July 2004

Here are the results from the July World Dance Instruction survey. 103 instructors sent in 1103 dances.

The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Counrty abbreviations are as follows:
DU: Dubai, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, GlosUK, WaAU: Western Australia, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia, SING: Singapore, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, SG: Singapore, HiloHI: Hilo, Hawaii, Neth: Netherlands, Cyp: Cyprus.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Peter Metelnick for the "most-taught" dance in the survey.

22 Teaches 
Dreams of Martina Peter Metelnick CA-5, GE-2, UK-9, Ger, NY-3, ON-2

17 Teaches 
Texas Max Perry CA-5, MN-3, MO, NC-5, NV, TX-2

15 Teaches 
High Class Broads Joanne Brady / Jill Babinec CA-4, PA, MD-2, DE, WVA, VA, NC-4, MO
Slow Burn Kathy Hunyadi & John Robinson CA-5, GA, GE, NC-2, TX-2, UK-4

13 Teaches 
Sugar & Pai Kelli Haugen CA, MB, ON, NJ, DE, NO-6, UK-2
Sweet Memories Judy McDonald MI-3, NC-5, ON-5
The Coast Is Clear Peter Metelnick UK5, ON-2, NY2, Ger, MN-3

12 Teaches 
Doctor Doctor Masters in Line UK-5, CA, GE, NC-3, NswAU, PA
Make Your Mind Up Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK7, NY2, ON-2, NV

11 Teaches 
Baptized in Beer Max Perry CA-10, MA
Cheek to Cheek Rob Fowler CA-3, JA-2, MI, MN, NC, TX-2, WaAU
Housecall Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK3, ON-2, NY2, Ger, MN-3

10 Teaches 
8-9-10 (Let's Do It Again) Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs JA, MI-3, TX-4, UK-2
Fy! (Shame On You) Raymond Sarlmijn & Kelli Haugen NO-8,UK-2
Turning Up The Heat Peter Metelnick GE-2, NV, ON-3, UK-3, Ger

9 Teaches 
De La Noche Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK-2, NY-2, ON-2, GE-2, WI
Mariana Mambo Kate Sala CA-7, MI, TX
Misleading Guyton Mundy & Pedro Machado MI-6, MO, NC-2
We Are The Same Barry & Dari Amato / John Robinson / Jo Thompson CA-6, MI-2, TX

8 Teaches 
Fast Women Guyton Mundy MI-3, MO, NC-3, NV
Rocka Hula Robbie McGowan Hickie CA, UK-6, NY

7 Teaches 
Cool Whip Judy McDonald BC-2, ON-5

6 Teaches 
Bye Bye (Piccolissima)  Kate Sala MB, ON-4, JA
Caught In the Act Ann Wood UK-6
How Sweet It Is Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs CA, UK2, ON-2, WI
Imagine Bryan McWherter CA-3, TX, MI, UK
Just One Moment Juliet Hauser CA-2, TX-4
LA-Ex Maggie Gallagher CA-4, ON-2
Party Til Dawn Scott Blevins NC-2, CA-4
Por Ti Sere Jo Thompson MB, ON, TX-4
Push Michele Perron CA, MI-2, UK, US-2
Ride Em Cowboy Kathy Gurdjian MI-4, NC, PA
Tease Me Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox UK-6
The Real World Ruthie B CA-6, MI-2, TX
Trickle Trickle Michael Barr & Michele Burton CA, ON-5
Triple J Michael Barr CA-2, JA-3, TX
Wave On Wave Alan Birchall CA-2, ON-3, DE
Wishes Vivienne Scott CA, ON-5,

5 Teaches  
Badda Boom Badda Bang Karen Hunn BC-3, ON, TX
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass CA-2, ON-2, UK
Bobbie Sue Alice Daugherty & Tim Hand CA, JA, MN, NO-2 JA
Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson MN, ON, TX-3
Dancing In The Dark Jo Thompson ON-5
D.H.S.S. Gaye Teather ON-4, MN
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo Gaye Teather JA, MI, MO, NC, VA
Ex Oh! Ex Gerard Murphy ON-5,
In A Moment Larry Bass CA-5
Oh So Nice JP Potter BC-2, ON-3
Paralyzed Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton CA-5
Rescue Me Terry Hogan CA-5
She Believes Sharon Hutchinson CA-5
Southern Delight Rosella Corsi-Lord and Fred Lord NW, NswAU-2, TX-2
The Night Of Goodbye Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs CA-2, UK-3
Waitin' 4 U Lady In Black ON-5
You're The One Dianne Bishop ON-5

