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Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey
Aussie Dancesheets
January 2012
Results published 3rd March 2012

Here are the results from the January, 2012 World Dance Instruction survey. 197 instructors reported 2027 dances.
The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows: UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, Nsw: New South Wales, Australia, Qld: Queensland, Australia, Vic: Victoria, Australia, WaAU:Western Australia, Australia, DU: Dubai, Nor: Norway NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, NI: Northern Ireland, FR: France, NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IE: Ireland, SCT: Scotland, AT: Austria, NL: Netherlands, FI: Finland, DK: Denmark, HK: Hong Kong, MY: Malaysia, Cr: Line Dance Cruise, CH: China, TR: Turkey, PT: Portugal, UN: Unknown, TW: Taiwan.

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreographer.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (changed from
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Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Ira Weisburd for the "most-taught" dance in the survey

40 Teaches
Caballero: Ira Weisburd: "AB-2, ON, AZ-2, CA-7, CO-2, MA-5, NV-2, TX-12, MI, NY-6" 
35 Teaches
Mamma Maria: Frank Trace: "AB-3, AZ-3, CA-3, MA-2, MN-2, MO, NM, NswAU, TX-14, NY-5" 
33 Teaches
Cowboy Charleston: Jeanette Hall & Tonya Miller: "AZ-2, CO, NC-4, NH-6, MA-3, MN, TX-8, NY-8" 
32 Teaches
Something in the Water: Niels Poulsen: "AB-2, AZ-5, CA-4, FL*, NH-3, NswAU, TX-8, NY-8" 
29 Teaches
Alabama Slammin’: Rachael McEnaney: "AZ, CA-2, FL, MN-5, TX-15, NY-5" 
26 Teaches
1-2-3-4: Niels Poulsen: "AZ-3, NY, CA, NC-12, TX-13, UK, NY-5" 
A Drink in My Hand: Sandy Goodman: "BC, MB, ON-2, CA-3, CO-3, KY, NH, NM, NY-13" 
24 Teaches
Country as Can Be: Suzanne Wilson: "AZ, CA, TX-16, NY-6" 
Rock Your Body: Francien Sittrop: "AB, CA, CO, FL-3, MO, MN-3, NJ, TX-6, MI, NY-6" 
23 Teaches
Come Dance with Me: Jo Thompson: "AB-2, AZ-3, CA, CO-8, MN-3, TX-6"
Drinkin’ Wine: "Frank Trace, Gerard Murphy & Michael Barr:" "AB, BC,NB-2, ON-3, CA-2, FL-2, MN-4, NC, TX-6, NY-4"
Tennessee Waltz Supreme: Ira Weisburd: "BC, CA-3, FL-2, JA, MN-5, NC-2, NswAU, TX-2, MB-2, NB-3, ON"
22 Teaches
Ah Si!: Rita Masur: "AZ , CA, MN, MO, NC-3, NH, NY, TX-2, AB-2, ON-4, NY-5"
21 Teaches
Hi-A-Ma Cha: Rachael McEnaney: "CA-5, FL-2, JA, NswAU, NV, SI, FL, MI, NY, ON-8"
Knee Deep: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "CA, CO-9, KY, TX-4, NY-6"
La Luna: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "BC, NswAU-2,VicAU, MN, NJ, TX-7, NY-8"
20 Teaches
Beyond Your Eyes: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "CA-2, FL, MA, MN, TX-11, NY-4"
19 Teaches
Moves Like Jagger: Bracken Ellis Potter: "AZ-2, CA-3, CO-2, FL, TX-4, MI-2, NY-5"
18 Teaches
Come Back My Love: Juliet Lam: "AB, NS, CA-3, NC, TX-3*, TX-8, WaAU"
Take U Home: Junior Willis: "CO-4, MN-4, TX-2, NY-8"
17 Teaches
Hello Dolly: Lorraine Kurtela: "AB, AZ, CA, MN-2, NswAU, TX-10, NY"
"Love, JoAnn:" Marie Sørensen: "AZ, CA-2, TX-11, NY-3"
Mr. Mysterious: Rachael McEnaney: "CA-2, TX-8, ON-2, NY-5"
16 Teaches
Domino: Rachael McEnaney: "AB, CA, FL*, JA-2, KY, MO, NJ, NswAU-4, MI, NY-3"
15 Teaches
Bittersweet Memory: Ria Vos: "AB, CA-2, FL-2, NswAU, NY, TX-4, NY-4"
Mojo Mambo: Ira Weisburd: "BC, CO-6, TX-8"
Rita's Waltz: Jo Thompson: "MA-2, MN, NC-2, NM, TX-3, ON-3, NY-3"
14 Teaches
Chicken Walk Jive: Pat Stott: "CO, FL, MN-2, TX-9"
Love Letter Waltz: Frank Trace: "AB, CA-2, CO-2, MN-5, NswAU-2, TX, NY"
Loving You!: Niels Poulsen: "CA-4, MN-3, TX-2, NV, ON-4"
Proud Mary Burnin': Sobrielo Philip Gene: "AB-3, CA, FL, NswAU-4, TX, JA, NY-3"
13 Teaches
Cut A Rug: Jo & Rita Thompson: "AB, CA, MN-2, TX-9"
Seduced: Ira Weisburd: "AZ, CA, MN, NswAU, TX-8, MB"
Swing It: Lilly Starnes: "AB, CO, MN, TX-10"
12 Teaches
Burlesque: Norm Gifford: "CA-2, CO-3, NswAU, TX-4, NY-2"
Freak A Little More: Scott Blevins: "AB, CA, FL, FL-2*, NY-7"
Go Seven: Ria Vos: "BC, CA-2, CO-3, Cr, JA, NM, NV-2, TX"
Little Red Book: Dee Musk: "AB-2, AZ, CO, NswAU, TX-7"
Rolling In The Deep: Maggie Gallagher: "AB, ON-2, CA, NC, NswAU, TX-2, NY-4"
Unmistakable: Darren Bailey: "AB, AZ-2, CA, FL-2, FL*, GA, KY, MA, NC, NV"
11 Teaches
Amorato Mio: Ira Weisburd: "CA, NV, SI, ON-7"
Cupid Shuffle: Cupid: "AZ-2, CO, MN, MO, NC, TX-4, ON"
Had A Bad Day: Rachael McEnaney: "CA-3, FL, FL*, NV, WaAU, AB, ON-3"
Jagger: June Shuman: NswAU
10 Teaches
Bosa Nova: Phil Dennington: "AB, CO-3, TX-6"
D.H.S.S.: Gaye Teather: "CO-5, MN-2, TX-2, NY"
K Step Boogie: Michele Burton & Jo Thompson Szymanski: "AZ, TX-3, BC, ON-5"
Language of the Heart: Ria Vos: "CA-3, FL, NswAU-2, TX-2, ON-2"
My Pretty Belinda: Vikki Morris: "AB, ON, Cr, TX-7"
Wonderland Waltz: Rob Fowler: "AB, AZ-2, CO-2, TX-4, NY"
9 Teaches
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: "CA-2, MA-4, MN, TX, NB"
Jo 'N' Jo Tango: Jo & Rita Thompson: "AB, CA-2, MN-4, NY-3"
Johnny Got A Boom Boom: Darren Bailey: "AB, AZ-2, TX-5, NY"
Let’s Chill: Vivienne Scott: "AZ, MN-2, TX-5, ON"
Tennessee Waltz Surprise: Andy Chumbley: "AB, CA-3, TX-4, NY"
The Freeze: Unknown: TX-9
Walkin' Blues: Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast: "AB, AZ-2, FL-2, FL*, NJ, NY-2"
8 Teaches
Alligator Walk: Larry Bass : "AB, MN-2, CO-5"
Broken Stones: Dee Musk: "AB, NY, TX-6"
Cajun Thang: Jo & Rita Thompson: "AB, CO, TX-6"
Cha Cha Espana: Ira Weisburd & Motti Kotzer: "AZ, CA-2, MA-4, NC"
Chill Factor: Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead: "CO, MN, TX-6"
I Missed You: Travis Taylor: "CO-3, NswAU-5"
Jose Cuervo ’97: Max Perry: "CO-5, MN-2, NM"
Make This Day: Rachael McEnaney: "BC, NY-3, NswAU-3, TX"
