S.B.S;Ira Weisburd;CA; TX-2
Seduced;Ira Weisburd;TX-3
September In The Rain;Karen Tripp;CA; TX-2
Shine My Shoes;Michael vera Lobos;NswAU-3
Shotgun Mambo; Kate Sala; CA-2; FL
Simplemente;Kate Sala;NM; MN-2
Slipped and Fell; Rob Fowler; OH­3
Something In The Water;Niels Poulsen;NM-2; TX
STL No Limit; Kris White; FL; NC-2
Stomp; Dee Blansett; OH­3
Texas Stomp; Ruth Elias;AZ; MN-2
The Other Side aka WOW Hawaii;McEnaney, Poulsen, Craig, Sala & Verdonk;CA; CA; UK
They Call Me The Breeze;Gaye Teather, Andrew & Sheila Palmer;UK-3
Timber;Alison Biggs / Peter Metelnick; AZ; CA; MN
Treble;Ruben Luna & Michael Diven; VT ; MA; UK
Trouble with Treble;Maddison Glover;NswAU,NswAU *,VicAU
Tulane:;Rachael McEnaney:;MN-3
Undo;Helena Jeppsson;CA-3
Wagon Wheel Rock;Yvonne Anderson;TX-2; MN
Walking Through;Ria Vos;TX; MN-2
Wanna Be Contigo; Julia Wetzel; CA-2; CA
We Only Live Once;Linda Burgess;NswAU *,NswAU-2
What If Waltz;Lorna Mursell & Roy Chaplin;NM-2; TX
When You Lie;Carrie McNeish;AZ-3
With Or Without You;Peter & Alison;UK-3
You’ll Be Okay;Rachael McEnaney;AZ-3

2 Teaches
1-2-3-4; Niels Poulsen; AZ; NM
50 Ways;Pat Stott;TX-2
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4; Norman Gifford; TN; TX
A Tornado;Rick Todd;TX-2
AB Skiff-A-Billy;Connie Nielsen:;MN-2
Adonde Voy; Juliet Lam;TX; NM
Always is;Kathryn Sloan;NswAU-2 *
American Kids; Barb Rehagen & Sandy Derickson; MO-2
Angel In Blue Jeans;Alison & Peter;UK-2
Bally’s Mambo;Ira Weisburd;TX; NC
Bartender:;Treece & Shell:;MN-2
Beats Me; Kay Needham;NM; TX
Beautiful Day; Gaye Teather; AZ 2
Beer for My Horses;Christine Bass;NM-2
Beginner Boots;Lisa Firth & Janet Halls;NswAU-2
Black Dresses;Michael Barr;CA; VT
Blue Birds; Kim Ray; VA 2
Blue Skies; Jamie Marshall;TN-2
Blue Spanish Eyes;Juliet Lam;TX; MN
Booze Cruise;Donna Manning;GA-2
Borrow My Heart;Travis Taylor;UK-2
Bosa Nova; Phil Dennington;NM; MN
Bounce Bounce; Frank Trace; MO; TX
Broken Road;Michael vera Lobos;NswAU-2 *
Broken Stones; Dee Musk; VA; TX
Brokenheartsville;Peter Metelnick;UK-2
Can't let go;Kathryn Sloan;NswAU-2 *
Can't Tell A Waltz From A Tango;Audri R.;NswAU-2
Cheating Heart;Mark Simpkin;NswAU-2
Cinco de Mayo;Alan Livett & Jo Thompson;NswAU-2
City Put The Country Back in Me; Michele Burton; AZ; CA
Clap Happy!;Shaz Walton;CA; TX
Close Encounters:;Bill Bader:;MN-2
Coca Cola Cowboy:;unknown:;MN-2
Colours of the Wind;Mary Chan;TX-2
Coming Unplugged;Patrick Fleming;NswAU-2
Counting Stars;Simon Ward;NswAU; MO
Cowboy Cha Cha;Kelly Gellette;CA; TN
Cowboy Up; Shannon Finnegan; MI-2
Cowgirl Connection;Jim Lucas;NswAU-2
Cumbia Semana; Ira Weisburd; AZ; NC
Dance Americano;Roz Morgan;AZ-2
Dancin' Feet ;Susan and Harry Brooks;NH-2
Dancing In White;Jan Wyllie;NswAU-2
DHSS; Gaye Teather; MO; TX
Do Dat Hoedown:;Russell Breslauer:;MN-2
Don’t Say Goodbye;Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs;NswAU; TX
Don't Really Matter;Gaye Teather;TX-2
Easy Come Easy Go;Debbie O'Hare;TX-2
Eighteen Lonely Months;Ghazali-Meaney;NM; CA
Everyday Woman;Lu Olsen and Stephen Paterson;NswAU-2
Everything Will Change;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;VicAU; UK
Eye Candy:;Gerard Murphy:;MN-2
Fabulous;Thomas Haynes;NC-2
Fire and Snow Waltz; Norma Jean Fuller ; VA; AZ
Fishin’ In The Dark;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*; CA
Flying High;Jan Wyllie;NswAU-2
