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Aussie Dancesheets
Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
June 2014
Results published 1st August 2014

Hello Line Dance Instructors! Our northern hemisphere friends are slowing down a bit in the mid-summer the survey is a bit smaller this month. If you are receiving this report, but did not contribute data to it...please do so next month. Also, forward it to all your line dance colleagues and ask them to do so as well. The more we grow, the better information we all share! I want to welcome Jen and Pete Zappulla from the great state of Indiana (where I happened to be born!). All our Indiana friends (we can think of a lot, I'm sure...someone named Scott something comes to mind;) should let Jen know their July teaches right now, so they can start out with a bang! What other states and countries are not yet represented? Let's fill in the map!

July data is due to your collectors by August 20...let me know if you don't know who to send it to...or just send it to me and I'll forward it on.


Here are the results from the June, 2014 World Dance Instruction survey. 125 instructors sent in 783 dances and 1668 teaches. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, WaAU:Western Australia, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, NI: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IE: Ireland, SCT: Scotland, AT: Austria, NL: Netherlands, FI: Finland, DK: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong, MY: Malaysia, Cr: Line Dance Cruise, CH: China, TR: Turkey, PT: Portugal, UN: Unknown, TW: Taiwan, QC: Quebec.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

Survey compiled by Edie Driskill,, 614-214-7199 (Ohio, USA).

Congratulation to Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

17 Teaches
Gin & Tonic; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; VA-2,TX-7,AZ,BC, ON,MN-4,NswAU

16 Teaches
Fall in Love; Patricia Stott; VA , CT-2,JA,NswAU-2,TX-8,AB, BC

15 Teaches
All I Can Say; Simon Ward & Rachael McEnaney; GA , VA ,FL-2,NC-2,NswAU-2,NZ,TasAU,TX-3,AB, ON

13 Teaches
A Little Bit Gypsy; Neville Fitgerald & Julie Harris; NswAU,TX-7,AB, BC, ON-2,MN

12 Teaches
Feeling Hot; Rachael McEnaney; AZ, GA-2,NswAU-3,TX-4,MN-2
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O; Maggie Gallagher; UK-2,NswAU-4,TasAU,VicAU,NC-2,MN,ON

11 Teaches
Fun in the Sun; Frank Trace; TX-8,ON,,MN-2
Hello Dolly; Lorraine Kurtela; TX-3,MN, CT-7
Mamma Maria; Frank Trace; CT-3, VA-2,NC,NH-3,NswAU,TX

10 Teaches
Don't Say Goodbye; Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick; NswAU-2,TX-8
Gentle; Ann-Kristin Sandberg; FL , AZ, VA-2,TX-5,ON
Get My Name; Guyton Mundy & Will Craig; MI ,FL ,AZ-3,ON-2,MN-3
Rainmaker; Niels Poulsen; AZ,TX-6,MN-3
Such a Fool; Niels Poulsen; VA ,NC,UK ,MB, ON-3,,MN -3

9 Teaches
Alcazar; Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl HarryWinson; UK-2,NswAU,VicAU,TasAU,UK ,UK-2,MN
Cha Cha Burn; Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski; NC,UK-2,AB, ON-3,MN-2
Come Back My Love; Juliet Lam; TX-9
Come Dance With Me; Jo Thompson; NswAU,TX-7,NB,
Good Morning; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Machelle Cook Halloway; VA-2, OH-2, MA,TX-2,NB,MN
Laughter in the Rain; Dee Musk; AB, BC,,NC-3,NswAU-2,ON-2
Love Me or Leave Me; Frank Trace; CT-5,TX-4
The Longest Time; Dee Musk; VA ,NswAU,TX-5,MN-2

8 Teaches
Better to Love; Julie & Joshua Talbot; NswAU-7,VicAU
C’est la Vie Baby; Jo Thompson Szymanski & John Robinson; VA , OH-5,MI,TX
Timber; Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick; VA ,NswAU-3,ActAU,TX,ON, BC

7 Teaches
Blueberry Chill; Gaye Teather; TX-7
Can't Help; Rhoda Lai;ON7*,
Chippin' Away; Maryloo France; NY, VT,NC-2, VA3
Doo Wacka Do; Guyton Mundy & Maria Maag; UK-2,TX,AB,MN-3
Jordin's Step; Keith Stewart; OH-6,NC
Rockin' the Wagon Wheel; Jamie Marshall; CT-2, OH-2, MI,NC,TX
Walking on Air; Simon Ward & Amy Glass; NswAU-5,VicAU,UK
Zee Zee; Ria Vos; TX-2,UK ,ON-2,MN-2

6 Teaches
Ah Si; Rita Masur; TX, CT-2,VA ,MN-2
Backwards; Rachel McEnaney & Country Vive; NY,NswAU,ActAU,NZ,MB,,MN
Be Happy; Debbie Hogg; OH-6
Broken Stones; Dee Musk; TX-5,NC
Dream Lover; Daniel Whittaker; GA , VA ,AB, BC, NB,MN
Geronimo;Linda Burgess; NswAU-5, NswAU*
Jo & Jo Tango; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Jo Thompson; NswAU,MN,TX-3,AB
Light Of The Moon; Kevin & Maria Smith; NswAU-2,VicAU
Pontoon; Gail Smith; TX-2,BC,,MN-3
Rita's Waltz; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Rita Thompson; MI,NC-2