4 Teaches 
101 Peter Metelnick CA, UK-3
All Night Long Robbie McGowan Hickie CA, NswAU, UK-2
Boogie Fever Junior Willis CA, MB-2, MN
Country 2 Step Masters in Line CA, NO-3
Cowgirls' Twist Bill Bader ON, CA-2, JA
Drinkin Bone Boogie Ellen Kiernan ON-2, DE-2
Freak Out Doug & Jackie Miranda MB, MN-3
Kickin' Boots Kelli Haugen NO-3,UK
My Soul Education Michael Barr CA-2, MO, TX
Nasdravia Laura & Becky Michaels MB-3, ON,
Nu Flow Masters in Line ON-3, MA
Rita's Waltz Jo Thompson CA-2, TX-2
Saturday Nigh Donna Laurin ON-4,
Sky Full of Angels Yvonne Anderson CA, VA, PA, DE
Splish Splash Jo Thompson AL, TX-3
Steppin' Out Max Perry CA-4
Take A Bite Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK2, ON-2
The Way Gerard Murphy CA-2, MI, UK
Timeless Cha Robbie McGowan Hickie CA-4
Under Your Spell Bracken Ellis CA-4
Unmistakably Good Masters in Line CA-4

3 Teaches 
2 Hearts Peter Metelnick NY, ON-2
A Kind Of Hush Gaye Teather CA, TX-2
A Wind Up Robbie McGowan Hickie MB, ON, MN
All Out Of Love Doug & Jackie Miranda CA-3
Ave Maria Kathy Hunyadi MB, ON-2,
Baby Don't Go Glynn Holt MA-2, FL
Basha Michele Perron GE, NC, ON
Bump Bounce Boogie Barry & Dari Anne Amato DE-2, MI
Cajun Thang Jo & Rita Thompson CA, DE, TX
Chain Reaction Glen Pospiesny MN-3
Cho-Co-Latte Yvonne Anderson MB, ON-2
Coco Loco Hot Pepper MN-3
Cruisin' Neil Hale MN, NM, TX
Electric Slide Unknown NC, TX-2
Elliot's Dream Ann Wood CA-3
Hey Good Lookin' Carol McKee NswAU-2,WaAU
I Don't Know Yet John Robinson MN-3
I Love This Bar Ellie & Floyd Meerman MB-2, ON
I Need Jah Ron Kline MI-3
I Wanna Touch You Neville Fitzgerald CA-2, UK
If The Shoe Fits Michele Burton CA-2, TX
Jitterbuggin' Bunny And Bruce Burton ON, TX-2
Joan's Waltz Mary Kelly ON-3,
Join the Action Brady & Perron US, VA, PA
Jose Cuervo ‘97 Max Perry BC, TX, NM
L8er Scott Blevins MO, NC-2
Let’s Be Us Again Andrew Palmer / Simon & Sheila Cox CA-2, UK
Montego Bay Kathy Hunyadi CA, MI, NC
Mony Mony MaggieGallager TX-3
Move Me Kathy Brown MI-3
Mr. President  Simon Ward ON-3
Night of I Wanna Michele Perron MN-3
Not A Brick Outta Place Mike Sliter CA-3
Off My Rocker Harlan Curtis CA-3
On The Water Pete Harkness CA-2, ON
Once Upon A December Jo Thompson TX-3
Possibility Foxtrot Max Perry CA-3
Puttin' On The Ritz Jo & Rita Thompson ON-2, TX 
Romantasy Peter Metelnick & Alsion Biggs MB, CA, TX
Scotch Mist Jackie Miranda CA-3
Start Walking Mark Cosenza MB, ON-2,
Stayin' Alive Doug & Jackie Miranda CA-3
Suicide Blonde Unknown MI, TX-2
Sundown Waltz Robbie McGowan Hickie ON-2, TX 
Super Girl Bill McLeod ON-3,
Swingin' Single Donna Caudill CA-2, NM
Two Time Trick Scott Blevins CA, MO, NV
Up John Libby MB-3,
Waltzing & Waiting Terry Hogan CA-3
Zatchu Santa Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski MB-3
Zest Appeal Michele Perron CA-2, US