Galway Girls;Chris Hodgson;NM; TX
Geronimo;Linda Burgess;NswAU-2
Ghost Train;Kathy Hunyadi;TX; MN
Go Cat Go;Gaye Teather;NswAU; VA
Gone with the wind;Kathryn Sloan & Kelvin Dale;NswAU-2 *
Good Time Girls;Karen Kennedy;NswAU-2
Good Times;Jenny Cain;TX-2
Gravity;Mark Simpkin;NswAU-2
Heads Up, Ho Down:;Suzanne Wilson:;MN-2
He's Italiano;Will Bos;NswAU-2
Hey Bartender; Donna Manning; OH-2
Hideaway Cha; Jamie Marshall, Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Joanne Brady; TN; MN
History;Gerard Murphy;TX-2
Home Sweet Home; Katrin Gabler; CA-2
Honey Pie;Maggie Gallagher;TX; MN
Honky Tonk Stomp:;Phyllis Watson;MN-2
Honky Tonk Swing;Gary Lafferty;NswAU-2
Honky Tonk Twist;Max Perry;NswAU-2
Hope U Find It;Tim Gauci;NswAU-2
I Can Take It From Here;Rosalee Musgrave;VicAU; TX*
I Could Not Ask For More;Stephen Paterson;NswAU-2
I Just Can't Let You Go;Wil Bos & Aurelie Clota;NC-2
Ice Queen;Ryan King;NswAU-2
I'm No Good;Rachael McEnaney;TX-2
In The Summertime;Amy Glass;NswAU; AZ
It’s Gonna Rain;Sue Ann Ehmann;TX; VA*
Jamica Slide; Dom Quercia & Joni Duff; AZ-2
Jo 'n' Jo's Tango:;Jo & Rita Thompson:;MN; NC
Jordin's Step; Keith Stewart; OH; MN
Jose Cuervo;Max Perry;NswAU-2
Keep them kisses coming;Darren Mitchell;NswAU-2
King Of Clubs;Duke Alexander;NY-2
Knee Deep;PeterMetelnick & Allison Biggs;NM-2
Last Living Cowboy;Sue Ann Ehmann;CA; OH
Laughing All The Way:;Sherri Busser:;MN-2*
Leave Me;Cathy Dacumas;NswAU,VicAU
Lift U Up;Derek Steel &Brian Randall & Eryn Miller;MI-2*
Little Bit Later On; Severine Fillion; VA; OH
Little Devil;Ann Herd;NswAU-2
Little Polka:;Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson:;MN; TX
Little Umbrellas; Sheba Wadley & Terry Daily; TN-2
Long Live Rock N' Roll; Darren Bailey and Fred Whitehouse; FL; CA
Louisana Swing;Kate Sala / Robbie McGowan Hickie;CA; NM
Love Repeats; Michelle Burton;MI-2
Love Them Good Time Girls:;Sherri Busser:;MN-2*
Make You Sweat;Ria Vos;TX-2
Mame:;Frank Trace:;MN-2
Martini Time;Frank Trace;NC; TX
Mountain Girl;Kelvin Dale & Kathryn Sloan;NswAU-2
Movie Night;Penny Kelly;NswAU *,NswAU
Mr. So & So; Rick Todd; VA ; TX
Ms Jody’s Thang;Ed Williams;TX-2
My New Life;John Offerman;NM; TX
Navigation; Matthew Pendleton & Brandon Zahorsky; MO-2
New York 2 LA; Rachael McEnaney; MO; TX
Nip Sip; Dancin' Terry Pournelle ;VA; VT
Nothing But Dust; Rachel Parsons; MA, RI
Only A Dream;Joey Warren;CA; UK
Only Love;Linda Burgess;NswAU-2 *
Overrated;Stephen Paterson;NswAU-2
Peaches & Cream;Peter & Alison;TX; MN
Piano Man;Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell;VicAU; VA
Pick a Bale;Anonymous;NswAU-2
Polka Anyone:;Sherri Busser:;MN-2*
Putting On The Ritz;Gordon Elliott;NswAU; MN
Que Sera;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU-2
Raindance:;Tim Gauci:;MN, WI
Rio;Diana Lowery;TX; MN
River Bank:;Maryloo:;MN-2
River Bank;Ed Royko;GA-2
Rock n Roll Kiss;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU-2
Rock Your Body;Francien Sittrop;TX-2
Room 7;Linda Burgess;NswAU-2 *
Rumba Breeze;Michele Burton & Michelle Perron;TX-2
San Antonio Stroll; Jo Thompson-Szymanski; TN; NM
Sex on the Beach:;Tom Clarke:;MN-2
Shake It Off;Eliott Mar;CA-2
Shoop Shoop;Jo Thompson Szymanski;NC-2
Silver Lining; Maggie Gallagher; AZ-2
Simple Dance:;Shirley Blankenship:;MN-2
Sky Loves Blue;Audrey Watson;CA; NM
Sleep;Kate Sala;TX-2
Stargazing; Barbara Lowe; NH-2