5 Teaches
50 Ways; Pat Stott; TX-4, BC
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4; Norman Gifford; TX-4, OH
Amame; Robbie McGowan Hickie; TX-4, OH
Bullfrog On a Log; Cef Decaney; CT, VT-2,TX,MN
Candy Apple Rag Top; Doreen Ollari & Randy Pelletier; CT-3,FL-2
Carolina Moon; Michael Barr; TX-5
Country As Can Be; Suzanne Wilson; CT-2,TX-3
Country Walkin; Teree Desarro; NH-4, MI
Hey Go; Scott Blevins; TX-3,ON-2,
High Cotton; Niels Poulsen; AZ,TX,AB, BC,MN
I Will Survive; Juliet Lam; TX-5
I'm No Good; Rachael McEnaney; OH -2,TX-3
Imelda’s Way; Adrian Churm; TX-2, CT-2,MN
Itsy Bitsy Spider; John Dembiec; CT-5
Light On; Debbie McLaughlin; MI,AZ,MN-3
Little Rumba; Donna Laurin; NH-4,TX
Mr. So & So; Rick Todd; TX-5
Rio; Diana Lowery; OH ,TX-2,MN-2
River Bank; Jill Weiss; CT-4, NY
Sleep; Kate Sala; NC,TX-4
Somewhere In My Car; Linda Burgess; NswAU-3,NswAU *,ActAU
Stroll Along Cha Cha; Rodeo Cowboys; TX-3,NC,MN
This Is Me; Yvonne Anderson; TX ,TX-3,AB,
Wagon Wheel Rock; Yvonne Anderson; NswAU,TX-2,AB, BC

4 Teaches
A Cannonball; Gordon Elliott; NswAU-3,NswAU *
A Little Royal; Forty Arroyo; CT-2, NH, NY
A Wonderful Time; Frank Trace; CT-3, MB
As Long As There's Lovin' Tonight; Dan Albro; OH4
Bayou Dreams; Larry Bass; TX-2, OH-2
Blue Night Cha; Kim Ray; VT, VA ,MN-2
Clap Happy; Shaz Walton; TX,AB,,MN-2
Completely; Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs; TX-2,MN-2
Crazy for You; Rhoda Lai; ON-3, MI
Cumbia Semana; Ira Weisburd; TX-3,OH
Cupid Shuffle; Unknown; NC-2, TX, MN
D.H.S.S.; Gaye Teather; ON, CT-2, VA
Dance Her Home; Kevin & Maria Smith; NswAU-3,NswAU *
Down South Shuffle; R3 & Big Robb; OH-4
Down To the River; Klara Wallman; NC-2,UK ,ON,
Electric Slide; Unknown; MI,NC,TX,MN
Everybody's Here; Ben Heggy; OH,NC-3
Forever Cool; Jo Thompson Szymanski; NC,MN-3
Get it Bae; Joey Warren & Linda McCormick; MI,AZ,NY,NC
Half Past Nothin'; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; TX-4
Hit The Floor; Ria Vos; FL-2,TX-2
Hit The Road Jack; Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick; NswAU,ON-2,,MN
Honky Tonk Stomp; Phyllis Watson; TX-4
How Long; Jo Thompson; CT-4
Just Let Go; Roxanne Moates & Thomas Worth; NswAU-4
Last Living Cowboy; Sue Ann Ehmann; GA-2, VA, OH
Lets Chill; Alison Johnston; NswAU, TX-3
Let's Have a Party; Rachael McEnaney, John H. Robinson & Jo Thompson Szymanski; NswAU, TX-3
Let's Just Danz; Fern Condron; NB-4*,
Love is Easy; Linda Burgess; NswAU-3,NswAU *
Love Letter Waltz; Frank Trace; VA ,MN-2,NC
Make You Sweat; Ria Vos; TX-4
Mame; Frank Trace; MN3,VA
Need to Be Naughty; Brandon Zahorsky; CT-3, VA
New York 2 LA; Rachael McEnaney; JA, TX, AB, NB
Old School Bop; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA *, VA-2,TX
Play it Again; Scott Nolan & Dee Blansett; OH-4
Ride Em Cowboy; Kathy Gurdjian; CT-2, MI-2
Ring My Bells; Julia Wetzel; NC,ON-3,
River Bank; Gail Smith; OH-4
S.B.S (Shuffle Boogie Soul); Ira Weisburd; TX-4
Say Something; Julia Wetzel; BC, ON,,MN-2
Silver Lining; Maggie Gallagher; TX-4
So Feisty; Scott Blevins & Tajali Hall; MI,NC,ON-2,
Stealing the Best; Rosie Multari; NC,TX,AB,,MN
Story of My Life; Craig Bennett; TX-3, AB
Summer Celebrations; Ira Weisburd; TX-4
Swingin' Thing; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX, GA, NC-2
Tango De Passion; Kate Sala; TX-4
Tell Him That; Frank Trace; NY,TX-2,NB,
Timber; Gloria Stone; TX-4
Wrong Side Slide; Jill Babinec & Jo Thompson Szymanski; NC*,MN-3

