Here are the results from the October World Dance Instruction survey. 100 instructors (plus those who contributed to the beginner survey) sent in 1242 dances. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. County abbreviations are as follows: DU: Dubai, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, GlosUK, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia, SING: Singapore, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, SG: Singapore, HiloHI: Hilo, Hawaii.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites:

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

The winner this month with 36 teaches was Cool Whip by Judy McDonald. Congratulations!

36 Teaches
Cool Whip Judy McDonald AL6, LA4, AL2, AZ-2, BC, MB, ON-4, CA-4, FL-3, GE, IL, MA, MI-3, NY, PA, WI

26 Teaches
Beer for My Horses Christine Bass AZ-2, BC, ON-3, MB-3, CA-3, FL-8, MA, MI-5

25 Teaches
Yeeeee Haaaaa!!!!! Simon Ward BC-2, MB-2, ON-9, CA-4, MI-4, MN-3, NV

23 Teaches
Bye Bye (Piccolissima) Kate Sala AZ-2, CA-4, FL-7, NSWAu, ON-2, UK-5, VA-2
D.H.S.S Gaye Teather KY, CA, FL, MI-4, MN-2, MO, ON-9, TX, UK-2, WI

17 Teaches
Wanna be Me Ed Lawton DU, FL-2, GE, LA-4, AL-2, MN, MB, ON, MI, MO, VA-2
Whatever Happens Liz Bogan & Ron Kline AZ-2, FL-14, IL

16 Teaches
Woteva Rob Fowler & Dawn Sherlock CA, DU, FL-4, LA-4, AL-4, FL-2

15 Teaches
Badda-Boom! Badda-Bang! Karen Hunn AL, CA, DU, FL, MI-7, MN, WI, MO, WI
Romantasy Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs CA-2, GE, ON, TX, UK-6, CA- 2, IL-2
Turning Up The Heat Peter Metelnick CA-2, ON-4, UK-8, IL

13 Teaches
Brokenheartsville Peter Metelnick AZ-2, CA, DU, FL-3, UK-4, CA-2
Watch Me Now Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi, Barry & Dari Anne Amato CA, GA, ON-2, VA, MI-7, MO

12 Teaches
Bucklehuck Carole Daugherty AZ-3, BC, CA-2, MI-3, MO, NV, TX
Mr. President Simon Ward, Brett Jenkins, & Ian Dunn AZ-2. BC, ON-3, IL, MI-2, MN-3

11 Teaches
Baila Casanova Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs CA. NV, ON, UK-6, CA-2
Serenity Masters in Line AZ-5, CA-3, MN-2, UK

10 Teaches
Another Quickie Joanne Brady AZ-3, CA, FL, MI-2, ON-2, TX,
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson AZ, BC, ON-4, DU, GE, Hilo-HI, JA
Oh So Nice James JP Potter BC, CA-8, NV
U Belong 2 Me Judy McDonald & John Robinson CA-3, FL-2, IL, MO, NY, ON-2, PA

9 Teaches
Nasdravia Laura & Becky Michaels CA, MB, ON-3, MN, WI, MO, VA
Out The Door Alison Biggs UK- 9
Start Walking Mark Cosenza CA, MI-2, IL, ON-5
The Wayward Waltz Peter Metelnick / Alison Biggs CA, UK-6, CA , IL

8 Teaches
Canadian Stroll Bill Bader CA, ON-7
In-Vince-ible Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK- 6, CA- 2
Irresistible Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs FL-6, MO, NSWAu
One Heart Chris Watson CA-3, MB, MN-3, NV
Stop, Look & Listen Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK-6, CA, IL
Yesterday's Waltz Nancy McDavid FL8

7 Teaches
Cold Blooded Scott Blevins CA. MI-3, MO, NV, ON
Cowboy Charleston Unknown AZ, ON-6
One Wish Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs FL-4
One Wish Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK, CA, IL
Wave On Wave Alan Birchall MA-2, ON, PA, UK-3