Still Love Me Tomorrow;Rachael McEnaney;TX-2
Stitch It Up;RM Hickey;NM; TX
Straight and Narrow; Lynn Card; TN; MN*
Stroll Along Cha Cha:;Rodeo Cowboys;MN-2; TX
Sweet Pea:;Frank Trace:;MN-2
Symphony;Michael vera Lobos;NswAU-2 *
Tahoe Kick;Bill Bader;NswAU-2
Take These Chains; Michael Barr; OH; MN
Tango de Passion;Kate Sala;TX-2
Texas Barefootin' Doubletime;Jo Thompson;TX-2
Thankful;Fred Whitehouse;NC-2
That Old Time Rock n Roll; Lesley Clark; MO-2
The Freeze;Unknown;TX-2
The Phantom Tango;Dodo Wong;TX-2
The redneck;Anonymous;NswAU-2
The Way I Am;Amy Glass;CA; NC
This Will Be:;Maria Maag:;MN-2
Throw Away The Key;Alison & Peter;TX-2
Til The Love Runs Out;Linda Wolfe;NswAU-2
T-Vine;unknown Choreographer;TX-2
Two 4 One;Jo & Rita Thompson;TX; GA
Under The Sun;Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu;AZ; TX
Waltz Across Texas; Lois and John Nielson;TX-2
Wave On Wave;Alan Birchall;VicAU; TX
We are Done;Adrian's Lebefour;NswAU-2
We Go Together:;Amy, Lily, Alison, Jennifer, Yeo, Jaszmine, John, Sobriello;MN-2
We On Fire;Neville Fitzgerald / Julie Harris;CA-2
What’s Your Name;Michael Barr;TX-2
Whole Again; Sue Johnstone; MO-2
Why?;Jan Wyllie & Rosalie Mackay;NswAU *,NswAU
Woman Trouble;Karl-Harry Winson & Tina Argyle;UK-2
Yeah Yeah;John Bishop;NswAU-2
You Ruin Me;Michael vera Lobos;NswAU-2 *
You’ve Got What It Takes!:;Michael Barr;MN-2
Your Tattoo;Jon Peppin;NswAU-2
Zatchu;Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski;TX; MN
Zenyatta's Waltz:;Michele Burton;MN-2

1 Teach
(Fly Me) To The Moon; Rosie Multari;VA
2 Way kiss;Rio Vos;NswAU
23 Summertime;Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos;AZ
4 Little Heels;Jennifer Choo Sue Chin;CA
8 Second Ride;Unknown;GA
8 Yellow Roses;Maria Tao;NM
A - B Ticket;Val Myers:;NC
A Bad Morning for Leaving;Elliott & Pink;NM
A Big Love;Juliet Lam;NswAU
A Cannonball;Gordon Elliott;NswAU
A Gambler's Tale;To & Tam;NM
A Kind of Hush;Doug & Jackie Miranda;NC
A Little Bit Gypsy;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;NM
A Love Worth Waiting 4;Norman Gifford;NM
A Waltz in Time;Michael Barr;NswAU
A Wonderful Time; Frank Trace;VA
AB Kiss Me;Norman Gifford;TX
AB Shame and Scandal;Jan Waters;NswAU
ABieber;Ross Brown;NC
Af Af Af (Down Down Down):;Marie Papendorf:;MN
After 5 Stomp:;Diane Horner:;MN
Aguardiente;Norm Gifford;TX
Ain’t No Smoke;Cheryl Sjolund;TX
Alabama Boy;Francien Sittrop;TX
Alibis & Lies;Kathy Brown;NM
All About That Bass;Daan Geelen & Tom Nijhuis;NswAU
All Good;Kate Sala;TX
All My Exes Live in Texas;Unknown;NM
All of Me:;Paul Dornstedt:;MN
All Those Little Lies;DJ Dan / Wynette Miller;CA
All Yours:;Angela Genduso & Christopher Petre:;MN
American Kids; Gloria Stone; VA
American Kids; Jane Ditch; MO
American Saturday Night; Madeleine Jones; TN
Amour En Provence:;Kathy Hunyadi:;MN
Annie's Waltz; Joachim Armbruster; VA
Are You Listening; Sylvie Flynn; AZ
Are You Ready;Amy Christian;GA
Auto Moves:;Judy Cain:;MN
Aw Naw;Sandy Goodman;CA
B 4 I Do:;Rob Fowler:;MN
B Squared:;Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny:;MN
Baby Blues:;Tina Argyle:;MN
Baby Doll Waltz;Larry Bass;NM
Baby Hey Baby; Dee Musk; MO
Baby Likes To Rock It;Hillbilly Rick;GA
Baby Tonight;RM Hickie;NM
Babycham;Alison Biggs and Peter Metelnick;TX
Back It Up;Dan Morrison;AZ
Backwards:;Rachael McEnaney:;MN
Bad Bad Leroy Brown; Unknown; MO