2 Teaches 
...if I... Judy McDonald ON-2,
@ the Hop Carmel Hutchinson BC, CA
1 2 3 Waltz Val Myers JA-2
1000 Years Or More Martin Ritchie ON-2
Addiction Robbie McGowan Hickie CA, NswAU
After All Jeanette Wells SI, NZ
Allisa Waltz Sara Fenn-Tye ON-2,
Again! John Robinson CA-2
Angels Waltz Paul McAdam CA-2
Backyard Boogie Does Jamie Davis TX-2
Bar Isn't It Michael Barr BC, CA
Bar Room Romeo Ron Holiday CA-2
Barefootin' Unknown NM, TX
Beau Woes Michele Perron CA, UK
Beautiful People Michele Perron & John Robinson BC-2
Boogie Shoes Dan Morrison ON-2,
Boot Scootin' Boogie Skippy Blair & Tom Mattox CA-2
Boot Scootin' Boogie Unknown ON, MN
C.S.W. Dan Morrison ON-2,
Can't Stand Still Neville Fitzgerald MO, NC-2
Cha Cha Tonight Scott Blevins TX, WI
Closer Mary Kelly JA, UK
Cold Blooded Scott Blevins BC, ON
Crush James JP Potter CA-2
Cut A Rug Jo & Rita Thompson TX-2
Dance Floor Darlin' Larry Bass MB, MI
Dare 2 Luv John Robinson DE-2
Determination Simon Ward ON-2
Diamond Dixie Susanne Mose Nielsen ON-2
Dig The Groove Bill Bader CA, MI
Disco Cindi Talbot ON-2,
Do You Remember These Jenifer Reaume Wolf BC-2
Don’ Ruin It Teresa & Vera FL, UK
Down On The Corner Peter Metelnick MB-2
Easy Walkin' Margaret McCabe ON-2,
Enchantment Jo Thompson TX-2
Fais Do Do Michelle Chandonnet TX-2
Fiddlesticks Vivienne Scott ON-2,
Forever Dance Bill Bader ON, NswAU
Fork In The Road Michele Perron BC, MO
G*E*L Gadbois, Schria, and Strong TX-2
Ghost Train Kathy Hunyadi ON, TX
Here For the Party Rebecca Basham MN-2
Here I Go Again Bob Boesel CA-2
Hey Hey Hey Gary Lafferty CA-2
Hold Your Horses AKA Just For the Record Patti Vaughn-Staiger MN-2
Honky Tonk Twist Max Perry DE, ON
I Just Can't Wait Mike Sliter CA-2
I Love A Rainy Night Iris M. Mooney BC, MB
If I Can't Dance (I'll Go Crazy) Mike & Betty Weeks MI, MO
Jack's Back Patricia E.Stott & Mike Cwyka ON-2
Jai du Boogie Max Perry CA, TX
Just Because Jo Thompson MI-2
Kickin' West Linedance Sport MI-2
King Of The Road Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson ON, UK
La Cumparsita Myrna de Leon ON-2,
La Fiesta Andrew Palmer & Simon&Sheila Cox MB, ON,
Latin Express Michele Perron BC, UK
Let's Get It Started Guyton Mundy etal MI, ON
Linda Lu Neil Hale CA-2
Little Rhumba Donna Laurin ON-2,
Little Rock Chacha Unknown ON-2,
Mack The Knife Rachael McEnaney TX-2
Made For Each Other Kevin & Maria Smith SI, NZ
Maybe Baby Jan Hanway CA-2
Maybe I Could Robbie McGowan Hickie GE-2
Mellow Yellow Peter Metelnick UK-2
My Cherie Amour Bob Izral MI-2
On The Rocks JP Potter/Bracken Ellis/Amy Kempster BC, WI
Rockin' Robin Peter Metelnick TX-2
Rub It In Anita McNab ON-2
Runaway Carmel Hutchinson CA-2
S.X.E Rob Fowler TX, MO
Save A Horse - Ride A Cowboy Jamie Marshall & Bob Watters GA, MO
September Jo Thompson CA, MN
Shakatak Kate Sala TX-2
Show Me the Money Bill Bader NswAU-2
Special D Peter Metelnick UK-2
So High Heather Frye MI-2
Stagger Lee Dot Nicholls SI, NZ
Step Right Up Dancin' Dean NC, TX
Storybook Endings Neil Hale NM, TX
Straighten Up Jo Thompson BC, MB,
Stroll Along Cha-Cha John & Jeanette Sandham ON, UK
Suds In the Bucket Yvonne Anderson CA-2
Sugar Cane Shack Tina Beare CA-2
Swing City Jive Lovely Linda & Hillbilly Rick CA, TX
Swingin’ Single Donna Caudill TX-2
Tango Perhaps? Carmen Mah ON-2
Tequila Doug & Jackie Miranda CA-2
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer Jean Rowe MI-2
Time To Get Up Guyton Mundy MA, MO
Too Much Candy Robbie McGowan Hickie CA-2
Truly Happy Liz Clarke CA-2
Tumblin' Down Michele Peron ON, UK
Turbo Twang Max Perry & Peter Metelnick CA-2
Turning Karla & Paul Dornstedt CA-2
U Belong 2 Me McDonald/Robinson ON-2
Uh Huh Jo & Rita Thompson BC, TX
Urban Grace Masters in Line GE-2
Walk On Marilynne Delurey ON-2
Wanna Be Me Ed Lawton MO, ON
Wanna Wanna Neville Fitzgerald UK-2
Watch Me Now! Amato/Amato/Perry/Hunyadi ON-2
Watermelon Crawl Sue Lipscomb NM, TX
Wrangler Butts Gordon Elliot BC, CA
X-Cuse Me Kate Sala NM, TX
You're So Good Ruthie B. MA-2