6 Teaches
Can't Get Enough Kathy Hunyadi AL6
Follow Your Heart Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs AL2, LA4
Meowzaa Rose Grant ON-2, MI-4
On The Water Pete Harkness FL-4, MI, ON
Take a Breather Maggie Gallagher FL-2, GE-2, UK-2
To Dance or Not To Dance Peter Metelnick & Allison Biggs FL-5, PA-2
Waltz Across Texas Lois & John Nielson DU, Hilo-HI, MI, ON-3

5 Teaches
Ave Maria Kathy Hunyadi MN-3, MO, ON
Born to Be Blue Michael Barr / Michele Burton CA, MN, NV, ON-2
Charleston Strut Jo Thompson FL-4, VA
Dancers Night Out Junior Willis CA, VA-3, FL
Feel The Rush Dee Musk CA-4, FL
Forever In Your Arms Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK- 5
Honk If U Honky Tonk Holly Beamish AZ, CA, FL-4, MI-2
Let's Honky Tonk Peter Metelnick UK- 4, CA
Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson FL-3, MN, ON
Space Jam Too unknown KY, MI-4
Sweet Memories Judy McDonald IL, ON-3, PA
Sweet Sweet Smile Fi Scott, Johnny 2 Step AZ, JA, ON-2, TX
The Truth About Men Debi Bodven ON-4, UK
When I Leave Judy McDonald AZ, IL, MI, ON, PA
You're The One Dianne Bishop ON-5

4 Teaches
1 Thin Dime Michele Perron CA-4
1000 Years Martin Ritchie ON-4
31st Of April John Robinson AZ-2, BC, JA
Another Chance Kevin & Rena Ward CA, ON-3
Bidness Scott Blevins FL-3, ON
Caribbean Cowboy John Dembiec FL-4
Cut A Rug Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson  FL-2, VA, WI
Electric slide Unknown DU, ON-3
Everywhere Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs DU, MI, ON-2
Georgia Peach Pat Meikle ON-4
Goody Two Shoes John Robinson/John Dembiec FL, MI, MN-2
Little Rhumba Donna Laurin AZ, ON-3
Palisades Park Mark Cosenza MI-4
Rockin' Cha Jo Thompson FL4
Saturday Night Donna Laurin ON-4
Sexy Stir Fry Guyton Mundy &  Christopher Spicer FL, MN-2, UK
Stroll Along Cha Cha John & Janette Sandham DU, ON-3
Ticket to Ride Jo Thompson FL-4
Trickle Trickle Michael Barr & Michele Burton MI, ON-3
Triple T Wedding Waltz Karla & Paul Dornstedt BC, CA-3
Who's Your Daddy Pat Bellamy ON-4

3 Teaches
A Wind Up Robbie McGowan Hickie CA-2, ON
Any Night Club Jo & John Kinser MI-2, ON
Back to the Country Tony & Lana Wilson AZ-3
Boogie Fever Junior Willis CA-2, PA
C.S.W. Dan Morrison ON-3
Country 2 Step Masters In Line CA-2, DU
D-Things A.T. Kinson CA, ON-2
Evergreen Karen Hunn FL, Hilo-HI, MN
Explain the Way Michael Vera-Loboos NSWAu-3
Fiddlesticks Vivienne Scott ON-3
Flying Purple People Eater Bev Braun-Bohol CA, VA-2
Forever Dance Bill Bader AZ, ON, SG
Funk Shei Michele Perron AZ-2, CA
Guilty Masters in Line FL, NSWAu, TX
Hodge Podge Tony & Lana Wilson AZ-2, DU
Hot Temptation Masters in Line AZ, FL, WI
I Hear You Knockin' Barry & Dari Ann Amato MN-3
I'm Back Again Guyton Mundy FL, TX, CA
Infatuation Johanna Barnes CA, NV, VA
Jalapena Lena A.T. Kinson AL, FL2
La Tenga Kate Sala AZ-3
Never Gonna Leave Neville Fitzgerald CA-3
O'Kaysions Michele Perron CA-2, IL
Practice Makes Perfect Deb Crew MI, ON-2
Puttin' On the Ritz Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson MN-2, ON
Que Si Que No W.P.M. Sanders ON-3
Sex on the Beach Hillbilly Rick FL-3
Si Ya Samba Max Perry ON-3
Southern Delight Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord DU, JA, MI
Swing Your Chains Shawn Maguire & Dee Soares FL-2, MI
The Freeze Unknown ON-3
West Coast Cha  Frank Cooper & Liz Bogan ON, MI-2
Wishes Vivienne Scott MI-2, ON