Bama Slam;Tom Avinger;TX
Bang Bang EZ; Annemarie Sleeth; VT
Bang Bang:;Rachael McEnaney and Simon Ward:;MN
Barefoot & Buckwild;GYTAL;CA
Bayou Dreams;Larry Bass;TX
Be A Way;Maria Sorensen;NswAU
Beachin'; John Dembiec; MO
Beat Of the Music; Lyndy; NH
Beat Of The Music;Cristofol Alain & Amandine Cristofol;AZ
Beautiful In My Eyes; Simon Ward; MO
Be-Bop 'N Boogie;Peter Metelnick;NM
Beer Money;Kathy Brackett;CA
Between Dances;Maggie Gallagher;NM
Bicycle Waltz;Peter Heath;NM
Big Bang Boogie:;Michele Burton:;MN
Billy Jean:;Raymond Sarlemijn:;MN
Bittersweet Memory;Ria Vos;TX
Blooming Love; Li and Louise Elfvengren; AZ
Blue Note;Jan Smith; AZ
Blueberry Chill; Gaye Teather; GA
Boat On The River; Dave Young; TN
Bobby's Girl;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU
Boot Scootin’ Boogie;Mattox & Blair;TX
Bootscootin Boogie; Bill Bader; GA
Bop the B:;Kathy Brown & Lindy Bowers:;MN
Bosa Nova EZ ;Lisa McCammon;NC
Bottle Your Crazy Up;Randy Pellier;NswAU
Brave;Richard Palmer, Laura Hilbert & Lrna Dennis;TX
Brazil;Frank Trace;AZ
Bridges To Your Heart; Kathy Brown; TN
Brown Eyed Girl;Hedy McAdams;NswAU
Burlesque;Norm Gifford;TX
Bye Bye;Kate Sala;TX
C’est La Vie Baby; Szymanski & Robinson;TX
C’mon Everybody;Carl Sullivan;NswAU *
Cactus Flower;Sandra Jones;NswAU
Cajun Thang;Jo & Rita Thompson;TX
Canadian Stroll;Bill Bader;NM
CanAm Tango;Perron, Burton, Barr;TX
Can't Say No;Tom Worth;NswAU
Can't Stay Out; Bracken Ellis Potter;VA
Carina; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA*
C'est La Vie; Michael Seurer; AZ
Charleston Swing;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Cheeky Charleston:;Rob Fowler:;MN
Chiki Cha Cha;Liu Sum Loong;TX
Chill Factor:;Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead:;MN
Chippin' Away; Maryloo; MO
Come Dance With Me;Irene Tang;AZ
Come On And Dance;Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs;NswAU
Compass;Gail Smith;CA
Copperhead Road;unknown Choreographer;TX
Corn Don’t Grow;Tina Argyle;VicAU
Counting Stars;Sandra Speck;NswAU
Cowboy Up;Unknown;GA
Cowgirls Twist;Bill Bader;TX
Cry Cry Cry; Francien Sittrop; TN
Cute Bootscooter;Karen Tripp;NswAU
D.H.S.S.:;Gaye Teather:;MN
Dance for Evermore;Pat Stott and Claire Bell;NswAU
Dance For-ever (more);Carl Sullivan;NswAU *
Dance Her Home;Kevin & Maria Smith;NswAU
Dance Ranch Romp;Jo ThompsonSzymanski;TX
Dance The Night Away Cha Cha;Eve and David Kerr;NswAU
Day Drinkin'; Gail Smith; MO
Day Drinking;Gail Smith;NC
Dear Darlin'; Kate Sala; FL
Dear Future Husband;Julia Wetzel;CA
Deep River;Victor Watts & Haley Shiel;VicAU
Dem Jeans; Unknown; TN
Desert Sands Cha Cha 97;Sal Gonzales;CA
Destination Dance Floor (review); Metelnick/Biggs; VT
Dizzy;Jo Thompson;CA
Do It With Your Boots On; Chantelle Gary; MO
Do You Love me;Margaret Rea;NswAU
Do you wanna dance;Marie Sorensen;NswAU
Doing our Thing; Sandi Larkins; OH
Don’t Feel Like Dancing;Pat E Stott;NswAU
Don’t Fence Me In;Sandy Kerrigan;NswAU
Don’t Wake Me Up;Francien Sittrop;VicAU
Donkey-Tonk; Matt Krabbe;VA
Don't Disturb Me; Niels Poulsen; AZ
Don't Let Me Down;Maggie Gallaghe;NswAUr
Don't Play That Song;Cheryl Sjolund;TX
Don't Stop;Lu Olsen;NswAU
Don't;Amy Glass;CA
Doo Wacka Doo:;Guyton and Maria Maag:;MN
Doors of Life;Michael Barr;NM
Double Shot of Crown;Graham;CA
Dream On:;Rob Fowler:;MN
Dreams Are Wishes;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Dreamweaver Waltz;Betty Carlson;NM