1 Teach 
3:00 AM Guyton Mundy/Cody Stevens/Joey Warren CA
31st Of April John Robinson MB,
38 Step Unknown DE
A Devil In Disguise Patrice E. Stott & Alan Birchall GE
A Good Thing Tracie Lee NswAU
A Little Bit of Nothing Peter Metelnick ON
Across the Sea Bill Bader & Jan Wyllie NswAU
After Five Stomp Diane Horner CA
After Midnight Judy McDonald TX
All Kabobiled Brian McWherter ON
All My Loving Karen Hunn CA
All Night Long Stella Cabeca CA
Alley Cat Donna Aiken CA
Amazing Michael Vera-Lobos NswAU
Amazing Noel Castle CA
American Girl Gary Lafferty CA
An Irish Waltz Jan Wyllie WaAU
Angel Touches Judy & Jim Wells MB
Another Quickie Joanne Brady ON,
Baila Casanova Peter Meltenick/Alison Biggs BC
Basic Fun Brenda Thomason MI
Basic Samba Tai Tsang ON,
Begin The Beguine Charlotte Skeeters CA
Betty Lou Boogie Anita McNab CA
Big Green Monster Waltz Jodi Wittman MN
Billy Jean Raymond Sarlemijn JA
Birmingham Jo Thompson TX
Black Coffee Helen O'Malley TX
Blue Diamond Tony & Lana Wilson MB
Blue Fever Daniel Whittaker ON
Blue Rose Is Unknown TX
Born To Be Blue Michael Barr BC,
Break Away Max Perry TX
Brick House Junior Willis MN
Bump In The Night Masters In Line JA
By Your Side Kathy Hunyadi CA
Cajun Girls & Gumbo Mike Sliter CA
Canadian Stroll Bill Bader NswAU
Canadian Triple Chacha Tai Tsang ON
Caribbean Calypso Patricia E. Scott NM
Caught In the Act Moore CA
Celebrity David Pytka ON
Chaka Chaka unknown TX
Cheatin Heart Glennis Robb JA
Chevy Sal Gonzales CA
Chicago Dari Anne Amato BC,
Chihuahua Yvonne Anderson TX
Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead TX
Chiquita Marie Miller MA
Cobra Rob Fowler MO
Coca Cola Cowboy Charles Bowring ON
Colours Don’t Count Alison Biggs UK
commitment Unknown UK
Cool to be a Fool Tracie Lee CA
Cool! Sherry Heier WI
Cornbread & Chicken Paula Baker CA
Country Fair Roy Thompson  FL
Country La Bamba Leah DePlanke ON
Country Strut Unknown NM
Crazy Hearts Waltz Liz Clarke / Johnny Two Step CA
Crush Masters In Line UK
Cry Martin Ritchie ON,
Cuando La Noche M. T. Groove CA
Cucaracha Hank & Mary Dahl ON
Dancing In The Moonlight Clint Qualls & Alicia Kiger CA
Daydream With Me The Lady in Black / Betty Robinson-Weeks CA
Days Go By John Rowell NswAU
Desperate Anne Harris MO
Diablo  Baila Max perry/Bryan McWherter BC
Diamonds Are Forever Neil Hale CA
Dit Dot Ditty Rosella Corsi Lord & Fred Lord CA
Dizzy Jo Thompson DE
Do You Want To Dance Diane Horner ON,
Down & Out Paul & Karla Dornstedt BC,
Down Home- Betty Campora / Glenn Cravalho CA
Dream On Rob Fowler ON
Dreams Max Perry ON,
Driftaway Cha Cha Peter Metelnick MB,
Drive!!! Kira Jacobs & Paul Snooke NswAU
Dutchess Beguine Doug and Jacky Miranda ON