Moves Like Jagger: Yeo Yu Puay: "AB-3, MO, TX-4 "
No Llores: Ria Vos: "FL-3, TX-4, NY"
Open Book: Jo Thompson Szymanski: "AB, AZ, MN, TX-3, NY-2"
Red Solo Cup: Donna Manning: "AZ,  CA, CO-4, NY-2"
True Love Two Step: "Jo Thompson Szymanski,Michael Barr and Michele Burton:" "CO-2, TX-5, NY"
Without You Will Craig: "AB-2, NC, FL-2, MO, MI, NY"
Zjozzy's Funk: Petra van de Velde: "CO-2, MA-3, TX-3"
7 Teaches
Barefootin' & Texas Barefootin: Jo & Rita Thompson: "BC, CO, ON, TX-4"
Caught in the Act: Ann Wood: "FL, MN-3, TX-3"
Electric Slide: Unknown: "CA, MN, MO, NC, TX-2, UK"
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: "TX-5, NY-2"
EZ PZ Lollipop: Debbie Small: "CA-4, CO, TX-2"
Good One: Nikky Lynne & Candy B: "NY, TX-6"
Have You Ever Seen The Rain: Dee Musk: "NswAU-2, SI-2, TX, ON-2"
Hully Gully Dreamin': Ira Weisburd: "NC, NH-2, ON-4"
I'm No Good: Rachael McEnaney: "AB-2, NB, CO-2, TX, MA, NY"
Little Rhumba: Donna Laurin : "MN-2, NM, TX-4"
Prejudice: Debbie McLaughlin: "FL-3, MN-3, ON"
Stroll Along Cha Cha  Rodeo Cowboys: "AB, CA, MN, NC, TX-3"
Stuck On Brooklyn: Junior Willis: "CO-6, NY"
This is a Man's World: Jose Miguel Belloque Vane & Roy Verdonk: "AB-2, AT, CA, FL*, TX, NY"
Uh-Huh: Jo & Rita Thompson: "CO, NH-6"
6 Teaches
1st Time Waltz: Denise Nicholls: TX-6
Bar Stools: Ken and Bunny Fargo: NH-6
CC Shuffle: Unknown: NH-6
Cooley’s Reel: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: TX-6
Dancing Yet?: Gytal: "CO, TX-5"
Don’t Cha: Rob Fowler: TX-6
Dreamers: Tom Glover: NswAU-6
Everybody Come & Dance: Irene Tang: "ON-5, SI"
First Up: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "NY-4, NV-2"
French Toast: Frank Trace: "FL, MN, NB-4"
Gambling Man: Maggie Gallagher: "NswAU-3, TX-3"
I Love a Rainy Night: Iris Mooney: "NswAU-2, TX-2, ON, NY"
I Saw Linda Yesterday: Derek Robinson: "NV-3, UK, MB, ON"
Jazzy Girl Jo & John Kinser "MN-3, AB-2, ON"
Kerosene: Vickie Shermbeck: NH-6
London Rhythm Swings: Audri R.: "CA, JA-2, NM, NswAU, ON"
Mamboritmo: Ira Weisburd: "BC, ON-4, NC"
Marry You: Mutari: NY-6
No Superman: "Darren Bailey, Henrik Gønvold & Daniel Trepat:" "AB, AZ-2, GA, MA, NH"
Quarter After One: Levi Hubbard: "AB, AZ, CA, CO-2, NY"
Rio: Diana Lowery: "AZ, CA-2, TX-2, NY"
Waltz Across Texas: Lois and John Nielson: "MA, NH, TX, NY-3"
Yodel A E Tee: Margaret Swift: "MA, NH-2, NV-2, MB"
5 Teaches
Bama Slammin': Maggie Hicks: "AZ-2, NswAU-3"
Big Jimmy: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowen Hickie: TX-5
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Unknown: "MO, NY-4"
Caribbean Pearl: Maggie Gallagher: "MB, ON, TX-2, WaAU"
Chica Boom Boom: Vicki Morris: "CO, NswAU, TX-3"
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: "NB, TX-4"
Cumbia Semana: Ira Weisburd: "AB, MB, AZ, TX-2"
Dance Like You’re The Only One: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CO-5
Dream On: Rob Fowler : "AB, MN-4"
Eye Candy: Gerard Murphy: "AB, MN, TX-3"
Fishin' in the Dark: Rosalee Musgrave: "TX-4,  TX*"
FUP (First Up): Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "AB, BC, MB, Cr*, NV"
If You Were Mine: Maggie Gallagher: "AB, NswAU, TX-2, UK"
Luna Lite: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "VicAU, TX-4"
Make An Appearance: Michele Perron: "AB, ON, CA-2, MN"
Mambo # 5: Unknown: NB-5
Misty Blue: Julia Wetzel: "CA-4, SI"
My New Life: John Offermans: "AB, TX-4"
Peaches & Cream  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "NC-3, NswAU, NY"
People Are Crazy: Gaye Teather: "AZ, CO-4"
Remind Me: Tracie Lee: NswAU-5
San Antonio Stroll: Jo Thompson Szymanski: "MN, ON-4"
SBS (Shuffle Boogie Soul): Ira Weisburd: TX-5
Stealing The Best: Rosie Multari: "AB, MN, TX-3"
This Life: Rosie Multari: "CA, CO, MN, NY-2"
Toes: Rachael McEnaney: "AB-2, TX-3"
We Own The Night: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "CO, NY-4"
4 Teaches
16 Tons: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU-4
A Little Love Worth Waiting 4: Norm Gifford: "AZ, TX-3"
All My Exes: Unknown: TX-4
Another Night: Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson: "ON-2, NV-2"
Baby Likes To Rock It: Hillbilly Rick: "CA, CO-2, NY"
Bad Bad Leroy Brown: Unknown: "CO-2, MN, TX"
Baggage Claim: Dee Blansett & Amy Auger: CO-4
Beach Thang!: Vivenne Scott & Dancin’ Terry: "JA, NC, NY-2"
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: "MN, TX-3"
Blue Note & Big Blue Note: Jan Smith: "NY, TX-3"
Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp: Patti Nivens & Lindy Bowers : MN-4
Boot Scootin’ Boogie: Bill Bader: "AB, TX-3"
Bottle It Up: Linda Nyffeler: TX-4
Cardio Jive: Ike & Virginia Po: NY-4
Case of Love: Robbie McGowan Hickie: "CA, NswAU, SI, MB"
Cheek To Cheek: Rob Fowler: "CO, MA, MB, TX"
Dead of Night: Joey Warren: "CA-3, SI"
Drinkin Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: NY-4
Duck Soup: Frank Trace: "AZ, MN, TX-2"
Elvira Cha: Unknown: NB-4
Fire and Snow Waltz: Norma Jean Fuller: "CA, MA-3"
Foxy Girl: Frank Trace: "MN-2, TX, ON"
Fujiyama Mama: Darren Bailey: "AB, AZ-2, CA"
Happy Dance: Jan Wyllie: NswAU-4
Happy Radio: Frank Trace: "MN-2, TX-2"
Hear My song: Bourassa & Frechette: MA-4
Honey Bee: Bourassa & Frechette : MA-4
Honeycomb: Alison Johnstone: "AZ, MN, NM, NswAU"
Hot Tamales: Neil Hale: "MA, NswAU-3"
I Saw Elvis At Walmart: Ike and Virginia Po: NY-4
If I had Wings: Jennifer Hughes: NswAU-4
Jai du Boogie: Max Perry: "MN-2, NC, TX"
Jazz Boogie: Rita Ensminger: TX-4
Let's Just Fly: Travis Taylor: "NswAU,NswAU-3 *"
Looking Good: Darren Bailey: AZ-4
Lookout: Cato Larsen: "JA-2, SI-2"
Meet Me at the Altar: Rachael McEnaney: "CA-2, FL*, SI"
Missouri Swings: Michele Perron: TX-4
My Alley Cat: Rita Masur: "AZ, TX-3"
One More Night: Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson: ON-4