Dressed to Kill;Craig Bennett;NC
Drink Drank Drunk;Bettina Drescher;FL
Drink In My Hand;Sandy Goodman;AZ
Drunk on a Plane;Smith;CA
Duke Of Earl;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Easy Chair; Warren Fleming; AZ
Easy Chair;Ernie & Carmel Hutchinson;AZ
Easy Waltz;Duane Richards;NM
El Camino;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM
El Corner;Val Myers;NC
Elvira Cha Cha;Unknown;TX
Elvira; Unknown; TN
Endlessness;Tina Argyle;NswAU
Ever In Your Arms;Linda Pink;VicAU *
Every Breath;Gordon Elliott;NswAU *
Everything's Vine;Marie Del Giorgio;CA
EZ PZ Lollipop;Debbie Small;TX
Fan Dango:;Splendido;MN
Feed The Fetish; Scott Blevins; MO
Feel Right;Robbie McGowan Hickie;NM
Feelin' Dat; Cassily Green; OH
Feelin kinda lonely;Margaret Swift;NswAU
Feeling Kinda Lonely;Margaret Swift;TX
First Cha:;Maria Lippe:;NC
Flame Of Love;Greg Wynn;TX
Fly High;Maggie Gallagher;NswAU
Fly Like a Bird;Hedy McAdams;NM
Fools & Beer; Kathy Brown; AZ
Forever begins tonight;Tom Glover;NswAU
Forever Cha;Maddison Glover;NswAU *
Frankie Please;Willie Brown;NswAU
French Toast:;Frank Trace:;MN
Funky Country:;Kathy Brackett:;MN
G. I. Blues;Joan Duck;TX
G.G.A. (Great God Almighty);Guyton Mundy;TX
Galway Girls Beginner Style;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Gentle;Ann-Kristin Sandberg;NM
Georgette's Cadillac;Doug & Jackie Miranda;NM
Georgia Peach;Pat Meikle;NM
Get Real;Frank Trace;CA
Girl Power; Simon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Vane;MO
Girls Night Out;Terry Hogan;VicAU
Give up the Fight;Maddison Glover;NswAU *
Go Greased Lightning;Michele Burton;TX
Go Johnny;Robbie McGowan Hickie;CA
God Bless Texas;Shirley Batson;TX
Good Time Girl;Tim Gauci;NswAU
Good times a comin';Chris Watson;NswAU
Goodnight Kiss; Larry Bass; VA
Got No Curfew; Ehman; MA
Great Balls of Fire;Daniel Whittaker;NswAU
Greedy:;Lorenzo Evans:;MN-6
Guantamera Breeze;Glen Holt;TX
Gyro Waltz;Gytal & Rosie Multari;NM
Hams' Jam:;Peter Metelnick:;MN
Hands Up and Live Your Life; Donna Manning; VA
Handyman; Robbie McGowan Hickie; AZ
Hanky Panky;RM Hickie;NM
Happy Dance;Jan Wyllie;NswAU
Happy:;Rona Kaye:;MN
Happy; Edrina Newman; MO
Hard Working People; Donna Manning; TN
Have fun Go Mad:;Scott Blevins:;MN
Have You Ever Seen the Rain;Dee Musk;NM
Hear My Song;Mae Neishouse;TX
Heart of an Angel;Willie Brown;NM
Heaven Knows; Marie Sorensen; TN
Help Me Make it; Double Trouble Cathy & Kathy; OH
Here I Am;Richard Rogers;TX
Hesitation Waltz;Ernie Hutchinson;NM
High Class Broads;Joanne Brady / Jill Babinec;CA
Higher & Higher;Max Perry;NC
Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll;Rob & Lorraine Gent;NM
Historia De Un Amor;Ira Weisburd;NM
Hold On Strong;John Robinson;GA
Hold On To; Rosie Multari; MI
Hole in the Wall;Jo Thompson Szymanski;TX
Holy Cowgirl; Jamie Marshall; TN
Honey Pot;Kim Ray;TX
Honey, Honey Don’t Stop;Virginia WF Tsui;NswAU
Hooked On Country:;Doug Miranda:;MN
Hoot & Howl; Rene & Reg Milehan; FL
How Country Feels;John Robinson;TX
How Long:;Jo T Szymanski:;MN
I Could be The One;Jenny Hughes & Karen Jennings;NswAU
I Got This;Georgina ;UK
I Love a Rainy Night;Iris Mooney;TX
I love to dance:;Ira Weisburd:;NC
I Saw Linda Yesterday; Derek Robinson; MO
I’m Already Gone;Carl Sullivan;NswAU *
If You Want My Love;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Intrigue;Rob Fowler;AZ