Dutchess Hustle Unknown TX
Earthbound Kevin & Rena Ward NC
Elliot's Dream Moore CA
Elusive Love Sandy Kerrigan NswAU
Engine,Engine Nancy McDavid ON
Evergreen Karen Hunn CA
Everybody Likes To Line Dance Peter Giam BC
Everybody's Somebody's Fool Bill Bader MB
Everytime Maria Louise's UK
Everywhere Peter Metelnick / Alison Biggs ON
Faded Rachael McEnaney CA
Faster Mitchell Burgess & Bree Sarkies NswAU
Fishin' Christine Bass JA
Five O'Clock Somewhere Helen Born/Nita Lindley ON
Fly Like A Bird Hedy McAdams MB
Fools and Beer Kathy Brown ON
For Ever And Ever (Amen) Bill Bader BC
For you eyes only Peter Metelnick BC,
Free With a Tree Charlie Misfud NswAU
Funk Shui Michele Perron US
Funkalicious Masters in Line UK
Funkyfied Yvonne Anderson, Adrian Churm & John Rowell PA
Georgia Peach Pat Meilke ON
Get On Back Kathy Brown FL
Gettin' on Gone Unknown ON,
Greasy Gerard Murphy ON,
Gypsy  Unknown UK
Hallmark Carole Daugherty & Heather Frye ON,
Ham's Jam Peter Metelnick MN
Hanky Panky Lee Underwood CA
Heal The World Charlotte Skeeters CA
Heave Away Gerard Murphy ON
Hello Walls Yvonne Hammond CA
Hey Good Lookin' Charlye Hartje / Gary Clayton CA
Hey Ya Judy McDonald NC
Hit Me David J. McDonagh CA
Ho, Ho, Quick, Quick, Slow Rob Fowler NO
Hold On Tight Geri Morrison CA
Hold You Now Michael Vera-Lobos NswAU
Holding Back The Water Michael Barr BC
Hombre Max Perry ON,
Hot Flushes Terry Hogan CA
Hurricane Sal Gonzalez CA
Hustle Bustle Bette Clarke TX
I Don't Care (About Trouble) Teresa & Vera & Karen Hunn ON
I Got a Feeling Mark Simpkin NswAU
If I ain't Got You Neville Fitzgerald CA
I'm Lost Without You Geri Morrison ON
I'm the One Dee Musk UK
In the Navy Ian St Leon WaAU
Independence Day unknown ON
Island Cha Cha Vicki Radar TX
It Was Only A Paper Moon Irene Groundwater BC
It's A Gettin Closer Donna Laurin ON
Jam unknown ON,
Jamacia Tracie Lee NswAU
JC's Locomotion James Church ON
Jump Crazy Chris CA
Just A Memory John Dean/Maggie Gallagher ON
Just a Minute Eddie Ainsworth & Lee Birks MN
Just For You Sharon Hutchinson JA
Keep It Simple Jim Bob Szollosi ON
Kelli's Kickin' Waltz  Kelli Haugen JA
La Chico Masters in Line TX
Lady Cha Sho Botham ON
Last Call Mike Sliter NV
Le Ballet Deux Donna Caudill MO
Leave Me Breathless Dee Musk UK
Leroy Marilynne Delurey ON
Let It Roll Gerard Murphy CA
Let's Go Girls Trent Duncan WaAU
Listen to the Rhythm Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs UK
Little Patch Of Heaven Doug & Jackie Miranda CA
Little Smoothi Dee Cresdee BC,
Live Close & Visit Unknown UK
Live, Laugh& Love Linda Dube     ON
Locomotion James Church ON,
Long Train Running Doug and Jacky Miranda ON
Love Man William Sevone NC