Puttin’ On the Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: "MN, NM, TX-2"
Rain Against My Window: Michael Barr: "AB, CA, FL, MN"
Rockin’ Cha: Jo & Rita Thompson: "CA,TX-3 "
Sky Loves Blue: Audrey Watson: TX-4
Soakin' Wet: Larry Bass: MA-4
Somethin' Stupid Cha Cha: Linda Burgess: NswAU-4
Somewhere With You: Junior Willis & Scott Schrank: "AZ, CO, FL-2"
Too Many Girlfriends: Ehmann: NY-4
Wade in the Water: Niels Poulsen: "AB, FL, MN, NY"
Waltz N Smile: Shaz Walton: TX-4
Wave On Wave: Alan Birchall: "CO-2, TX, NY"
What Are Words: Niels Poulsen: "CA-3, TX"
3 Teaches
@ The Hop: Carmel Hutchinson : MN-3
4 5 6 Waltz: Pip Hodge: TX-3
5-10-15 Swing!: Scott Blevins: "AB, FL, FL*"
A Little Love For All: Barbara Lowe: "MB, ON-2"
A Place In The Sun: Rachael McEnaney: "AB, MB, CA"
Adonde Voy: Juliet Lam: TX-3*
Baby: Bourassa & Frechette: MA-3
Bally's Mambo: Rosie Multari: "MN, TX-2"
Be a Little Selfish: Joey Warren/Craig Bennett: JA-3
Beethoven Boogie: Gordon Elliott: NswAU-3
Black Dresses: Michael Barr: CA-3
Blue Spanish Eyes: Juliet Lam: "AB, AZ, CA"
BMT (aka SS Rumba): Forty Arroyo: "NH-2, MA"
Bobbi With An I: Rachael McEnaney: "AB, CA, TX"
Brewery Boogie: Cindy Aldrich: "CA-2, MA"
Bridge Of Light: Francien Sittrop: "ON-2, SI"
Bug In My Margarita: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "CA, MB, ON"
Calendar Girl: Karen Tripp : MN-3
Can You Feel It?: Helen Rubensson: "MB, NY, TX "
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: "AZ, CA-2"
CanAm Tango: "Michele Burton, Michael Barr & Michele Perron:" "AB, CA, TX"
Charleston Swing: Rosalee Musgrave: "CA, TX*, ON"
Cheaters Waltz: Unknown: CO-3
Coconut Cream: Debbie Wilson: CO-3
Come On and Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MA-3
Corona con Lima : Jennifer Hughes: TX-3
Count On Us: Malinonico & Strauss: NY-3 **
Covered In Kisses: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: "NY-2, TX"
Cruisin': Neil Hale: "AB, CA, TX"
Cumbia Amore: Ira Weisburd: NB-3
Dance with me Tonight: Josh & Julie Talbot: "NswAU-2, SI "
Dance With Me Tonight: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "Cr*, NV, UK"
Déjà Vu: James JP Potter: "FL-2, TX"
Distance: Ria Vos: "CA, SI-2"
DN Waltz: Niels Poulsen: MA-3
Edelweiss: Alison Johnstone : MN-3
Eeney Meeny: Martino*: NY-3
Elvira: Unknown: "NY-2, TX"
Evergreen: Karen Hunn: "AB, BC, NswAU"
Ez Waltz: Juliet Lam: MA-3
Fake I.D.: Jamal Sims: "JA, WaAU, NB"
Feel Like A Fool: Sue Wilkinson: CO-3
Feeling Kinda Lonely: Margaret Swift : MN-3
Ghost Train: Kathy Hyundai: "MN, NswAU, TX"
Gypsy Rose: Lorraine Kurtela: CA-3
Hear My Song: Mae Neihouse: TX-3
Hear the Music: Irene Tang: "MA, NH, SI"
Heavenly Waltz: Berta Rose-Parks: "CA, TX-2"
Hillbilly Rock Hillbilly Roll: Rob Lorraine Gent: CO-3
Hitch: Unknown: NB-3
Homeward Bound: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CO-3
Husbands & Wives: Susanne Mose Nielsen: CO-3
I Don't Care: Sherri Busser : MN-3
I Run To You: Rachael McEnaney: "AB, NY, TX "
Islands In The Stream: Karen Jones: "AB, CO, UK"
It Will Rain: Will Craig: "AB, FL, NC"
It’s Sad but True: Maggie Hicks: TX-3
Kickin Up Mud: Nancy Morgan: "NB-2, NS"
Kiss The Stars: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: "ON, SI-2"
La Bamba: Unknown : MN-3
Leave Your Mark: Debbie McLaughlin: "CA, JA, NC"
Leaving Of Liverpool: Maggie Gallagher: "AB, ON-2"
Little Black Book: Unknown: NB-3
Live This Life Nev & Julie MN-3
Love Letters: Hedy McAdams: NswAU-3
Love Repeats: Michele Burton: "CA, NC, TX"
Make You Sweat: Ria Vos: "FL, TX, NY"
Mars Attack: Rachael McEnaney: NswAU-3
Me Without You: Shaz Walton: "CA-2, SI"
Men: Unknown: NB-3
Mi Reina: Ira Weisburd: "BC, NswAU, NY"
Mony Mony: Maggie Gallagher: "CO, TX, ON"
Move A Like: Ria Vos: "FL, NswAU-2"
Move Your Body: Francien Sittrop: "BC, TX-2"
My Name Is Olly: Maggie Hicks: CO-3
Never Let me Go: Debbie Greaves: "NswAU-2,VicAU"
"New York, New York:" Unknown: "CA-2, TX"
On the Edge: Craig Bennett: "CA, FL, MO"
Papa's Bears Bed: Mark Simpkin: NswAU-3
Party Freak: Kate Sala: "FL, TX, NY"
Party Shuffle: John robinson: "FL*, NV-2"
Pencil Thin What?: Scott Harley: NY-3
Primo Waltz: Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu: TX-3
Purr Kitty: Rachael McEnaney: "CA-2, FL"
Raindrops for Perfidia: Forty Arroyo: NB-3
Ready to Fly: Terry Hogan: NswAU-3
Red Solo Cup: Jena McKinney: MA-3
Redneck Angel: Cheri Litzenburg & Renae Filiou: "CA, FL-2"
Rumba Breeze: Michele Burton & Michele Perron: TX-3
Savoy Shuffle: Larry Bass: TX-3
Shake It Out: Francien Sittrop: CO-3
She Ain't You: Rona Kaye: NY-3
Shy Waltz: Anne Hewitt: "AZ, TX-2"
Singles Polka: Unknown: TX-3
So Fresh: Joey Warren: "CA-2, SI"
Somewhere with You: Travis Taylor: NswAU-3 *
Speak To The Sky: Brendon Walmsley: TX-3
Start To Sway: Sandra Le Brocq: "AZ, ON-2"
Stay In This Moment: Marie Sørensen: CO-3
Sweet Georgia Brown: Lorraine Kurtela/Michele Burton : "AZ-2, TX"
Swing Little Man: Aroyo: NY-3
Swingin' Thing: Jo & Rita Thompson: "CO, TX-2"
Symphony Shuffle: Esther D’arpino: "CO, TX-2"
Telepathy: Chris Hodgson: "Cr, UK, ON"
Thanks A Lot: Noel Castle: TX-3
The Flute: Maggie Gallagher: "AB, FL, NswAU"
The Super Trouper: Sandra Speck : MN-3
This & That: Gary Lafferty: "AZ-2 , NY"
Walking in the Rain: Maggie Gallagher: "MN-2, TX"
Wet: Craig Bennett: NswAU-3
What's Your Name: Michael Barr: TX-3
Wildflower Rock: Scott & A.J. Herbert: CO-3
Witchcraft: Lynne Martino: "CA, MN-2"
Without Fire: Karl-Harry Winson: "NswAU, NV, UK"
Women Rule: Charlie Mifsud: NswAU-3 *
2 Teaches
18 Yellow Roses: Maria Tao: "NM, TX"
789-Stroll: Max Perry: MN-2
A Love Worth Waiting 4: Norm Gifford: TX-2
A-B ‘L’: Val Myers: TX-2
Ab Ticket: Val J. Myers: "AB, CO"
ABee Honey Bee: Debbie Small: TX-2
All Shook Up: Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle: TX-2