Irish Stew;Lois Lightfoot;TX
Island Streams; Terri Lineberry; VA
Islands In The Stream;Karen Jones;CA
It Happens;Unknown;GA
It Hurts;Kathy Chang / Sue Hsu;CA
It Was Me;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
It’s A Blast;Beryl Hahn;TX
It’s Alright; Setsuko & Kanako Motoki;AZ
It’s Time to Dance; Tang; VT
It’s Your World Now;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
It's a Beautiful Day:;Jo & John Kinser:;MN
It's Easy; Bob Rosenkrans; MO
JB’s Waltz;Jan “Stray Cat” Brookfield;TX
Joyride; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NH
Jukebox Boogie; Andy Chumbley; AZ
Jukebox:;Jo Thompson:;MN
Jump On A Ride;Rio Vos;NswAU
Just a Gigolo:;Unknown:;MN
Just a Little Mad; Tina Foster; VA
Just Because;Jo & Rita Thompson;NM
Just Some Words;Kim Ray;NM
Key Lime;Dancin' Terry;NM
Kickin Up Mud; Nancy A. Morgan-Fletcher; TN
Laid Back 'n Low Key;Peter & Alison;NM
Last Cheater's Waltz;Unknown;NM
Late Night Call; Kate Sala; AZ
Let’s Have Fun;Sheila DiNardo;TX
Let's Do The Rock; Sue Ann Ehmann; AZ
Let's Go Line Dancing;Karen Coomes;NswAU
Lifetime Of Chance;Jon & Gail Levant;NM
Little Black Book;Unknown;TX
Little Girl;Wil Bos;VicAU
Little In Love;Vikki Morris;CA
Little Rhumba;Donna Laurin;TX
Little Silver Lining;Helen Reeson;NswAU
Lots of Cash:;Jodi Wittman:;MN
Love Baby Love:;Lynn Card:;MN*
Love Done Gone;Chris Kuchar;CA
Love Runs Out; Betty Moses; OH
Love Runs Out;Darren Mitchell;NswAU
Love Runs Out;Ruben Luna & Lynne Martino;UK
Love Simply Runs Out:;Bracken Potter:;MN
L-O-V-E; Kathy Chang; MO
Love’s A Game;Ira Weisburd;TX
Love’s Highway;Robbie Mcgowan Hickie;NswAU
Love's A Game ;Ira Weisburd;NC
Lovin' You Is Fun; Daniel Trepat & Jose Miquel Belloque Vane; MO
Lucky In Vegas;Ruben Luna;AZ
Lucky or Lonely;Sue Ann Ehmann;NC
M.I.B.;James O. Kellerman;CA
Mack the Knife;Rachael McEnaney;NM
Madhouse To The Max;Doug & Jackie Miranda;TX
Magic Moon;Robbie McGowan Hickie;AZ
Make A Change; Don Carleton & Dottie Censabella; NH
Makita;Kate Sala and Robbie McGowan Hickie;NswAU
Mandolins in the Moonlight;Karla & Paul Dornstedt;NM
Mars Attack;Rachael McEnaney;NM
Maybelline; Eddie Huffman;VA
Me To; Wes Snawder; TN
Merengue Espana; Debbie Small; AZ
Mexicali;RM Hickie;NM
Midnight Rendezvous;Michele Burton & Michael Barr;TX
Midnight Waltz;Jo Thompson;NswAU
Miller Magic;Andrew Palmer, Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox;TX
Misbehavin';Peter Metelnick;NM
Mixed Up; Stott; MA
Mmm Bop; Kely Kaylin; TN
Mojo Mambo;Ira Weisburd;TX
Mojo Rhythm;Rob Fowler;TX
Movin' On:;Craig Bennett:;MN
Mucara Walk;John Steel;TX
My Best Side; Cathy Cotherman; MO
My Boogie Shoes;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
My Everything;Dee Musk;TX
My Guy;Julie Lockton;TX
My Love Runs Out;Regina Cheung;CA
My Love Song to You;Kay Needham;NM
My Merry Way:;Michele Perron:;MN
My Pretty Belinda;Vikki Morris;NM
My Simple Waltz; Thomas C. Tam; VA
My Veronica;Peter & Allison;TX
My Way; Craig Bennett;AZ
Neon Cha; Fran Lineweaver ; VA
New Way Of Walkin’;Jo Rosenberg;NswAU
Next Door To An Angel;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
No Home No Choice; Fiona & Ian Smith; NH
No Honky Tonk; Wil Bos; MO
No Matter What;Fred Knopp;NswAU
No Matter;Rita Masur;TX
No Regrets;Scott Blevins;CA
No Treble;David Hoyn & Philip Sobrielo;NswAU
Not Over You;Rosalie Mackay;NswAU *