3 Teaches
1929; Kate Sala & Robbie M Hickie; TX-2, AB
2-Way Kiss; Ria Vos; NswAU-2,ActAU
A Drink in My Hand; Sandy Goodman; VA , MN,NY
A Little Party; Jill Babinec & Ruben Luna; MN-3
All Good; Kate Sala; NswAU, TX-2
Baby Kisses; Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell; NswAU, MN, AZ
Bicycle Waltz; Peter Heath; MN-3
Bittersweet Memory; Ria Vos; NH, MA, BC
Booze Cruise; Donna Manning; GA-3
Brave; Richard Palmer, Laura Hilbert & Lorna Dennis; NZ, JA, UK
Caballero; Ira Weisburd; TX-3
Cajun Thang; Jo Thompson; TX-3
Can You Do This; Donna Manning; VA-2, MI
Celtic Heartbeat; Maggie G; UK-3
Come As You Are; Yvonne Anderson;TX3
Come Back to Me; Roger Ingmire; VA-2, AZ
Come On and Dance; Peter and Alison; MN-3
Cowboy Charleston; Unknown; NY, VA, TX
Cowboy Charleston; Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller; NC, TX, MN
Crusin; Neil Hale; TX-2, OH
Cut a Rug; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX2, MN
Dancing Feet; Susan & Harry Brooks; FL3
Dirty Little Freak; Joe Steele; CT-3
Dizzy; Jo Thompson Szymanski; NswAU, VT, TX
Do you Love me; Margaret Rea;NswAU3
Dream On; Rob Fowler; MN-3
Eighteen Lonely Months; Rep Ghazali-Meaney; MA, TX, BC
Enchantment; Jo Thompson; TX-3
Fly High; Maggie Gallagher; NswAU-2,BC
Good Luck Charm; Carl Sullivan; NswAU-2,NswAU *
Happy; Rona Kaye; MN2, JA
Hardwood Stomp; Jo Thompson; CT-2, MN
Hey Bartender; Donna Manning; OH-3
History; Gerald Murphy; TX-3
Hold On To; Rosie Multari; VA-2, AZ
I'm in Love with You; J. Belloque Vane & S. Holtland; BC, NH-2
Jump On A Ride; Ria Vos; NswAU-2,ActAU
Just One Reason; Niels Poulsen; FL-2,OH
K-Step Boogie; Jo Thompson Szymanski & Michele Burton; TX-3
Laughing All The Way; Sherri Busser; MN-3*
Little Red Book; Dee Musk; TX-2, ON
Meat And Potato Man; Karen Tripp; TX-2, VA
Mini Mambo; Tina Argyle & Pat Stott; CT-2, NY
Moves Like Jagger; Yeo Yu Puay; TX-2, MN
Nightclub Baby Nightclub; Michele Burton; TX, MN, NC
No Man's Land; Ria Vos; TX-3
Outcast; Robbie McGowan Hickie; UK-3
Peaches and Cream; Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs; NB, MN, TX
Popcorn; Tim Gauci; NswAU,VicAU, ON
Quarter After One; Levi J Hubbard; TX-3
Ritournelle; Unknown; NB-3,
Seduced; Ira Weisburd; MA, TX, MN
Shakin My Head; Guyton Mundy; GA-3
Shoop Shoop; Jo Thompson Szymanski; MA, MI, MN
Soakin Wet; Larry Bass; FL-3
Sock it to Me; Kerry Maus; MN-2, MN*
Some Beach; GYTAL; NH-3
Something in the Water; Niels Pouslen; AB, NC-2
Stripes; Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood; CT, OH-2
Sweet Pea; Frank Trace; MN-2, OH*
Swing Time Boogie; Scott Blevins; FL-3
That Man; Doug & Jackie Miranda; GA-2, AZ
Toes; Rachael McEnaney; MN-2, GA
Together Forever; Yvonne Anderson; AZ-3
Trouble with my Baby; Craig Bennett & Tina Argyle; ActAU, ON-2
Under the Sun; Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu; MN-2, BC
Wheels & Roses; Lorna Mursell; MN-3
Without Fire; Karl-Harry Winson; TX-3
Yes Sir That's My Baby; Lorraine Kurtela; TX-3
You Stole This Old Heart Blind; Janene Lawson; NswAU-2,NswAU *
Zjozzy's Funk; Petra Van der Velden; CT, MN, BC