Love Me A Little Bit Longer Dennis Foley and Verity Mills NM
M.J.Moves Jo Thompson/Michele Perron UK
Macarena/Samba unknown ON,
Mad 4 It Daniel Whittaker CA
Madly Off in All Directions Michele Perron BC
Mama Knows Best Bill Bader BC
Mama's Little Baby Unknown UK
Mambo Jive Max Perry ON
Mambo Mania Noel Castle BC
Mary-Lou Chris Hodgson CA
Memory Lane Graham Harris BC
Memory Lane Janeen Kenny WaAU
Mexico Bound Bob Bonnett CA
Midnight Rendezvous Michael Barr & Michele Burton MN
Midnight Waltz Jo Thompson CA
Moon Tide Moonlighters ON
Mr. Cube Karen Spencer BC
Musicology Judy McDonald NC
My Annie Bill Bader CA
My Guy Rachael McEnaney CA
My Maria Mike Camara & Dan Albro BC
Nail It To The Wall Kelly Kaylin ON
Naughty  Johanna Barnes JA
Neutron Dance Bill Bader NswAU
New York Unknown TX
Night & Dazed Larry Bass CA
Night Club 2 Lulu Masters In Line ON
Nights Like This Brett Jenkins NswAU
NIMBUS Mary Kelly ON,
No Problem Betty Clarke BC
No Problem Iris M. Mooney ON
No Problem Max Perry ON
No Problems Ed Ybarra CA
o1-o1-o1 Jo Thompson MN
Ol' Lonesome Me Jan Wyllie WaAU
On The Straight And Narrow Peter Metelnick CA
One Step Forward Unknown TX
Original Sin Jessica Lamb NswAU
Out The Door Alison Biggs UK
Paper Roses Hillary Kurt & Clive Fuller ON
Paradise Cha Michelle/Mandy Bains BC,
Party Time! Peter Metelnick JA
Peace Train Julie Molkner WaAU
Peacepipe Mark A. Smith WaAU
Pizzerico Megan Boxwall MB
Playa Latino Gaye Teather MB
Poco Latte Lynda Taylor JA
Poetry In Motion Masters in Line NV
Postage Due Jodi Wittman WI
Quando When Quando Teresa & Vera UK
Que Sera Sera Ian St Leon CA
Quittin' Time Alan Baraniuk ON
Rain Dance Terry Hogan CA
Red Hot Salsa Christina Browne ON
Red Roses For A Blue Lady Jenifer Reaume Wolf BC,
Reggae Cowboy Unknown CA
Rendezvous Jan Wyllie CA
Return To Sender Fred Buckley ON,
Rhumba Amor Tony & Lana Wilson CA
Rhythm of the falling rain Teresa & Vera UK
Right to Remain Silent Michele Burton MN
River Of Dreams Charlotte Skeeters CA
Rock and Roll Waltz Max Perry TX
Rockin' Cha Jo & Rita Thompson TX
Rodeo Blues Kate Sala MI
Rose Garden Jo Thompson TX
San Antone Rose Mike Sliter CA
Santa Maria Junior Wilis NC
Santana-Branch Cha Bryan McWherter ON
Serenity Masters in Line NV
Set Me Free Ron Kline MI
Sevens Jan Wyllie WaAU
Shake You Down Barry Durand CA
Shalala Dynamite Dot NM
shanias moments Unknown UK
Shattered Glass Gordon Elliott WaAU
Shine On Brett Jenkins NswAU
Shuffle Rock Max Perry CA
side by side Pat Stott UK
Silverado Julie Molkner WaAU
Singapore Swing Bill Bader BC
Single Status Stephen Sunter's UK
Ski Bumpus Linda Deford MB,
Slappin' Leather Gail Brandon MN
Slappin' Leather Unknown CA
Slippery When Wet Guyton Mundy & the Extreme Team MI