Not So Ordinary; Niels Poulsen; NH
Nu Flow;Masters in Line;CA
Offspring Waltz;Michelle Burton;NC
Oh No;Mark Simpkin & Nigel Mooney;VicAU
Oh Yolanda; Debbie Small; TN
Oklahoma Wind;Gaye Teather;TX
Old School Bop;Szymanski, Trace & Marshall;TX
Old Time Rock and Roll;Leslie Clark;NC
On Broadway;Ruben luna;UK
On My Own; Lescarbeau; MA
On the Straight and Narrow;Peter Metelnick;NM
Once Upon a December;Jo Thompson;NswAU
One Of The Boys; Lescarbeau; MA
One Way Ticket; Carol & George Stayte; NH
One; Amy Brockman & Junior Willis; TN
Only Dreamers;Hazel Pace;NswAU
Ooo! Aah!;Sal Gonzalez;CA
Out of Heaven:;Amy Christian:;MN
Out Of Line;Gary Lafferty;NswAU
Paralyzed;Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton;CA
Picnic Polka;David Padden;NY
Pink Martini;Michele Burton & Michele Perron;TX
Pizziricco ; Dynamite Dot; TN
Places;Maria Hennings Hunt & Michele Adlam;UK
Play Me A Dancer;Stephen Patterson;NswAU
Playin' Tricks;Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris;TX
Poetry In Motion; Masters In Line; VT
Polkaplay 101:;Forty Arroyo:;MN
Poor Boy Shuffle;Vickie Radar;NC
Primo Wlatz;Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu;NC
Pull The Trigger;Scott Blevins;CA
Quarter After One;Levi J. Hubbard;TX
Rain Against My Window;Michael Barr;TX
Raised on Love;Marie Sorensen;NswAU
Rajun Cajun;Kay Needham;TX
Rebel Amor;Roy Verdonk;TX
Red Bandana;Harlan Curtis;NM
Red Hot Salsa;Christina Brown;TX
Red Solo Cup;Donna Manning;AZ
Rhode Island Waltz:;Unknown:;MN
Rhythm In Line;Helen O’Malley;TX
Rise & Shine;Simon Ward;NM
River Bank; Donna Manning; MA
River Bank; Jill Weiss; MO
Rivers Of Babylon;John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson;NM
Rock It; Leslie Moore; OH
Rock Me; Donna Manning ; VA
Rock Your Body;Ann Herd;NswAU
Rockin' Robin:;Peter Metelnick:;MN
Roman Holiday:;Max Perry:;MN
Rude Rhythm:;Lynn Card:;MN*
Runaway;Carmel Hutchinson;CA453
Sand In My Pockets;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Seashores;Barbara RK Wallace;NM
Shame & Scandal In The Family;Rep Ghazall;TX
Shattered Dreams;Karl-Harry Winson;TX
Shattered Glass; Sittrop; MA
Sh-Boom; Betty Weeks; VA
She's Country;Unknown;GA
She's on Fire;Niels Poulsen;CA
Showstopper;Scott Blevins / Jo Thompson Szymanski;CA
Sing; Bracken Ellis-Potter; FL
Singapore Swing; Bill Bader; AZ
Singing In The Rain;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Ski Bumpus; Linda DeFord; TN
Skinny Genes For Two; Don Carleton & Dottie Censabella; NH
Skinny Genes; Pat & Lizzie Stott;TX
Slow Me Down; Dan Albro; NH
Smoke'N;Vernine Adkins, Debbie Vandervort & Jo Dike;NM
Smokey Places:;Michele Perron:;MN
So Classic:;Johanna Barnes:;MN
So Good in Love;Gordon Elliott;NM
Somebody That I Used To Know; Max Perry; MO
Someone Like You;Michael vera Lobos;VicAU
Somethin' Bad;Richard Palmer / Lorna Dennis;CA
Sometime Love;Tim Gauci;VicAU
Somewhere In My Car;Rachael McEnaney;FL
Song Like This;Christine Collin s& Donna Hansford;VicAU
Soul Glide; Aline Goodman; VA
Southern Sweethearts; Dan Albro; NH
Splish Splash,;Jo Thompson;TX
Spooky Little Girl; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA
Start To Sway; Sandra Le Brocq; AZ
Steal Me Away;Jamie Marshall; TN
Step Back;Bill Bader;NswAU
Steppin' Out:;Max Perry:;MN
Stereo Love;Marthe Thibeult;AZ
Still The One;Bill Bader;CA
Stomp Clap;Theresa Rose;NC