2 Teaches
Allisa Waltz Sarah Fenn-Tye ON-2
And They Danced Peter Metelnick DU, MO
Basic Samba Tai Tsang ON-2
Bayou Jennifer Hughes NSWAu-2
Beach Bop Boogie Jo & Rita Thompson BC, VA
Birchwood Stroll John & Janette Sandham AZ, DU
Blue Rose Is Donna Lent FL, ON
Boogie Shoes Dan Morrison ON-2
Boot Scootin' Boogie Richard Caruso FL-2
Bump 'N Grind Thompson & Marshall ON-2
Candida Unknown ON-2
Can't Keep My Eyes Off You Glynn Holt CA-2
Can't Stop Loving You Andy Skidmore DU, MI
Celebrity David Pytka MB, MI
Country La Bamba Leah De Plancke ON-2
Cowgirls Twist Bill Bader ON, DU
Cruisin' Neil Hale AZ, JA
Dance To The Music Michael Barr & Michele Burton FL, MI
Dancing in the Dark Jo Thompson DU, ON
Determination Simon Ward NSWAu, ON
Down and Out Paul & Karla Dornstedt CA-2
Down 'N Out Carol McKee NSWAu-2
Everybody's Somebody's Fool Bill  Bader MB, ON
Five O'Clock Somewhere Helen Born & Nita Lindley MI-2
Fools and Beer Kathy Brown  FL, MI
Funky Matador Unknown ON-2
Haley's Medley Audrey Watson ON-2
Holdin' Back the Water Michael Barr BC, CA
Horse & Buggy Unknown ON-2
Hot Potato John Robinson ON-2
I Don't Care (About Trouble)  Teresa & Vera AZ-2
I Think I Love You Steven Coleman MB-2
Independent Jo Everhart MI, IL
JC's Locomotion James Church ON-2
Juke Joint Jive Charlotte Williams MO, MS
Just a Memory Maggie Gallagher DU, JA
Just Because Jo & Rita Thompson BC, CA
La Fiesta Andrew, Simon & Sheila ON, UK
Last Call Mike Sliter CA-2
Live Laugh Love Rob Fowler MS, ON
Long Tall Texan Jo Ann Hilbish FL-2
Looking For A Dance Jo Thompson ON-2
Mambo Jive Max Perry CA, ON
Merengue #1 Unknown ON-2
Midnight Rendezvous Michele Burton and Michael Barr AL,CA
Monkeying Around Chris & Roxanne Kumre CA-2
My My My My Boogie Shoes Ron Kline ON-2
Night Club 2 LuLu Masters In Line CA, ON
No Parking Baby Jeremy Oldham ON-2
Okey Dokey Russ & Judy Garber AZ-2
On the Rocks J. Potter / B. Ellis / A.Kempster CA, IL
Picnic Polka David Paden Hilo-HI, JA
Playtime Denise Stone MI, IL
Porushka Poranya Gary Lafferty GE, Hilo-HI
Return to Sender Fred Buckley ON-2
Rock City Betty Carlson AZ-2
San Antonio Stroll Unknown ON-2
Saturday Waltz Pete Harkness AZ-2
Ski Bumpas Linda DeFord MN, MB
Sleazy Slide Unknown MB-2
Somebody Like You Alan Birchall  FL, ON
Stay Jan Hanway AZ-2
Stealing The Best Rosie Multari AZ, MB
Stitch it Up Robbie McGowan Hickie DU, MB
Sundown Waltz Robbie McGowan Hickie CA, FL
Switch The Lady In Black IL, ON
Tango Perhaps? Carmen Mah ON-2
Tango With The Sheriff Adrian Churm AZ, MB
Tell Me Kathy K ON-2
The Big Easy Rose Grant ON-2
The Magic is There Paul Dornstedt BC, CA
Tumblin' Down Michele Perron CA, IL
Two Lane Carole Daugherty & Denise Stone  MI, IL
Up John Libby MB-2
Walk On Marilynne Delurey ON-2
Waltzing Matilda Max Perry ON-2
Wang Chung Vivienne Scott ON-2
Wants & Needs Dianne Bishop & Gloria Kirchner ON-2
We Ain't Wrong Tony & Lana Wilson AZ-2
West Coast Walk Debi Bodven CA, MB
Yippie I Oh Mark & Jan Caley ON-2
You Belong With Me Patty Staiger MO, ON