2 Teaches
1-2-3-4; Neils Poulson;TX,AB
1st Time Waltz; Denise Nicholls; TX-2
50 Ways (super easy); Sue Ann Ehmann; TX-2
A Place in the Sun; Rachael McEnaney; GA-2
Adonde Voy; Juliet Lam; MN-2
All My Exes; Unknown; TX-2
All of Me; Simon Ward; VA, ON
Amazing Heart; Frank Trace; OH*, OH
B 4 I Do; Rob Fowler; MN-2
Baby Don't Rush; Tim Gauci; NswAU-2
Bally's Mambo; Rosie Multari; TX-2
Bama Slam; Tom Avinger; TX, NB
Bartender Stomp; Unknown; CT-2
Be My Baby Now; Vickie St. Pierre & Rachael McEnaney; TX, AB
Beautiful Goodbye; Michael Barr; MN-2
Blame the Boogie; Carl Sullivan; NswAU-2
Blue Birds; Kim Ray; JA, MB
Blurry Lines; Alison Johnson; NswAU-2
Bosa Nova EZ; Lisa McCammon; NC, MN
Bosa Nova; Phil Dennington; TX, MN
Bounce Bounce; Frank Trace; TX, VA
Breathe Easy; Maria Maag; NC-2
Bring It; Jamie Marshall; GA2
Brown Eyed Girl; Hedy McAdams; NswAU-2
Burlesque; Norm Gifford; BC, TX
Call Me Baby; John Robinson; GA-2
Catfish Dinner; Kathryn Sloane & Kelvin Dale; NswAU-2 *
Cheap Talk; Gaye Teather; AB, TX
Cheek To Cheek; Rob Fowler; MN, TX
Chica Boom Boom; Vikki Morris; TX-2
Classic Chic; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA *, NC
Coca Cola Shake; Ria Vos; JA, ON
Come to Papa; Ria Vos; TX-2
Corn Don’t Grow; Tina Argyle; UK-2
Cowboy Charleston; Mark Watson; TX-2
Crazy Happy; Debbie Small; MN-2
Cross Country Slide; Ira Weisburd; TX-2
Dance With Me Tonight; Jamie Marshall; NC-2
Dancing Yet?; Ginny Allen; TX-2
Disco; Cindi Talbot; TX-2
Dixie Road; June Hulcombe & Barbara Wilshire; NswAU-2
Doin What She Likes; Margaret Morrison; FL-2
Don’t Say Goodbye; Peter & Alison; TX-2
Donkey; Kathryn Sloane; NswAU-2 *
Don't Rush Baby; Denise Brault; VT-2
Don't wanna wait; Kathryn Sloane; NswAU-2 *
Dream Lover; Chee Kiang Lim; TX-2
Drink Drink Drink; Kathryn Sloane & Kelvin Dale; NswAU-2 *
Eye Candy; Gerald Murphy; MN, TX
EZ PZ Lollipop; Debbie Small; TX-2
Fly Like A Bird; Hedy McAdams; MN-2
Follow You Down; Guyton Mundy; AZ, UK
Fooling Around and Gone; Greywolf & Wiya Wambli; MN-2
Fools and Beer; Kathy Brown; CT-2
Fortune Foxtrot; Jo Thompson Szymanski; TX-2
Fun For All; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA-2*
Ghost Train; Kathy Hunyadi; MN, TX
Girls Rock; Gerard Murphy; NB-2,
Give Me Back My Hometown; Margaret Morrison; FL-2
Going Down; Jane. Middleton & Ian Scowcroft; TX2
Heart Of The Ball; Noel Bradey; NswAU2
Help Me Make It; Double Trouble; MN, TX
Here I Am; Richard Rogers; TX-2*
Hillbilly Bone; Gwen Walker; CT-2
Honey Bee; Gail Smith; GA-2
Honey Pie; Maggie Gallagher; MN, TX
Hoot & Howl; Rene and Reg Mileham; MN-2
I Got It Easy; Rob Fowler; NswAU, UK
I Hope You Find It; Niels Poulson; MA, AB
I.C. Fair; Sherri Busser; MN-2*
I'm Mad; Brenda Shatto; OH, ON
I'm Waiting For You; Maria Maag;UK,ON
Impressive; Michael Thompson; GA-2
Invisible Wings; Janet (Zhen Zhen) Ge; ON-2,
It's A Beautiful Day; Jo & John Kinser; MN-2
Jasmines Combo; Unknown; OH-2
Jodi's Thang; Ed Williams;TX2
Just Imagine; Jackie Miranda; TX-2
Kreedom; Michelle Perron & Jo Thompson; BC, TX
Last Night In Texas; Guyton Mundy; GA2
Lindi Shuffle; Jane Smee; CT-2
Lindy Shuffle; Unknown; TX-2
Little Mixed Up; Pat Stott & Carrie Ann Green; VA, TX
Love & Party; Ruben Luna; NC-2
Love Lifted Me; Jo T Szymanski; TX, NB
Love Repeats; Michelle Burton; OH-2
Makes you wanna dance; Kathryn Sloane; NswAU-2 *
Mamita; Ira Weisburd; VA, ON
Man in the Mirror; Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward; NC, AB
Masquerade; Karl-Harry Winson; NswAU, UK
Medicine; Linda & Mitchell Burgess; NswAU *,NZ
Midnight Rendezvous; Michael Barr & Michele Burton; AB, TX
Mister In-Between; Pepper Squieros; TX-2
Mixed Up; Pat Stott; CT-2
Mmm Yeah; Rachael McEnaney/Roy Hadisubroto/Joey Warren; VA, NC
My Boogie Shoes; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*, MN
My Merry Way; Michele Perron; MN2
My New Life; John Offermans; AB, BC,
Navigation; Brandon Zahorsky; CT-2
New York New York; Unknown; TX-2
No Way Jose; Shirley Johnson; NswAU-2
Not So Ordinary; Niels Pouslen; ON, JA
Old Bones; Linda Oates; TX-2
On Broadway; Ruben Luna; AZ-2
Only A Woman!; Niels Poulsen; NswAU, ON
Ooh Aah; Sal Gonzales; Fl-2
Outta My Head; Donna Pearce & Maddison Glover; NswAU-2
Party Girl; Mandi Staley; FL-2
Party Town; Jo Rosenblatt; NswAU-2
Por Ti Sere; Jo Thompson; ON, TX
Post Code Envy; Joey Warren; TX-2
Purple People Eater; Debbie Small; TX-2
Queen Bee; Michelle Risley & Rachael McEnaney; MN, UK
Red Hot Salsa; Christina Browne; TX, AZ
Rescue Me; Terry Hogan; NswAU-2
Return 2 New York; Greg Wynn; NB-2,
Rockin' Robin; Peter Metelnick; NM ,MN
Roller Coaster Ride; Dan Albro; NH-2
Roman Holiday; Max Perry; MB, MN
Saddle Up Shawty; Guyton Mundy; FL-2
September in the Rain; Karen Tripp; TX2
She wants to Dance; Leslie Thompson; NC-2
Shotgun Jenny; Kathy Brown; NC, NC
Skinny Genes; Pat & Lizzie Stott; TX-2
Sleazy Slide; Unknown; MN-2
Slow JoAnn; Marie Sorensen & Helle Lykke Zimmermann; TX-2
Small Town Throwdown; Lynne Flanders; CT-2
Soldier Boy Stroll; Rosie Multari; AZ-2
Someone Somewhere Tonight; Maddison Glover; NswAU-2
Something New; Rhoda Lai; MI, OH
Stripes; Ria Vos; NswAU-2
Sugar; Gail Smith; GA-2
Sultry; Rob Fowler; NswAU, BC
Sunshine; Jean Loafman; NM*, TX
Swinging Single; Donna Caudill; VA-2
Talkin Bout Walkin Out; Larry Bass; GA-2
Tap & Go; Rosie Multari; AZ, MN
That’s the Way (I Like It); Gaye Teather; VA-2
The Tango Project; Daniel Whittaker; TX-2
Til The Love Runs Out; Linda Wolfe; NswAU,ActAU
Trickle Trickle; Michael Barr & Michelle Burton; TX. MN
Tryin’ To Get To You; Mike Derrik; AZ-2
Tulsa Weave; Jan Wyllie; MN-2
Turn Your Head; Greg Wynn; CT-2
Us; Gordon Elliott; NswAU,NZ
Waltz Across Texas; Lois & John Neilson; TX-2
Waltzing At Twilight; John Dembiec; BC, TX
Wave on Wave; Alan Birchall; OH, TX
We Are Tonight; Dan Albro; NY, OH
Went to Calypso Mexico; Marie Sorensen; TX-2
When You Get Caught; Rosie Multari; CT-2
Whispering Your Name; Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick; TX-2
Who Did You Call Darling; Kevin & Maria Smith; NswAU-2
You've Got What It Takes; Michael Barr; TX-2