Alright Girl: Frank Trace: MN-2
Always Tomorrow: Timothy To &  Theresina Tam SI-2
Another Song: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie: "NswAU, TX"
Baby Bootscootin’: Unknown: TX-2
Baby Bubbles: Gaye Teather: CA-2
Baby Chihuahua: Winnie Ho & Winnie Yu: CA-2
Baby Come Home: Marie Sørensen: AZ-2
Bama Slam: Tim Avinger : MN-2
Basic Waltz: Rafel Corbi: CA-2
Beat of Your Heart: "Sam Arvidson, Toshiko Kawamoto & Yu Sugawara:" "FL*, TX"
Beautiful Maria: Juliet Lam & Timothy To: "CA, NswAU"
Big Bang Boogie: Michele Burton: "CA, NH"
Boogie Woogie Rhythm: Jo Szymanski: MN-2
Boogie Woogie Roll: "Marie Sørensen, Thea Baker & Sue Ann Ehmann:" "MA, SI"
Bop The B: Lindy Bowers & Kathy Brown: "MN, TX"
Break Away: Max Perry: "MN, TX"
Broken Heels: "Mark Furnell, Jo & John Kinser:" "AB, TX "
Cab Driver: Unknown: TX-2
Calendar Girl: Vito & Theresa Cucchiara: TX-2
Calypso Mexico: Ria Vos: "NswAU, TX"
Cant Remember to Forget: Jennifer Hughes & Darren Mitchell: NswAU-2
Can't You See: Rose Malinconico: "CA, NY*"
Clap Your Hands: Vivienne Scott: TX-2
Colours Of The Wind: Mary Chan: CA-2
Cooler Than Me: Frank Trace: "AB, NY "
Cotton Eyed Joe: C.W. Parker: "MN, MO "
Country Twist: Unknown: NB-2
Country Walkin': Teree Desaro: "CA, CO"
Cowgirl’s Twist: Bill Bader: "CO, NC"
Cross My Heart: Marie Sørensen: TX-2
Cry Cry Cry: Francien Sittrop: "CA, NswAU"
Cute Boot Scooter: Karen Tripp: JA-2
Dance Dance Dance: Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos: ON-2
Dance For Hope: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: ON-2
Dancin' in the Tub: Sandy Kerrigan: NswAU-2
Dancin’ Fool: Ira Weisburd: AZ-2
Dancing Queen: Tina Chen Sue-Huei: SI-2
Danz-N-Line: Violet Ray: TX-2
Days Of My Life: Barbara Hile: "NswAU *,NswAU"
Dirty Dancer: Jo Kinser & Daniel Trepat & Niels B. Poulsen: "CA, ON"
Domenica: Rep Ghazali: "CA, SI"
Don’t Cry On My Shoulder: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN-2
Dr. Flame: "Sala, Scott, Hickie & Buckley:" "FL, TX"
Dream Lover: Chee Kiang Lim: "AZ, NM"
EeeZee Boogie: Kathy Brown: TX-2
El Paso: unknown: NY-2
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven: Gloria Gunn: CO-2
Feel:  Scott Blevins: "AB, MN"
Flyin’ Sparx: Mary Kelly: AZ-2
Footloose: Levi Hubbard & Starla Rodgers: TX-2
For Your Entertainment: Gordon Elliott: "NswAU,NswAU *"
Free Fallin: "Rachael McEnaney, Deborah Szekely & Brennar Goree:" "FL*, JA"
Galway Girls Beginner Style: Rosalee Musgrave: "TX, TX*"
Get The Party Started: Tan Candy: AZ-2
Good Time: Jenny Cain: "AZ, CO"
Have Fun Go Mad: Scott Blevins: "AB, MN"
Hillbilly Bone: Steve Lustgraaf: "CA, TX"
Hold on Tight: Scott Blevins: FL-2
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson: TX-2
Hot Potato: John Robinson: "AZ, MA"
How Far to Waco: John Hughes: NswAU-2
How Long: Jo Thompson Szymanski: "CA, MN"
How Sweet It Is: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: ON-2
Hurt Me So: Scott Blevins: "JA, NY"
I Don't Believe You: Niels Poulsen: CA-2
I’ve Found Love: Vivienne Scott: ON-2
I'll Be Right Here: Irene Tang: SI-2
I'm In Love: Maggie Gallagher: "CA, SI"
Inspiration: Robbie McGowan Hickie: "ON, UK"
Irish Vines: D.Q. Johnson: CA-2
Jealousy: Karl-Harry Winson: UK-2
Jump In da Line: Guyton Mundy: "FL, FL*"
Just Because: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Just Caballero: Sue Hutchison: "AZ, WaAU"
Kisses On The Bottom: Patricia Stott & Steve Mason: CA-2
Kool Celebration: Eileen Perkins: AZ-2
Lady Luck: Niels Poulson: "FL, MN"
Lady: Amy Christian-Sohn: AZ-2
Lazy: Guyton Mundy: "MN, NY"
Let It All Out: Johanna Barnes: "NY, ON"
Little Rumba Cha: Winnie Yu: CO-2
Love Can Build A Bridge: Yukiko Ohashi: "CA, JA"
Love Don't Run: Shaz Walton & Craig Bennett: "FL, NC"
Lucky Tonight: Diana Dawson: CO-2
Magic Moon: Hickie: NY-2
Make My Day: Sittrop: NY-2
Mambo Jambo: Kathy Hunyadi & Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN-2
Mean: Randy Pelletier: MA-2
Mexicali: Robbie McGowan Hickie: "NM, TX"
Mexican Juan: Jan Wyllie: SI-2
Michael Jackson Swing: Unknown: NB-2
Midnight Rendezvous: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: CA-2
Miller Magic: "Andrew, Simon & Sheila:" "NM, TX"
More Of You: Sherri Busser : MN-2
Mr. Postman: Jeanette Karlsson: TX-2
Mr. Wonderful: Craig Bennett: FL-2
Night-Time Waltz: Val Myers: CO-2
No Smoke: Sue Hutchison: "NV, SI"
No Way Jose: Shirley Johnson: CO-2
Not Without Us: Ria Vos: "CA, FL"
Offspring Waltz: Michele Burton: CA-2
Oh Carol: Stella Cabeca: NY-2
Oklahoma Wind: Gaye Teather: TX-2
Old Bones: Linda Oates: "AZ, CA"
One Good Reason: Su Swanson: NswAU-2
Papi: Rachael McEnaney: "AB, JA"
Playing With Fire: Craig Bennett: "AB, TX"
Pretty Woman: Unknown : MN-2
Put On Your Dancin’ Boots: Jo Thompson: "ON, TX"
Ragtop Down: Michele Burton: CA-2
Raise Your Glass: Chris Jackson: AZ-2
Rhyme Or Reason: Rachael McEnaney: "NY, TX"
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: "MN, NswAU"
Rock Your Body: Barbara Hile: "NswAU *,NswAU"
Rockin' Robin: Peter Metelnick: "NM, TX"
Roll That Rag Top: Michele Burton: "BC, CA "
Roman Holiday Max Perry: MN-2
Rose Garden: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Rude Boy: Junior Willis & Amy Spencer: "FL, NY"
S.B.S. (Shuffle Boogie Soul): Ira Weisburd: "MB, ON"
Sat. Night Stomp: David Cheshire: CO-2
Scrap It: Kathy Kaczmarek: "MA, NH"
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: "AZ, NswAU"
Sexy and I Know It: Ruben Luna: NB-2
Shake It for Me: Larry Bass: "CA, MA"
Shanghai Surprise: "Jo Thompson, Rachael McEnaney:" NY-2
Shuffle Rock: Max Perry: MN-2
Simply Mambo: Val Myers & Deana Randle: AB-2
Slip Away Cha: John Robinson: "CA, FL*"
Small Y'All: Rona Kaye: NY-2
Smokey Places: Michele Perron: MN-2
Somebody's Chelsea: Lu Olsen & Marcia Langdon: NswAU-2