1 Teach
101 Peter Metelnick DU
123 Waltz Val Myer CA
16 Step Unknown MN
4 Minus 3 Equals Zero Jenifer Reaume CA
5 O'clock Daydream Linda Kalinowski FL
A Little Bit Of Nothing Peter Metelnick MI
A Moment Like This Michael Vera-Lobos & Tracie Lee NSWAu
A Single Moment Aiden Montgomery CA
After Midnight Judy McDonald KY
Ain't Goin' Down Unknown AZ
Ain't No Mountain Doug & Jackie Miranda MN
Ain't No Way Jan Brookfield DU
All Aboard Max Perry & Jo Thompson UK
All My Ex's Live In Texas Ganean De La Grange MN
All Together Now Botham CA
Alley Cat Donna Aiken KY
Amigo Mick Herbert ON,
Angel Touches Jim & Judy Wells MB,
Any Waltz Tony Wilson AZ
Around The World James Church ON,
Ashes By Now Glenda Ortiz Harney MN
At the Hop Carmel Hutchinson ON,
Ayy Chihuahua Maggie Gallagher DU
Baby Likes To Rock It Unknown ON,
Back It Up! Debi Bodven MO
Back to the Fuchsia Michele Perron IL
Bar Isn't It Michael Barr AZ
Bartender Pour The Wine Gene Morrill CA
Beautiful Warren Mitchell NSWAu
Beautiful Anita McNab ON,
Beginner Stroll Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Black Cat Unknown ON,
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley DU
Black Velvet (Ski Bumpus) Linda de Ford DU
Blame It On The Fame Sharlene Riley ON,
Blue Roses Unknown AZ
Bobbie Sue Tim Hand & Alice Daugherty FL
Boogie the Joint Michele Perron & John H. Robinson MN
Boot Scootin' Boogie Bill  Bader BC,
Bottle it up Linda Nyffeler MB,
Bring it on Robbie McGowan Hickie UK
Bust A Move Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Can You Help Chris Hodgson DU
Candle On The Water Tony Wilson AZ
Can't Run From Love Nicole/Fred Buckley ON,
Can't Take That Away Charlotte Skeeters FL
Caribbean Rhythm Dee Cresdee BC,
Carribbean Cowboy Ed Henry MI
Cat Scratch Fever Christy Fox BC,
Catalina Waltz Tony & Lana Wilson AZ
Caun Thang Jo Thompson WI
CC Ryder Unknown AZ
Celtica Maggie Gallagher DU
Cheek to Cheek Rob Fowler UK
Chicago Dari-Anne Amato BC,
Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson MI
Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead DU
Circle of Life Doug &Jackie Miranda CA
City Limits Yvonne Anderson FL
City Strut Jules Langstaff MI
C'Mon...C'Mon John H. Robinson AL
Coastin Ray & Tina Yeoman Hilo-HI Hilo-HI
Cotton Eye Reggae Cowboy Coral Burton  DU
Country Walkin' Teree Desarro MI
Cowboy Strut Unknown DU
Cowboys Like Us Tracie Lee & Mark Simpkin NSWAu
Cry Martin Ritchie NSWAu
Cupful of Life Anita McNab ON
Dance Ranch Romp Jo Thompson CA
Dancing Til Dawn Mark Cosenza / Glen Pospieszny CA
Danz-N-Line Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Day Dreamin Coral & Ivan Burton AZ
Diggin' Up Bones Linda Nyffeler AZ
Dirty Scott Blevins MS
Dizzy Jo Thompson JA
Do You Want To Dance Diane Horner ON,
Done Deal Simon Ward NSWAu
Donegal Shore Jon & Gail Levant CA
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Irene Groundwater BC,
Downside of Love Karen Hunn CA
Dream On Rob Fowler MN