1 Teach
@ the Hop:; Carmel Hutchinson; MN
18 Steps; Unknown; ON,
5-10-15 Swing; Scott Blevins; AB,
A - B Ticket; Val Myers; NC
A Little Something; Forty Arroyo; TX
A Rocking Good Way; Linda Burgess; NswAU
A Tender Moment; unknown; AZ
AB Kiss Me; Norman Gifford; TX
A-B L; Val Meyers; TX
Abilene (Slowdance); Marie Sorensen; AZ
Af Af Af [Down Down Down]; Martie Papendorf; MN
After Midnight; Judy McDonald; OH
AK Freak; Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy; ON,
All of Me; Paul Dornstedt; MN
All That Jazz; Michael Seurer; AZ
All You Need; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NM
Almost a Good Thing; Allison Johnstone; CT
Almost Cha Cha; D.J. Lansaw; OH
Always by My Side; Linda Burgess; NswAU *
Amame Un Poquito (Love me a little); Forty Arroyo; AZ
American Kids; Randy Pelletier; OH
And Then I Kissed Her; Gordon Elliott; NswAU
Annie's Geronimo; Jan Wyllie; NswAU
Any Day Now; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Anytime; Sue Coats; NswAU
At The Hop; Carmel Hutchinson; OH
Auto Moves; Judy Cain; MN
Automatic; Mager; FL
Aw Naw; Sandy Goodman; VA
B Squared; Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny; MN
Baby Dream; Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher; NswAU
Bachata Slide; Ira Weisburd; AZ
Back In Time; Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy; NC
Back Porch; Bracken Potter; AZ
Backstreet Attitude; Jamie Davis Marshall; MN
Bad Girl that Girl; Donna Manning; MN
Bahama Mama; Max Perry; MN
Ball And Chain; Michell Risley; UK
Banana Peel; Kim Ray; TX
Banana Split; Michael Beck; AZ
Beautiful in My Eyes; Simon Ward; BC,
Beautiful Rose; Maria Tao; AZ
Beautiful Temptress; Janene Lawson; NswAU *
Beautiful; Ira Weisburd; AZ
Best Friends; Jean Miles; NswAU
Big Blue Note; Jan Smith; TX
Big Girls Boogie; Mavis Brown; VA
Big Mambo; Adrian Helliker & Sue Ann Ehmann; VA *
Black Coffee; Helen O'Malley; NswAU
Blame the Boogie; Pauline Greenwood; NswAU
Blown Away; Chris Watson; NswAU
Blue Finger Lou; Max Perry; AB,
Blue Note; Jan Smith; NswAU
Blue Rose Is; Unknown; TX
Blurred Lines; Rachael McEnaney & A.J. Centeno; BC,
Boogie Shoes; Rosalee Musgrave; MN
Boogie Shoes; Tim Gauci; NswAU
Bootscootin' Boogie; Bill Bader; NswAU
Borrow My Heart; Travis Taylor; NswAU
Bottle It Up; Linda Nyffeler; NswAU
Bottle This Up; Jo & Rita Thompson;MB,
Boys 'Round Here; Helen Born & Nita Lindley; TX
Boys Wil Be Boys; Rachael McEnaney; AB,
Brass A Billy Boogie; Tim Gauci; NswAU
Bruno's Way; Niels Poulsen; NC
Burn It Baby; Carl Sulivan; NswAU *
Bye Bye Boogie; Rene & Reg Milcham; AZ
Bye Bye; Kate Sala; TX
Cab Driver; Unknown; TX
Cabana Boy; John DembiecTX
Cajun Cross; Janet Padgett; MN
Calypso Mexico; Ria Vos; AZ
Can You Do This; Amy Auger; NC
CanAm Tango; Perron, Burton, Barr; TX
Carolionel Waltz; Dianne Jackson; NswAU
Catch The Rain; Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs; NswAU
Catfish Pole; Sandy Kerrigan; NswAU *
Celtic Lady; Yvonne Anderson; UK
Celtic Spirit; Annmaree Smith; MI
Cha Cha One; Sho Botham; NswAU
Chiki Cha Cha; Liu Sum Loong; TX
Clap Along; Alvie Aguilar; AZ
Coca Cola Cowboy; unknown; MN
Coconut Tree; Judy McDonald; ON*,
Come Back Soon; Janene &David Lawson; NswAU *
Come Get It; Judy McDonald; ON*,
Coochie Bang Bang; Scott Blevins; AB,
Counting Stars; Michael Metzger; BC,
Country Girl Shake; Unknown Choreographer; TX
Cowboy Cha Cha; Anonymous; NswAU
Cowgirl Twist; Bill Bader; TX
Crazy Foot Mambo; Paul McAdam; AB,
Cricket on a Line; Kathy Brown; CT
Cry to Me;Paul McAdam; AB,
Cups; Unknown; AB,
Daisy Chain; Kate Sala; UK
Dance our Way; Peter & Liz Heath; NswAU
Dance The Dream; Steve & Denise Bisson; AZ
Dancing Cowboys; Sue Marshall; AZ
Dancing Through the Night; Sandy Kerrigan; TX
Dem Jeans!; Georgia Griffin; MN
Dirt Road Kid; Mark Simpkin; NswAU
Divine Line; Robbie McGowan Hickie; VicAU
Do The Cha Cha Cha; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Do The Salsa! 2 Wall; Richard Rogers; AZ
Don't Play That Song; Cheryl Sjolund; TX
Double Shot of Crown; Felicia Harris Jones; NC
Down in the Islands; Gail Smith; MB,
Down To The Islands; Jennifer Hughes; NswAU
Duchess; Unknown; MI
Duck Soup; Frank Trace; TX