Step Back: Bill Bader: MB-2
Stuck: Kate Sala: "CA, SI"
Sunset Mambo: Whittaker: NY-2
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step: "AZ, TX"
Syncopations: Annette Marsey-Carter: MA-2
Tea For Two: unknown: NswAU-2
The Flow of Love: Lorna Mursell: AZ-2
The Piper: Hazel Pace: TX-2
The Rush: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: "Cr*, UK"
Til Forever: Audrey Watson: "NV, UK"
Timeless: Amanda: NY-2
Tomorrow: Peter and Alison: NY-2
Triple J: Michael Barr: TX-2
Tush Push: Jim Ferrazzano: "NM, TX"
Twist Em’: Jo Thompson: "AZ, MN"
Until the End: Gallagher: NY-2
Walkin’: Jill Babinec: "CO, FL*"
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed: Linda Pink: TX-2
Wine Women and Song: Yvonne Krause-Schenck: "MB, NH"
WorldWide: Will Craig: CA-2
Worth Waiting For: Sandy Kerrigan: "NswAU,NswAU *"
Wrangler Butts: Gordon Elliott: NswAU-2
1 Teach
1 2 3 Waltz: Val Myers: TX
13 Mwz (A.K.A. Uno, Dos Tres): Sherry McClure: CO
2 Leave Liverpool: Lene Lolholm Nielsen: Az
2 Nite: Will Craig: SI
911 (Call Gaga): Moses Bourassa Jr. & Barbara Frechette: CA
98.6: Carol McKee: NswAU
A Gambler's Tale: Timothy To & Theresina Tam: CA
A Little Higher: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
a Little Love: "Jo Thompson Szymanski, Michael Barr & Michele Burton:" MN
A Little Waltz of a Lifetime: Russell Breslauer: AZ
A Stranger Saved Me: Gordon Elliott: NswAU *
A-B Chilli Cha: Lesley Clark: CO
A-B Corner: Val Myers: AB
A-B Whirl: Val Myers: AB
ABieber: Ross Brown: CA
Achy Breaky Heart: Juliet Lam: CA
Achy Breaky Heart: Melanie Greenwood: MN
Achy Breaky: unknown: NswAU
Adaptable: Frank Trace: NS
Addicted to Love: Max Perry: MN
Adonde Voy: Juliet Lam: ON
After Midnight: Judy McDonald: MA
Ain't Leavin': Judy McDonald: FL*
Ain't She Sweet: Lynne Martino: MB
Alabama Slammin Ultra Beginner: Neckelmenn: CA
Alcohol on it: Sue Fisher & Rhonda Mathieson: NswAU
Alibis Waltz: Marg Jones: MB
All That Jazz: Cheryl Toner: TX
All You Need: Robbie McGowan Hickie: AZ
Alley Cat: Donna Aiken: NswAU
Always An Angel: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Am I: Cato Larsen: TX
Amame Un Poquito: Forty Arroyo: NH
Amarillo: Unknown: NM
Ambiance à l’africaine (Fr): Sylvain Richard: SI
Ami Oh: Vivienne Scott: ON
Angels Waltz: Paul McAdam: JA
Another Quickie: Joanne Brady: CA
Any Day Now: Rosalee Musgrave: TX
Askin' Questions: Larry Bass: AZ
Auto Moves: Judy Cain: MN
B Squared: Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny: MN
Baby Blues: Tina Argyle: MN
Baby Burlesque: Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood: AZ
Baby Didn't I: John Robinson: GA*
Baby Kate: Niels Poulson: TX
Back in My World: Scott Schrank & Irene Tang: NJ
Back It Up: Dan Morrison: SI
Bad Influence: "Mark Furnell, Jo & John Kinser:" AB
Baie Baie: Francien Sittrop: UK
Bailando Boogaloo: Totoy Pinoy: ON
Barefoot Blue Jean Night: Kathy Verkamp: CA*
Bayou City Twister: Aldo Waltins: TX
Beats Me: Kay Kneedham: TX
Beautiful Girl: Tom Glover: NswAU
Beautiful Waltz: Vivienne Scott: NS
Beer Barrel Polka: Karen Tripp: SI
Beethoven's Boogie: Rob Fowler: MA
Beginner Stroll: Violet Ray: TX
Better and Better: Frank Trace: UK*
Better Places: Pepper Siquiero: CA
Betty Lou Boogie: Anita McNab: NS
Betty's Boat: Marie Sørensen: CA
Biker Shuffle: Unknown: TX
Bingle Bingle: Junghye Yoon: SI
Birthday Waltz: Sandra Kirkham: MB
Bite The Dust: Harlan Curtis: CA
Black Velvet: Unknown: CA
Blue Eyes Cryin: Charyle Hartje: CA
Blue Finger Lou: Max Perry & AT Kinson: FL*
Blue Night Cha: Kim Ray: "AB, ON"
Blue Rose Is: Donna Lent: NM
Boot Scootin Boogie from a Circle: Unknown: NC
Bottle Of Shine: M. Clements: CA
Box it Up: Craig Bennett: NY
Brazil: Frank Trace: MN
Bread & Butter: Roz Morgan: NY
Breezin' Easy: Unknown: AZ
Bring Me Sunshine: Darren Bailey & Roy Verdunk: Az
Broken Heart: BM Leong: AZ
Built for Blue Jeans: Larry Bass: KY
Bump-N-Grind: Jo Thompson Szymanski & Jamie Marshall: MN
Butterfly Waltz: Ken Lubin: CA*
Cabana Boy: Michele Burton: CA*
Cabo San Lucas: Rep Ghazali: AZ
"Cabo, Oh-Oh!:" Scott & A.J. Herbert: CO*
Cadillac Tears: Marie Sørensen: TX
Cajun Beat: Tim Gauci: MB
Cajun Moon: Stephen Holmes: MB
California Freeze: Kelly Burkhardt: UK
Can’t Go Wrong: Charley Beck: TX
Canadian Stomp (A.K.A. Snake Oil): Cindy Hall & Ginny Smith: CO
Candida: Unknown: TX
Can't Forget You: Anna Maria Prach & Paul Dornstedt: CA
Can't Handel Me!: Guyton Mundy & Carey Parson: FL*
Can't Stay Out: Bracken Ellis Potter: FL
Can't Stop Loving You: Andy Skidmore: JA
Casanova Cowboy: R. Fowler CA
Cash In My Pocket: Regina Cheung: CO
Cave Man Mambo: Sandra Balestracci: AZ
Celtic CT: Joan X. Targa: CA
Cha Cha Cantina: Bob Brown: NH
Cha Cha Montana: Rep Ghazali: MA
Chaca Chaca: Michael Seurer: NM
Chachanela: Ira Weisburd: NY
Champagne 4u: Andrew Palmer & Sheila A. Cox: CO
Champagne On Ice: Unknown: CA
Chariz: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: SI
Cheeky Charleston: Rob Fowler : MN
Chica Chica: Karen Tripp: KY
Chika Cha Cha: Liu sum Loong: TX
Chilly Cha Cha: AT Kinson: FL
Chilly Last Night: Lisa in Mississippi: CA
Chocolate City Hustle: Unknown: CA
Chocolate Covered Candy Hearts: Rep Ghazali: TX
Christmas Polka: Marie Sørensen: CO
Cinco De Mayo: Alan Renegade Livett & Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Circle Polka: Unknown: MN
City Limits: Yvonne Anderson: FL
Clinging To You: Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk: AB
Coca Cola Cowboy: unknown: MN
Come On Over: June Hulcombe & Barbara Willshire: NswAU
Comin' On Strong: Larry Bass: FL*
Conrado Cha Cha: Rob Ingenthron: MA
Copperhead Road: Unknown: TX
Country Girl Shake: Michele Adlam & Maria Hennings Hunt: CA
Country Girl: Unknown: CA
Country Is As Country Does: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Country Proud: Kathryn Sloan & Kelvin Dale: SI