Small Price To Pay Carl Edwards FL
So Fine Max Perry ON,
Somebody Like You Alan Birchall ON,
Something Easy Bill Bader NswAU
Somethin's Gotta Give Kathy Hunyadi & Bryan McWherter NC
Sometime When Jackie Miranda CA
Southern Heat Mick Herbert CA
Southland Shuffle Barbara Ferris NM
Southside Shuffle Donna Aiken CA
Spo-Dee-O-Dee Carole Daugherty MI
Stardust in Dreams Bob Tuson WaAU
Step Back Bill Bader CA
Straighten Up Liz Clarke NM
Stray Cat Unknown MB,
Summerlove John Robinson CA
Sun Arise Jackie Snyder (Miranda) & Doug Miranda CA
Sun Up Mary Kelly NswAU
Sunset Stampede Ian St. Leon JA
Sway Mark Cosenza CA
Sweet Cafe Peter Harkness CA
Sweet Sweet Smile Fi Scott and Johnny Two-Step ON
Sweeter Than Molasses KAren Hedges MI
Swingin' Thing Jo & Rita Thompson TX
Swoop Jackie Miranda VA
T.G.I.F. Perron & Thompson NV
Take A Breather Maggie Gallager MB,
Tango With The Sheriff Adrian Churm TX
Tansila Liz Clarke MO
Tell Me Kathy Kaczmarek ON
That's Love Pepper Siquieros CA
The Big Easy Rose Grant ON
The King & I Christy Fox BC,
The Lion Sleeps Michael John Jr & Sr MN
The Magic Is There Paul Dornstedt BC,
The Meaning of Love Teresa & Vera NswAU
The One For Me Kathy Hunyadi ON,
The Only One Ron Kline MI
The Orchid Jan Wyllie WaAU
The Right to Remain Silent Michele Burton MN
The River Jennifer Hughes NswAU
The Way Mike Sliter CA
The Way You Look Tonight Paul & Karla Dornstedt BC,
There You See Her Susan Clark BC,
Time To Ride Master In Line MO
Titanic Simon Ward CA
Too Proud Jackie Miranda VA
Tornero Italiano Andrew Kennedy ON
Tossed Feathers Linda Dube ON,
Traveling Four Corners JR White CA
True Love Terry Hogan CA
Tumbleweed 2 Bill Bader NswAU
Tush Push Jim Ferrazzano TX
Twist Em Jo Thompson DE
UK Chacha unknown ON,
Until The End Maggie G UK
Waiting all My Life Teresa & Vera NswAU
Walk Out Backwards Max Perry MN
Waltz Across Texas Unknown MB,
Wang Chung Viv Scott ON,
Wanna Challenge Simon Ward CA
Wants And Needs Dianne Bishop/Gloria Kirchner ON,
Wasn't That A Party Ernie Hutch Hutchinson CA
We Are The Same Barry & Dari Amato / John Robinson / Jo Thompson GE
Western Barn Dance Dick & Geneva Matteis MN
Wham Doug & Jackie Miranda PA
When She Drinks Paul Snooke NswAU
Where is the Love The Lady in Black ON,
Whiskey Girl Dave Pytka MA
Whole Again... Unknown UK
Who's Your Daddy Pat Bellamy ON,
Wild Wild West Chris Hookie CA
Wild Wild West Unknown CA
Wrong Girl Trent Duncan NswAU
You Are My Sunshine Evelyn Khinoo CA
You Got It Bill Bader WaAU
Young Love Betty Clarke BC
Zydeco Lady Chris Hookie MN

Partner & couple dances

<>2 Teaches
Drinkin' Bone Boogie for 2 Ellen Kiernan NO-2

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