Drive Bryan McWherter MO
Dutchess Beguine Doug Miranda ON,
Earthquake Unknown CA
Easy Walkin Margaret McCabe ON,
Elliot's Dream Ann Wood DU
Elvira Unknown AZ
Empty Dreams Robbie McGowan Hickie AZ
Enchantment Jo Thompson DU
Every Breath Anne Harris CA
Everybody Stomp Anita McNab ON,
Everyday Cha Cha Max Perry MN
E-Z Waltz Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Falling Apart Terry Hogan CA
Falling For You Carl Sullivan AZ
Fascination Waltz Jenifer Reaume Wolf BC,
Father and Son Simon Ward / Ian Dunn CA
Feel the Rush John Robinson MS
Fever Christine Bass CA
FiddlestiX Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK
Fields of Gold Lois Lightfoot DU
Fighter Unknown ON,
Finding Nemo Doug & Jackie Miranda CA
Fizz Mary Kelly FL
Florida Unknown ON,
Fly Like A Bird Hedy McAdams JA
Forever Always Karen Hunn ON,
Forever Love Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher NSWAu
Frankenwalk Tim Hand KY
Freak Out Doug & Jackie Miranda CA
Freeze Unknown AZ
Ghost Train Kathy Huyandi DU
Glad All Over John Robinson MB,
Good Times Roll Around Vivienne Scott ON,
Got To Be Funky Dawn Beecham ON,
Gotta have faith Lynda Sidders & Matt Atkinson UK
Hallmark Carole Daugherty & Heather Frye MI
Hallmark Heather Frye & Carole Daugherty ON,
Hardly Warkin' Jo Thompson JA
Havin' A Ball Unknown ON,
Heartstruck Nerve Fleming CA
Heave Away Gerard Murphy ON,
Hello Walls Yvonne Hammond CA
Hideaway Cha Joanne Brady, Jamie Davis & Jo Thompson JA
Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll Rob Gent AZ
Holding On Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Honk if you Honky Tonk Judy Cain CA
Honky Tonk Stomp Phyllis Watson DU
Honkytonkville Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry CA
Hully Gully unknown MN
I Can Do Anything Michael & Betty Weeks MO
I Love A Rainy Night Unknown BC,
I Love This Bar Cathleen Bossaller & Robin McCracken KY
I Love this Bar Ellie & Floyd Meerman MI
I Remember Tracie Lee NSWAu
I Wanna Know Maggie Gallagher  UK
I'm On Your Side Judy McDonald IL
In A Letter To You Glynn Holt MB,
Independence Day Unknown ON,
Indigo Moon Robbie McGowan Hickie / Karen Hunn CA
Introductory Waltz Anita McNab ON,
It Was Only a Paper Moon Irene Groundwater BC,
It's Five O'clock Somewhere Helen Borne & Nita Lindley MB,
J.M. Hustle Jean Murray ON,
Jazzie Joe NTA instructors MI
Jelly Roll Michele Perron CA
Jive Walkin' John Robinson CA
Joans Waltz Mary Kelly ON,
Juanita Andrew Palmer, Simon Cox & Sheila Cox FL
Jungle Boogie Bonnie King BC,
Just A Kiss Robbie McGowan Hickie ON,
Just Because Larry Bass GA
Just Because Michael Vera-Lobos NSWAu
Just Once Christine Bass & Tom Knight  FL
Keep Smiling Roxanne Kumre CA
King of the Road Jo Thompson & Pedro Machado MB,
Kiss in the Dark Dynamite Dot & Dawn Sherlock DU
La Chico Masters in Line AZ
LA Ex Maggie Gallagher  UK
Larger Than Life Simon Ward WI
Latin Express Michele Perron BC,
Latin Heat Pete Harkness AZ