Country Soul: Roy Hadisubroto: FL*
Country Strut: Unknown: MN
Country Town: Dan Albro: JA
Countrywide: John Robinson: FL*
County Line: Unknown: UK
Cowboy Cha Cha: Unknown: CO
Cowboy Hustle: Anonymous: NswAU
Cowboy Strut: unknown: AZ
Cowboy Up: Barbara Hile: AZ
Cowboy Up: Karen Tripp: TX
Cowboys And Cowgirls: Unknown: CO
Crazy Horsin' Around: Juliet Hauser: CA
Creepin Up On You: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
Cry to Me: Paul McAdam: FL
Crying At Night: Janene Lawson: NswAU *
Da Dance: Craig Bennett: SI
Dalida's Danse: Adrian Helliker: SI
Damn: Roy Hoeban: FL*
Dance in the rain: Keith Davies: VicAU
"Dance, Dance, Dance:" Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk: ON
Dancin' Boots: Jo Thompson: CO
Dancing In Circles: McEnaney: NY
Dancing With A Smile: Sharon Smith: TX
Dangerous: John Robinson: CA
Danza Kuduro: Belloque-vane/Torti: NB
Darlin’: Maggie Hicks: TX
Dedication To My Ex: Alison Johnstone: WaAU *
Dedication: Michele Perron: NswAU
Deep River: Victor Watts & Haley Shiel: NswAU
Dig Little Deeper: Norman Gifford: CA
Digital Thunder: Ed Lawton & Lee Birks: UK
Do The Hump: Shaz Walton: CA
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo: Gaye Teather: MN
Doesn't Really Matter: "Robyn Groot, Linda Wolfe, Cheryl & Gary Parker:" NswAU
Doing That Thing We Do: Gwen Walker: CA
Doing That Thing: M. Clements: CO
Dolphin Tale: Sandy Kerrigan: NswAU *
Don’t Feel Like Dancing: Pat Stott: TX
Don't Drink The Water: Rachael mcEnaney: CA
Don't Get Mad: Forty Arroyo: NY
Don't Kill The DJ: Kate Sala: AB
Don't Let Me Down: Maggie Gallagher: ON
Don't Want Nobody: Wil Bos & Esmerald v.d. Pol: FL
Doors Of Life: Michael Barr: TX
Doube H Rock: Ember Schira: BC
Double U Double D: Ria Vos: SI
Double XL: Rick & Deborah Bates: CA
Down On The Corner: Peter Metelnick: CA
Down With The Trumpets: Shaz Walton: NY
Dr. Wanna Do: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Dream On Texas Ladies: Evelyn Khinoo: CA
Dreams to Share: Doug Miranda & Jackie Snyder: NswAU
Dreams: Max Perry: NY
Drifter: Dan & Jan Pye: MB
Drink Myself Single: Vikki Morris: MB
Drink On It: Ria Vos: MA
Drinking Champagne: Alice Wardner: CA
Drip Drop Dancing: Kirsthen Hansen: MB
Drop on By: Wendy Hughes & Travis Taylor: NswAU
Duke Of Earl: Rosalee Musgrave: TX
E.M.S.: Bill Bader: MN
East To West: Hayden: NY
Easy Wonder: Kicki E: SI
El Loco Mambo (A Crazy Mambo): Sebastiaan Holtland: SI
Electric Avenue: Roy Hoeban: FL*
Electric Slide: Ric Silvern: MN
Everything To Me: Scott/Bass: NS
Everytime-Baby: Tina Summerfield: SI
Eye Candy: Chilli Chicks: FL
EZ Cha Cha: Winnie Yu: CA
EZ Shuffle: Larry Bass: AB
Fan-Dango: The Spendido Set: MN
Fantabulous: Bracken Ellis Potter: TX
Farm Yard Dance: Lindy Bowers: FL*
Feel Good Rumba: Frank Trace: MN
Fences & Glue: Nikky Lynne: TX
Firecracker: Robert Lindsay: TX
First Time: Niels Poulsen: AB
"Flip, Flop, & Fly:" Frank Trace: AB
Fly Like A Bird: Hedy McAdams: NswAU
Fly Like a Bird: Nicky Lynne: NY
Flying High: Double Trouble: ON
Flying Without Wings: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
Follow me: Unknown: FL
Fools & Beer: Kathy Brown: AZ
Fools In Love: Winson: PE
Footloose: Rob Fowler: UK
Footloose: Totoy Pinoy: MB
Footsteps: Rachael McEnaney & Gary Lafferty: FL*
Footstompin' Music & Wine: John Hughes: NswAU *
For The Good Times: Evelyn Khinoo: CA*
Forget All Your Yesterdays: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
Fortune Foxtrot: Jo Thompson: TX
Franzi's Fly: Achim La Grange: SI
Friendship Waltz: Lori Veon: AZ
Fundamental Thing: Michele Burton: MO
Galway Girls: Chris Hodgson: TX
Get Reel: Marco Masseli: AB
Get Up: Roy Hadisubroto: FL*
Gimme that Rhythm: Bill Bader: CA
Girl Added: Ben Smart: FL*
Give Me Your Love: Gordon Elliott: NswAU *
Gladly: Paul and Karla Dornstedt: CA
Go Greased Lightning: Michele Burton: TX
Going To Brooklyn: Willis: NY
Going With Him: Ike & Virginia Po: NY
Golden Waltz: Ira Weisburd: NC
Good Intent: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Good Morning! Buddies: Sal Foo: SI
Gotta Get That: Lisa Johns-Grose: FL*
Guardian Angel: Maggie Gallagher: ON
Gypsy: Darren Bailey: FL*
Hams' Jam: Peter Metelnick: MN
Hands In The Air: Earleen Wolford: SI
Hardwood Stomp: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Hasta Manana 2: Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
Haunting Melody: Séverine Fillion: TX
Heart Like a Wheel: Max Perry: NswAU
Heart Of An Angel: William Brown: TX
Heartache: Sally Hung: SI
Heaven: Carrie McNeish: AZ
Here for a Good Time: Carl Sullivan: NswAU
Here for a good time: Dee Blansett: FL
Here For a Good Time: Judy McDonald: FL*
Here I Go: Pamela Smith: NswAU
Here's Your Damn Song: Lyn Booth: SI
Hey Baby: Carmen Mah: NS
Hey Mister: Vikki Morris: NV
Hey Soul Sister: Ruben Luna: CO
"Hey, Baby:" Unknown: CO
Hey: Frank Trace: MN
High Off Your Vibe: "Spencer, Berman, Uttaro & Corporan:" FL
Highway Waltz: Maria Sorensen: MB
Hillbillies in the Hay: Barry Amato & Robert Royston: FL
Hippy Dippy Mambo: Sue Ann Ehmann: AZ
Hold Your Horses: AT kinson & Tom Mickers: FL
Holding out for a Harder Hero: Gordon Elliott: NswAU *
Honey Honey Don’t Stop: Virginia WF Tsui: JA
Hot Chicks: Chilli Chicks: FL
Hotel Happiness: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Hottie on 2: John Robinson: FL*
I Am No Superman: Antoinette Roks: AB
I Can’t Wait: Judy McDonald: FL*
I Don’t Want Tonight (Beginner): Will Craig: CO
I Don't Want Tonight: Will Craig: ON
I Get A Kick Out Of You: Charlotte Skeeters: CA
I Get High: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson: SI
I Like It Loud: Doug & Jackie Miranda: AZ
I Like my Dog: Joey Prieur: FL
I Love her so much: John Warnars: NswAU