Stomp;Garth Bock;AZ
Story of my Life;;Craig Bennett:;MN
Straight Line Swing;Troy Christian;CA
Stripes;Ria Vos;GA
Stroll Along Cha Cha;Unknown;NswAU
Stroll Along Cha;John & Janette Sandham;NM
Suds In The Bucket;Yvonne Anderson;CA
Sugar Kane; Coral Tucker; OH
Sugar:;Gail Smith;MN
Sultry!;Rob Fowler;CA
Sundance Shuffle;Unknown;TX
Sunshine Waltz;Gaye Teather;NM
Sway;Carl Sullivan;NswAU
Sweet Georgia Brown;Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton;MN
Swing It:;Lily Starnes:;MN
Swingin' Thing;Jo & Rita Thompson;NM
Take The First Step; Alan Robinson; AZ
Taking Time; Lynne Flanders; MA
Talk Nasty;Debbie McLaughlin;UK
Tango Easy;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Tchu Tcha;Roy Verdonk;CA
Telepathy;Chris Hodgson;FL
Telescope;Ray & Trish Graham;VicAU
Ten Rounds;Nancy A. Morgan;CA
Tennessee Waltz Surprise;Andy Chumbley;TX
TGIF; Jo Thompson & Michelle Perron;AZ
That’s the Way (I Like It); Gaye Teather; VA
That’s Where I Belong;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
That's the Day; Dee Musk; VA
The Boat To Liverpool;Ross Brown;VicAU
The Hams Jams;Peter Metelnick;UK
The Outlaw; Wilson; VT
The Story Of My Life;Craig Bennett;CA
These Boots;Tracie Lee;NswAU *
This & That;Gary Lafferty;TX
Tie a Yellow Ribbon;Ira Weisburd;TX
Timber;Vivienne Scott;NC
Too Much Cha Cha;Penny Kelly;NswAU
Trailerhood;Peter Metelnick / Alison Biggs;CA
Trashy Women; Unknown; TN
Treasure You:;Amy Christian:;MN
Trickle Trickle;Michael Barr & Michelle Burton;TX
Trip the Light (Easily); Sue Ann Ehmann; VA*
Trouble With My Baby:;Craig Bennett, Tina Argyle:;MN
True Love Two Step;Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr, Michele Burton;NM
Trust Me;Geri Morrison;CA
Twist Twist Twist;Roy Verdonk, Jose Miguel, Sophie Dick;UK
Twist-Em:;Jo Thompson:;MN
Ugly Heart;Josh Talbot;NswAU
Unmistakable;Darren Bailey;TX
Us;Gordon Elliott;NswAU *
Voo Doo Me Baby:;Jill Babinec & Julie Ellis:;MN
Walk Alone;Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie;NswAU
Walk in the Sunshine; Roz Chaplin & Colin B. Smith; GA
Walking Backwards; Robbie McGowan Hickie; TN
Walking In The Sunshine;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
Walking Shoes; Bruno Morel; AZ
Waltz Away;Rob Fowler;TX
Waltz Time;Debbie Small;TX
Waltzing At Twilight;John Dembiec;TX
Wanna Be There;Lorna Mursell;TX
Watch It Burn; Will Craig; VA
West Coast Tulsa:;Javier Rodriquez Gallego;MN
What if I said Goodbye;Gordon Elliott;NswAU
Whispering Your Name;Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick;TX
Who Did You Call Darlin';Kevin & Maria Smith;NM
Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed;Linda Pink;TX
Wild Card;Kathryn Sloan;VicAU
Wild Kisses;Tracie Lee;VicAU
Wild Nights In Mexico; Dan Albro; NH
Winter Waltz;Unknown;NM
Won’t You Stay; Joey Warren;VA
Wonderland Waltz; Rob Fowler;VA
Won't Let Go;Jakobsen / Jannick Brendholt;CA
WOW Tokyo:;Ria Vos, Kate Sala, Tokyo Line Dancers;MN
Wrong Night;Janelle Wallingford;NswAU
Wrong Side Slide:;Jill Babinec & Jo Thompson;MN
Ya Ya; Karen Tripp; MO
Yellow Diamonds; Lorraine & Debbie; TN
Yolanda;Sala & Hickie;NM
You and Me and the Country (The Skate Dance); Unknown; VT
You’re Like An Angel To Me;Rosalee Musgrave;TX*
You’re On My List;Carl Sullivan;NswAU *
Your Women;Jo & John Kinser;AZ
Zydeco Lady; Hookie; VT

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