Le Ballet Deux Donna Caudill MO
Leave a Message Andrew, Simon and Sheila UK
Leaves You with A Smile Frank Cooper CA
Lebanese Night Di from Dubai DU
Leroy Marilynne Delurey MI
Let's Get Loud Kids Beth Webb JA
Let's Just Pretend Sharon Gordon BC,
Limbo Crazy Nagoya Crazy Feet JA
Littte Bit of Nothing Peter Metelnick  FL
Little Rock Cha Cha unknown ON,
Little Smoothie Dee Cresdee BC,
Livin' For The Weekend Peter Metelnick, Larry & Tracey Harmon MO
Locomotion James Church ON,
Long As I Got You Mark Simpkin NSWAu
Long Road to Richmond Guyton Mundy FL
Long Train Running Doug & Jackie Miranda CA
Love Bomb Masters In Line ON,
Love Me Tender Patricia E Stott ON,
Love Struck Groove John Robinson CA
Lucille Maggie Gallagher UK
Mambo Shuffle Unknown ON,
Maverick Rick Borja CA
Midnight Waltz Jo Thompson AZ
Millie Pete Cranwell, John Sharman AZ
Misbehavin' Peter Metelnick MB,
Miss Independent Bob Boesel CA-4
Miss Lizzy Michele Perron IL
Money Money Money Norma Jean Fuller DU
Mr Right Tracie Lee NSWAu
My Maria Mike Camara / Dan Albro CA
Nada Waltz Charlotte Williams  FL
New York Unknown AZ
Night and Day Jan Wyllie NSWAu
No Problem Betty Clark BC,
No Problem Max Perry ON,
No Strings Attached Bill Larson NSWAu
No Trippin Bill Bader SG
Nothin' On Andrew, Simon and Sheila UK
Now or Never Kathy Hunyadi MS
Nu Flow Masters In Line CA
O'Kaysions Michele Perron CA
Obsession Heather Frye IL
Oh Chihuahua Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Old Wine Drinker Tracey & Dave MB,
On A Mission Junior Willis AZ
On the Fiddle Robbie McGowan Hickie FL
On The Straight & Narrow Peter Metelnick MB,
One Fine Day Heather Frye MO
One Mississippi Barry Amato MS
One Step Forward Betty Wilson / Charlotte Lucia CA
Ooh Aah Sal Gonzales CA
Opening Doors Karen Jones ON,
Outta Control Charles Bowring FL
Paper Roses Clive Fuller & Hilliary Kurt ON,
Paradise Waltz Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Pins and Needles Jan Brookfield DU
Pizziricco Dynamite Dot JA
Plain Spanish Mark & Jan Caley CA
Por Ti Sere (4 U I Will Be) Jo Thompson JA
Pot of Gold Liam Hrycan DU
Pretend Edward Lawton DU
Pretzel Slide Sally Kessler MI
Pure Movies Michele Perron  DU
Put Your Feet To The Beat Peter Metelnick AL
Queen of the Caribbean Jenifer Reaume Wolf BC,
Radio Cha Tony Wilson FL
Raise Your Hands Kevin and Rena Ward MI
Razor Sharp Stephen Sunter CA
Razzle Dazzle Irene Groundwater BC,
Red Dirt Road Jan Brookfield AZ
Red Roses For a Blue Lady Jenifer Reaume Wolf BC,
Rednex Stomp Chris Kumre CA
Reet Petite Lady in Black DU
Rendezvous Jan Wyllie CA
Repeat Rose Grant ON,
Rhumba & Roses Larry Bass DU
Rhumba Ride Larry Bass AZ
Ribbon Of Highway Neil Hale AZ
Right To Remain Silent Bahr/Burton NV
Ring A Bell Peter Metelnick GE
Rock Around the Clock Unknown DU
Rock It Leslie Moore VA
Rockin' With the Rhythm June Hulcombe & Barb Willshire NSWAu
Rodeo Crawl Cindy Truelove VA
Rose Garden Jo Thompson JA
Rub It In Anita McNab ON,
Rubber Ducky Anita McNab ON,