Duke Of Earl; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Dumas Walker; Anonymous; NswAU
Easy Come Easy Go; Debbie Moore; TX
Easy Come, Easy Go;Debbie O'Hara; AB,
El Corner; Val Myers; NC
El Paso; Anonymous; NswAU
Elvira Cha Cha; Unknown; TX
Emotional Girl; Fulvio Durazza; NswAU
Enigma; Deemusk; UK
Eurodance; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NswAU
Evergreen; Karen Hunn; AB,
Everybody’s Got Somebody; Rhoda Lai; JA
Except For Monday; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
EZ Shuffle; Larry Bass; NB,
Faith Can Do; Jill Babinec; NC*
Fan Dango; The Splendido Set; MN
Fancy Free; Roxanne Smith; NswAU
Fault Line; Joey Warren; ON,
Feel; Scott Blevins; AB,
Feel Good Rhumba; Frank Trace; OH*
Feeling Kinda Lonely; Margret Swift; TX
Felling Hot; Rachael McEnaney; ON,
Fences & Glue; Nikki Lynne; AB,
Firestarter; Alison Johnstone & Adeline Cheng; NZ
First Cha; Maria Lippe; NC
Fishing in the Dark; Rosalee Musgrave; TX
Flip, Flop & Fly; Frank Trace; MN
Follow your Arrow; Johnny 2-step Houston; MN
Forever an April Fool; Jan Wyllie; NswAU
Free; Travis Taylor & Adrian Lefebour; ActAU
Freeze; Unknown; TX
French Toast; Frank Trace; MN
Funky Strut; Rob Fowler; NC
Ghostbusters; Barry Andracchio; JA
God Blessed Texas; Shirley Batson; TX
Gods Been Good; Tom Glover; NswAU
Gonna B Good; Pat Stott & Laura Hilbert; MB,
Goodnight Kiss; Jill Weiss; CT
Got No Curfew; Sue Ann Ehmann; OH
Gravity; Mark SimpkinNswAU
Greedy; Lorenzo Evans; OH
Green Door; Pat Stott; MA
Guacamole; Unknown; TX
Gypsy Lady; Mark Simpkin; NswAU
Hams' Jam; Peter Metelnick; MN
Hands Up; Craig Bennett; MN
Hands Up and Live Your Life; Donna Manning; VA
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride; Wende Vreeland; NM
He Rocks A Little; Lisa McCammon; AZ
Heart Like A Wheel; Max Perry; NswAU
Heart of an Angel; Willie Brown; BC,
Hey All; unknown; NswAU
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll; Rod & Lorraine Gent; NswAU
Hippy Dippy Mambo; Sue Ann Ehmann; TX
His Only Need; Ria Vos; NswAU
Holding Everything; Gordon Elliott; NswAU *
Honey; Hugo/Van Wyk; NB,
Hooked on the Beat; Janis Graves; VA
Hootenanny; John Robinson; TX
How You Gonna; Will Craig; BC,
Hurting Heart; Niels Pouslen; TX
Hustle Bustle; Betty Clarke; NM
I Can Be; Linda McCormick*; NC
I Come to you; Gordon Elliott; NswAU *
I Just Can't Let You Go; Wil Bos & Aurelie Clota; AB,
I Love a Rainy Night; Iris Mooney; TX
I Need You Now; Darren Mitchell; NswAU
I Walk Alone; June Shuman; NB,
I Walk The Line; Ree Patterson; NswAU
I4C Fun Push; Helen O'Malley & Rob Fowler; VT
If The Sun Don't Shine; Stephen Paterson; NswAU
I'll Be; Andy Williams; MI*
I'm Yours; Angela Genduso & Christopher Petre; MN
In a Moment; Thomas O'Dwyer; NswAU
Intrigue; Rob Fowler; AB,
Irish Stew; Lois Lightfoot; NswAU
Is this the Way to ...; Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer; NswAU
It Ain't Easy; Gaye Teather;TX
It Had to Be You; Denise Boyle; MN
It isn't Fair; Pam Probert; NswAU
It Was Me; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
It’s A Beautiful Day; Sue Smith; AZ
It's All Good; Barbara Hile; NswAU
Ivory Towers; Ria Vos; NC
Jack Knife; Unknown; NB,
Jesse James; Rachael McEnaney; BC,
Jose Curevo; Max Perry; NswAU
Jump on a Ride; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; AB,
Just a Gigolo; Unknown; MN
Just A Little Love; Maggie Gallagher; TX
Just a Memory; John Dean & Maggie Gallagher; NswAU
Just Add Moonlight; Maggie Gallagher; JA
K Step Boogie; Szymanski, Barr & Burton; TX
Kawliga; Unknown; TX
Keep Fogetting; Georgina Walsh;NswAU
Kentucky Chug (AKA Copperhead Rd); Unknown; NY
Kerosene; Vickie Schermbeck; CT
Kickin' Back 2013; Scott Blevins; AB,
Kill the Spiders; Gaye Teather; AB,
Knee Deep (Partner); Carla Magi; CT
Kung Fu; Sandra Kent; NswAU
Lady Cha; Sho BothamNswAU
Last Cheaters Waltz; Unknown Choreographer; TX
Last Song; Jim Watt & Barbara Cremona; NswAU
Let Her Go; Darren Mitchell; NswAU
Let's Get Started; Unknown; TX
Like It Rough; Lawrence Allen; VA
Lil Yeller Blanket; John Robinson; MA
Linda Eh; Ira Weisburd; TX
Little Bit Gypsy; Neville Fitzgerald; CT
Little Devil; Anne Herd; NswAU
Little Lonesome Waltz; John Robinson; VA
Little Mockin’ Bird; Winnie Yu; VA
Little Mona Liza; Paul Turney; MB,