I Love You Because: Marie Sørensen: CA
I Said I Love You: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: AZ
I’m I Love: Maggie Gallagher: CA
If I: Esmeralda van der Pol & Antoinette Roks: SI
If You Want My Love: Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
I'll Take Texas: Yvonne Krause: TX
I'm Sowin Love: Ike & Virginia Po: NY
In My Arms Again: Mike Hitchen: SI
In The Middle Of The Night: Roy Verdonk And Tenna Severinsen: CO
Innamorati: Karen Tripp: SI
It had to be You: Denise Boyle: NY
It Was Me: Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
It's Alright: Setsuko & Kanako Motoki: AZ
It's Not OK: "Sam Arvidson, Toshiko Kawamoto & Yu Sugawara:" FL*
It's Only Natural: Margaret Warren: NswAU
It's Time To Go: MacCallum/King/Clark: AB
J Ho AB: Tiffany Carter: AB
Jay Of Hearts: Yeo Yu Puay: FL
JB Waltz: "Jan ""Stray Cat' Brookfield:" AZ
Jenny Lee: Frank Trace: MN
Jive Q: Jun Andrizal: CA
Johnny B Good: Nicola Lafferty: JA
Josephine: Adrian Helliker: SI
Jukebox Junkie: Anonymous: NswAU
Jukebox: Jo Thompson: MA
Jump to the Riddm: Jon Knights: FL*
Just A Gigolo Unknown: MN
Just a Memory: John Dean & Maggie Gallagher: UK
Just Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: AB
Just For Me: Ria Vos: NswAU
Keep It Burning: Robinson & Bennett: MA
Keep Me In Mind: Tony Myers: SI
Kick Around: Pamela Hodgkiss: AZ
King of the Road: Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Kings'n Queens: Malene Jakobsen & Jannick Brendholt: SI
Knee Deep: Yvonne Anderson: NC
La Petite Pearl: Linda & Dave Benton: TX
Lady Grace: Yvonne Anderson: SI
Laid Back Country: Vikki Morris: CA
Last Beatle: Liz Collett: FL*
Last Day Of My Life: Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton: SI
Leave This House: Marie Sørensen: SI
Let Me C It: Guyton Mundy & Will Craig: FL*
Let’s Chill: Vikki Morris: NswAU
"Life, Love &:" Helen Bisset: CO
Line Dancing Country Ladies: Michael Beck: CO
Little Crush: Jan Brookfield: AB
Little Marina: Marie Sørensen: SI
Little Ship: Bill Bader: NswAU
Little Squirt: Bill Bader: AZ
Loca: Jatcee Quiambao: SI
Long Train Running: Amy Christian-Sohn: MO
Louisiana Hot Sauce: "Joanne Brady, Gordon Elliott, Max Perry & Jo Thompson Szymanski:" MN
Louisiana Swing: Rob Hickie & Kate Sala: NY
Love Getaway: Boarderliners: PE
Love is Alive: Birthe Tygesen: MN
Love on Top: Kate Sala: FL
Love On Top: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
Love Trick: Rachael McEnaney: MB
Love you Forever: Faye & Bob Pointer: VicAU
Love's Gonna Make It: Dan Albro: NH
Loves me Like a Rock: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Lucky Cha: Jo Thompson & AT Kinson: FL
M.I.B.: James Kellerman: CA
Macarthur Park: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
Magic Carpet Ride: Kathy Hunyadi & AT Kinson: FL*
Magic Cha Cha: Val Reeves: CA
Magic Still There: Marie Sørensen: SI
Making’ Up Time: Andreas Ehn: AZ
Malaika (Angel): Rita Masur: ON
Mama Say Heya: Sebastiaan Holtland: SI
Mariah: Darren Bailey & Raymond Sarleijn: FL*
Mas: David Sinfield: SI
Mayhem: Darren Bailey: FL*
Memories Of A Coal Miner's Daughter: Po: NY
Memory: Irene Groundwater: NY
Merengue Espana: Debbie Small: AB
Merengue Espana: Ira Weisburd: AZ
Mesmerized: Brett Jenkins & Stephen Patterson: NswAU
Mexican Pepper Doll: Olatoye: CA
Mi Vada: Dwight Meessen: SI
Midnight Hour: "Judy McDonald, Guyton Mundy, Will Craig:" FL*
Midnight Hour: McDonald/Mundy/Craig: FL*
Midnight Mix: Sandra Speck: AB
Midnight Stroll: Jenifer (Reaume) Wolf: TX
Midnight Swing: Rob Glover: AB
Mini Strut: Anonymous: NswAU
Misty Blue: Noel Castle: CA
Misty Blue: Unknown: CA
Mockingbird Hill Waltz: Jan Wyllie: MN
Mockingbird Waltz: Maria Tao: TX
Mojo Rhythm: Rob Fowler: TX
Money Tree: Chilli Chicks: FL
More Love: Frank Trace: MN
Mountain of Love: Margaret Murphy: NswAU
Moves Like Jagger: Drescher: CA
Movin' Out: James Ferrazanno: FL
Mr Boogie: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
Mr. Goodtime: Duke Alexander: CA
Mr. Saxobeat: Daniel Whitaker: FL
My Boogie Shoes: Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
My First Little Cha Cha: Sharon Deming: TX
My Girl Sally: Audrey Watson: CA
My Heart: Sabine Najda: SI
My Hometown: Ryan King: SI
My Maria: Albro & Camara: MA
My Motivation: Guyton Mundy: FL
My Next Love: Niels Poulsen: MN
My Soul Education: Michael Barr: CO
My Sweet Baby: Jenifer Wolf: AZ
Neon: Dan Albro: NH
Next Door To An Angel: Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
No Regrets: Scott Blevins: FL*
No Superman: Pascalle: FL
No Way Jose: Anonymous: NswAU
Nobody Knows: Dan Albro: NH
Not Drunk Enough: Shaz Walton: NY
Not Like That: Hickie: NY
Nothing Much: "Gary & Cheryl Parker, Linda Wolfe & Robyn Groot:" NswAU
Notice Me: Rose Malinconico: NY *
Now or Never: Kathy Hunyadi: TX
Nu Flow: Masters In LIne: CA
On The Money: Jeff McKendry: CA
On The Roof: Rutter/Butterworth: AB
On The Water: Pete Harkness: AB
Only Dreamers: Hazel Pace: NswAU
"Outlaw (Norco, CA Style):" Suzanne Wilson: CA
O-ye-ma: Ria Vos: BC
Papi: Rachael McEnaney: JA
Paradise Waltz: Violet Ray: AB
Pat’s Dance: Patricia Nappi-Gundel: AZ
Pata Pata: Roy Hadisubroto: FL*
Peppy Toe: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
Picnic Polka: David Paden: TX
Pieces Don`t Fit Anymore: Travis Taylor: NswAU
Pink Shoe Laces: Michael Divan: TX
Playing with my Friends: Darren Bailey: FL*
Poco Latte: Taylor/Cresdee/Wolf: ON
Poker Face: Craig Bennett: ON
Popcorn: Unknown: MB
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Proceed To Party: Alexander: MA
Pure Movies: Michele Perron: AB
Quiet And Silent: Claudia Rückardt: SI
Radio: Jan Cook & Mary Lee Gavin: CO
Ragtops and Roadsters: Burton: CA
Rain Dance: Colleen Satchell: NswAU *
Raise Your Glass: McEnaney: NY
Read All About It: Unknown: CA