Sex Bomb Jan Brookfield  DU
Shania's Moment Nathan Easey DU
Sharp Dressed Man Patricia Stott UK
Shiver n shake  Scott Blevins UK
Shuffle Rock Max Perry ON,
Sidekick Anita McNab ON,
Sidesteppin' Marg Jones MN
Simply Blue Annie Saw BC,
Simply Mine  Jo Thompson JA
Singapore Swing Bill Bader AZ
Skin Deep Simon Ward CA
Smokey Places Michele Perron DU
Smokin' Judy McDonald IL
So Fine Max Perry MO
Somebody Stop Me Heather Frye MI
Something In the Water Gloria Pichette KY
Special D Peter Metelnick MB,
Splish Splash Jo Thompson JA
Start the Night Tracey & Larry Harmon MN
Step to the Rhythm Vivienne Scott ON,
Stop It! Rob Fowler DU
Stop Look & Listen Carole Daugherty MI
Sugar and Pai Kelli Haugen CA
Sunset Stampede Ian St. Leon CA
Survive Joe White DU
Sweet Little Dangerous Pete Harkness GE
Sweet Smile Bill Bader DU
Tango Mango Violet Ray Hilo-HI
Texas Waltz Unknown AZ
That's a Lie Carl Sullivan NSWAu
The Circus Dance Anita McNab ON,
The King & I Christy Fox BC,
The One For Me Kathy Hunyadi MI
The Rose Julie Molkner CA
The Way You Look Tonight Karla & Paul Dornstedt CA
The Wild West Lana Harvey MB,
This Thing Nancy Morgan DU
Thrill Me (or else!) Terry Hogan & Roxanne Kumre NSWAu
Tic Toc Barry & Dari Ann Amato FL
Tico Tico Gaye Teather DU
Tiggerific Doug Miranda ON,
Time Maggie Gallagher CA
To Funky For Me Yvonne Anderson, Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny WI
To Love a Woman Masters in Line DU
Too Much Drink Anita McNab ON,
Travelin' Soldier Simon Ward & Maddison Glover NSWAu
Tumbleweed Unknown CA
Tush Push Joe Ferrazano DU
Twist and Shuffle Sharon Baker MI
Twisted Guyton Mundy IL
Uh Huh Jo & Rita Thompson BC,
Uk Chacha Unknown ON
Uno, Dos, Tres (13MWZ) Sherry McClure JA
Virga Michele Perron CA
Vivacious ShaBeDa VA
Waiting For You The Lady In Black ON,
Walk the Line Unknown DU
WalMart Parking Lot Paulette Hylands MI
Weak In The Knees Kathy Hunyadi JA
What's Your Name?  Michael Barr JA
Whiskey in the Jar Maggie Gallagher UK
Who Did You Call Darlin' Kevin & Maria Smith CA
Whoops a Daisy Patricia Stott UK
Wild Monkey Anita McNab ON,
Wild Wild West Boogie Chris Hookie MI
Winter Waltz Terry Hogan CA
Winter Wonder Walk Bill  Bader ON,
Wipe Out Bill Ray Hilo-HI
Wishful Thinking Jim O'Neill DU
Wonderful One Dan Albro CA
X2C Shaz Walton PA
You Dropped a Bomb on Me Irene Groundwater BC,
You got it Bill  Bader ON,
You're So Good Ruthie B CA
Young Love Yvonne Anderson / Doug Miranda CA


Partner & couple dances

2 Teaches
Cotton Eyed Joe unknown MI-2
Dream On Rob Fowler MI-2

1 Teach
We Love this Bar  Jane R MI
No Problem 4-2 Michael & Ann Repko MI
Charleston Bump Unknown MI
Country Shuffle Janemarie Dorsey MI
Cotton Eyed Joe Mixer Unknown MI
I Don't Even Know Mona Puente MI
Swing Your Chains For Two Choreographed/Adapted by Joe & Pat Pallas MI
With Or Without You Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry WI

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