Little Southern Girl; Darren Bailey; JA
Little Zou Bisou; Emilia Mitiku; JA
Live a Little; Mamita Beal; TX
Live the Life; Rachael McEnaney; ON,
Live this Life; Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris; NZ
Loch Lomond; Barbara Hile; NswAU
Lonesome for You; Rita Sergi Kenney; NM
Love Guarantee; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA
Love Runs Out; Darren Mitchell; NswAU
Love Simply Runs Out; Bracken Potter; MN
Love You Waltz; Gordon Elliott; NswAU
Love's Highway; Robbie McGowan Hickie; NswAU
Lucky or Lonely; Sue Ann Ehman; JA
Man in the Moon; Tim Gauci; NswAU
Medicine; Judith Campbell; NswAU
Mercury Blues; Miho Yamaura; JA
Mercy Mercy Mercy; Sue Ann Ehmann; VA
Midnight Waltz; Jo Thompson Szymanski; VA
Misty Blue; Julia Wetzel; AB,
Mmm Bop; Kelley Kaylin; NC
Mojo Mambo; Ira Weisburd; TX
Mojo Rhythm; Rob Fowler TX
Motor Boatin’; Rick Todd; VA
Ms Jody's Thang; Ed Williams; TX
Mucura Walk; Joe Steele; TX
My First Love is You; Kirsten Hansen; MB,
My First Waltz; Sherri Busser; MN*
My Next Love; Niels Poulsen; MN
My Pretty Belinda; Vikki Morris; MN
My Wish; Robbie Halvorson; OH
Na Na Line Dance; Vicky St. Pierre; NC
Never Fall in Love; Suzanne Philips; NZ
Next Door To An Angel; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
No Goodbyes; Scott Blevins,Nicola Lafferty; AZ
Off The Chain; Fred Whitehouse; UK
On My Mind; Vivienne Scott,Fred Buckley; AZ
One of these Nights; Amy Christian; MI
One Shot; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; NswAU-2
Only One Road; Jennifer Choo Sue Chin; JA
Ooh I Like That; Rachael McEnaney & Ryan Lindsey; AB,
Ooh Poo Pah Doo; Violet Ray; MN
Outlaws of Love; Jill Babinec & Will Craig & Joey Warren; NC*
Over and Over; BM Leong; MN
Over the Line; Annette Starcke; BC,
Over the Rainbow; unknown; NswAU
P-51 (aka Come With Me); Nie; ON,
Paradise City; Kate Sala & Craig Bennett; BC,
Pardon Me; Georgina Walsh; NswAU
Party Animals; Linda Burgess; NswAU
Peace of Mind; Judy McDonald; ON*,
People are Crazy; Gaye Teather; AB,
Perpetual Bliss; Gerard Murphy; NB,
Phloor Philla; Bryan McWherter & Cody Stevens; AB,
Piao Yu; Winnie Tang; ON,
Pick A Bale; Anonymous; NswAU
Picnic Polka; David Paden; TX
Piece of Cake; Rob Fowler; TX
Play Me A Dancer; Julie Allen; TX
Play Me a Dancer; Stephen Paterson; NswAU
Positively Beginner; Severine Fillion; MN
Pot of Gold; Liam Hrycan; NswAU
Power Surge; Stephen Sunter; MN
Put On Your Dancin' Boots; Jo Thompson; TX
Puttin' on the Ritz; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX
PYT; Dirk Kosloski; MI
Que Sera; Rosalie Mackay; NswAU *
Rather Be;June Shuman; NB,
Really; Craig Bennett; UK
Red Hat Woman; Rosalee Musgrave TX*
Reincarnation; Kathryn Sloan; NswAU
Restless; Jacqui Van Der Helm; NswAU
Rhyme or Reason; Rachael McEnaney; AB,
Ritmo; Ria Vos; ActAU
Rock 4 Old Times; Jo Conroy; AZ
Rock Me; Donna Manning & LeAnne Lesmeister; VA
Rock n Roll Kiss; Rosalie Mackay; NswAU
Rocket to the Sun; Maddison Glover; NB,
Rolling in the Deep; Marie-Aime Le Barillec; BC,
Rose Garden; Jo Thompson; TX
Roses At Her Door; Sandy Kerrigan; VicAU
S.O.T.B. (Sex On the Beach); Tom Clarke; MN
San Antonio Stroll; Anonymous; NswAU
San Antonio Stroll; Jo T Szymanski; TX
Sanctify your soul; Walt & Linda Woolbright; MN
Sarah Beth; Fred Whitehouse & Darren Bailey; BC,
Sexy Ole’ Lady; June Shuman; AZ
Sexy Stir Fry; Guyton Mundy; FL
Sexy Tractor; Bob Bonett; CT
Shake the Room!; Craig Bennett & Karl-Harry Winson; TX
Shake Yourself Loose; Kathy Hunyadi; TX
She's Gone; Gordon Elliott;NZ
Shore Thing; Eddie Huffman; VA
Shotgun Mambo; Kate Sala; NswAU
Shuffle Boogie Soul; Ira Weisburd; NB,
Sing Louder; June Shuman; VA
Skinny Dippin'; Carolyn Robinson; CT
Slide it Home; Kip Sweeny; TX
Slip on By; Nigel Mooney; NswAU
Slow Rain; Barry & Dari Amato; NswAU
Smokey Places; Michelle Perron; BC,
Smooth Criminal; Barry Porter & Paul Hulatt; ON,
Snooze Bar; DeeDee & Wendi; FL
So Glad You’re Mine; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Something Fine; Dan Albro; NswAU
Something I Need; Linda Burgess; NswAU
Somewhere with You; Scott Schrank & Junior Willis; AB,
Sonora Waltz; Tony & Lana Wilson; AZ
Speak With Your Heart; Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs; NswAU
Splish Splash; Jo Thompson; TX
Spread A Little Happiness; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Stay; Jo & John Kinser; AB,
Step Off; Frank Trace; TX
Step Right Up; Dancin' Dean; NY
Sticky Summer; Dan Albro;CT
Straight to Memphis; Kate Sala; AB,
Strut N’ Go; Denise Brault; VA
Suds in the Bucket; Yvonne Anderson; AB,
Sugar Sugar; Doug Miranda; NB,
Sunshine & Rain; Barbara Lowe; ON,
Sunshine In The Rain; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Sweet Baby; Jenifer Wolf; NB,
Sweet Delight; Dan Albro; NswAU
Sweet Sweet Smile; Fi Scott & Johnny 2 Step; MN
Sweetheart Schottishe; Anonymous; NswAU
Swing Baby Swing; Amy Christian; MI*
Swing It; Lilly Starnes; MN
Swing Your Thing; Ria Vos; TX
Swingin'; Unknown; MN
Swinging Summer; Dan Albro; NswAU
Tahoe Kick; Anonymous; NswAU
Take It To The Limit; Mike Hitchen; NswAU
Take Me Away; Gerard Murphy; NB,
Talk Nasty; Debbie McLaughlin; NC
Tango Easy; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Texas Barefootin'; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX
Texas Stomp; Ruth Elias; MN
That’s My Number; Yvonne Krause; TX
That’s Where I Belong; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
The Birds and the Bees; Michelle Perron; NB,
The Boat To Liverpool; Ross Brown; JA
The Climb; Karen Jennings; NswAU
The Freeze; Unknown; TX
The Funky Matador; Unknown; TX
The Little Things; Jo Thompson Szymanski; JA
The Outback; Gordon Elliott; NswAU
The Parade; Amy Christian; MI*
The Story of My Life; Craig Bennett; VA
The Thunderer; Wil Bos,Roy Verdonk;AZ
The Trouble With My Baby; Craig Bennett & Tina Argyle; VicAU
Thinkin About Things; Larry Bass; NC
This Is How We Roll; Rachael McEnaney; UK
This Little Light; Jo Thompson; TX
Throw Away the Key; Peter & Alison; TX
Ticket To Heaven; Rob Folwer; NC
Til Forever; Audrey Watson; NswAU
Til I Ain't Anymore; Travis Taylor & Jan Wyllie; ActAU
Timber; Vivienne Scott; VA
Time to Shake; Özgür "Oscar" & Mürüvvet Takaç; NswAU
Tiny Titanic; Janene Lawson; NswAU *
To The Moon; Rosie Multari; TX
Tokyo's Lovers; Daniel Trepat & Tokyo Line Dancers; JA
Trail Dust; Unknown Choreographer; TX
Triple J; Michael Barr; TX
Truck Stop Honey; Rosalie Mackay; NswAU
Truth Or Dare; Karen Hadley; UK
Turn Me Loose Two; Barbara Hile; NswAU
Turn Out The Lights; Marie Sĝrensen; NswAU
Tush Push; Jim Ferrazzano; AB,
Twinkle; Rhoda Lai; AB,
Twist & Shout; Unknown; TX
Two 4 One; Jo & Rita Thompson; TX
Two Step; Robert Royston; VA
Unchain My Heart; Dee Musk; AB,
Unmendable; Jan Wyllie; NswAU
Up & Down; Kevin & Maria Smith; NswAU
Up; Unknown;NB,
Volare; Frank Trace; NswAU
Voodoo Jive; Adrian Churm; BC,
Voulez Vous Danser; Gaye Teather; NswAU
Vuelve A Mi; Ayu Permana; AZ
Waiting For Summer; Jannie Tofte Andersen; UK
Walk Alone; Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie; TX
Walking Away; Rachael McEnaney; BC,
Walking In the Rain; Maggie Gallagher; MN
Walking In The Sunshine; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Wallflower; John Robinson; VA
Wanna Be There; Lorna Mursell; TX
Watermelon Crawl; Sue Liscomb; TX
We Only Live Once; Linda Burgess; NswAU *
West Texas Waltz; Terry Hogan; NswAU
Weston Waltz; John & Gall Wood; NswAU
What are you Listening To?; Keith Miller & Amy Barker; VA
What If Waltz; Lorna Mursell, Roz Chaplin; NM
What’s Your Name; Michael Barr; TX
When I Was Your Man; Guyton Mundy; AB,
When I’m Gone; Brenna Stith; VA
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed; Linda Pink; TX
Why Can't I?; Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer; NswAU
Wild Wild West; Anonymous; NswAU
Wildfire; Michelle Risley; UK
Will You Still Love Me; Kathy Chang; AZ
Winner Winner; Mary Sullivan; NY
Wobble; Vic Brentnell; TX
Won’t You Stay; Joey Warren; AZ
Wonderland Waltz; Rob Fowler; AB,
Won't You Stay; Joey Warren; NC
Wrong Night; unknown; NswAU
You Can Dance; Doug & Jackie Miranda; TX
You Complete Me; Karl Harry Winson; NB,
You Got Away; Niels Pouslen; TX
You Got That Thang; Rachael McEnaney; BC,
You Look So Good in my Shirt; Roma's Rebels; OH
You’re Like An Angel To Me; Rosalee Musgrave; TX*
Zenyatta's Waltz; Michele Burton; MN

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