Ready Steady Go: Gaye Teather: Cr
Ready To Roll: Dee Musk: ON
Rebel Amor: Roy Verdonk en Wil Bos: TX
Red Bandana: Harlan Curtis: TX
Red Roses For A Blue Lady: Jenifer Reaume Wolf: CO
Rednex Stomp: Kris Kumre: CA
Regresa: Ruben Luna: ON
Repercussions: The Girls Maureen & Michelle: CA
Rhode Island Waltz: Unknown: MN
Rhyme or Reason: Rachael McEnaney: TX
Ribbon of Highway: Neil Hale: UK
River Of Hope : Rosalee Musgrave: TX*
River Waltz: Iris Mooney: MO
Rivers of Babylon: John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson: NswAU
Rock This Party: Simon Ward: MA
Rockin' Robin: Marie Sorenson: AB
Rodeo Blues: Kate Sala: AB
Rodeo Waltz: Vicki (Gypsycowgirl) Morris: TX
Roll That Rag Top: Michele Burton: CA
Rolling in the Deep  Ben Smart: FL*
Run: Josh Talbot: NswAU
Runaround Sue: McEnaney: NY
Runaway Baby: Dee Musk: CA
Runaway: Carmel Hutchinson: CA
Samba Del Rio: Alison Johnstone: WaAU *
Same Spot: Susan Purelski FL
Sara Smile: Michael Barr: AB
Satisfied: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Satisfy My Love: Roy Hadisubroto: FL*
Sea Shells: Dan Albro: NH
Senior Gal's Jazz aka Little Jazzy Girl: Forty Arroyo: TX
September: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Set fire to the rain: Bob Francis: MI
Sex on the Beach: Tom Clarke: MN
Sexy Tractor: Marie Sørensen: AZ
Shake It: B J Powell: AZ
Shama Lama Ding Dong: Jo Thompson Szymanski: CO
Shambala: Ria Vos: FL
Shiftwork: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: CO
Shiner’s Waltz: Michael Diven: TX
Shoppin' Around: Lisa McCammon: FL*
Show Me More: Gaye Teather: AZ
Show Me the Love: Simon Ward: MN
Simplemente: Kate Sala: TX
Sixteen Step: Unknown: NY
Skinny Genes: Pat & Lizzie Stott: TX
Slip Away: Ira Weisburd: AZ
Smooth and Slotted: Irene Tang: NS
Snowflake Waltz: Claire Gent: CO
So Amazing: Lu Olsen & Marcia Langton: SI
Soca Shake: Kip Sweeney: FL*
Soft & Slow: Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley: NM
Soluna: McGowan-Hickie: MA
Somebody That I Used to Know: Daan Galeen: FL*
Someone Like You: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
Someone Like: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Something Bout a truck: Andy Williams: MI*
Somewhere Somebody: Liz Collett: FL*
Somewhere With You: Willis: NY
Soul Food: Lorenzo Evans: AB
Southside Shuffle: Donna Aiken: AZ
Spanish Flamenco Matadors: Suzette Risto & Carine Misiak: SI
Spanish Fly: Debbie McLaughlin: FL
Stay on the Floor: Ben Smart: FL*
Steppin' Out: Max Perry: MN
Step-Titute: Jennifer Choo Sue Chin: AB
Still Holding Out For You: Lu Olsen & Marcia Langdon: NswAU
Still Water Runs Deep: Vivienne Scott & Kim Ray: CA
Strait Cha: Sal Gonzales: TX
Stray Cat Strut: anonymous: NswAU
Street Soul: Masters In Line: MA
Stuck Like Glue: Marlow Cooper & Susan Hunt: CA
Suicide blonde: Unknown: FL
Summer Fly: Geoffrey Rothwell: AB
Sundance.: Unknown: NY
Sundancer: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Cr*
Sunny In Seattle: "Andrew Palmer, Shiela Palmer & Gaye Teather:" CA
Sunset Stampede: Ian St Leon: NswAU
Sunshine Flaper: Ellen Hirvela Russell: TX
Sunshine: Barbara Lowe: ON
Super Simple: "Andrew Palmer, Simon & Sheila Cox:" AB
Swamp Thang: Max Perry: MN
Sweat Heaven: Weisburd: NY
Sweet Heaven: Ira Weisburd: CO
Taka a back road: Margaret Morrison-Howard: FL
Take Me To Your Heart: Maria Tao: CA
Take The First Step: Alan Robinson: CO
Tango Del Rio: Linda Parker: WaAU
Ten Rounds: Nancy A. Morgan: CA
Text Me: Michele Perron: CA
That Kinda Lovin: Guyton Mundy: FL
The Bicycle Dance: Judy Rodgers: AB
The Billy: Unknown: NH
The Funky Matador: Unknown: TX
The Lemon Tree: Kim Ray: NswAU
The One For me: Kathy Hunyadi: NY
The Outback: Gordon Elliott: NswAU *
The Same Star: Robbie McGowan Hickie: ON
The Secret Move: John Ng: SI
The Slosh: Unknown: NS
The Stomp: Robbie McGowan Hickie: NswAU
The Texas Waltz: Unknown: TX
The Thrill is Gone: Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell: MO
The Wanderer: Michelle Risley: UK
The World: Maggie Gallagher: MB
Them There Eyes: Rob Glover: FL*
This City "Guyton Mundy, Will Craig, Rob Glover & Carey Parsons " NC
Throw the Dice: Joey Warren: MI
Tico Tico: Metelnick: NY
Tiny Bubbles: Sandy Kerrigan: NswAU
Toes: McEnaney: NY
Too Many Girlfriends: Rick Todd: NH
Touch of Rumba: Juliet Lam: MN
Trailerhood: Alison and Peter: NY
Triples: Sandy Jones: NswAU
Tulsa Shuffle: George & Estella Haines: TX
Tulsa Time: Sue Marshall: AB
Turn To You: Jr Willis & Scott Schrank: FL
Tweedle Dee: Phillip Sobrielo: CA
Two 4 One: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Typically Me: Kate Sala: SI
Unchain My Heart: Dee Musk: CA
Under The Mango Tree: Cato Larsen: JA
Under the Sun: Kathy Chang & Sue Hsu: AZ
Under Your Spell: Maria & Kevin Smith: NswAU
Unmendable: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
Unmistakably Good Masters in Line: MN
Upside Down For Starters: Sho Botham: ON
Vacation Polka: David Pytka: MB
Valentino: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: FL
Valley Charleston: Anita McNabb: MN
Victory Shout: Jo Thompson Szymanski: MN
Volare: Frank Trace: MN
Voulez Vous Dancer: Gaye Teather: KY
Wakilah Cha: Joenan: SI
Walk On: Marie Sorenson: NB
Walk The Line: S. Larkins: CA
Walk With Me: Rob Fowler: ON
Waltz 4 Good & Bad Ones: Peter Thijssen: NM
Warning Labels: Tracie Lee: NswAU
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: NY
We Can Help You with That: Fred Buckley & Vivienne Scott: UK
We Found Love: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Wedding Dress: Winston Yew: SI
What A Night: Doug & Jackie Miranda: AZ
What a Surprise: Max Perry: MN
What The World Needs Now: Martino: NY **
What the World Needs Now: Max Perry: FL*
Whatever Happens: Ron Kline & Liz Bogan: AB
When I'm 64: Yeo Yu Puay: AB
Where Have You Gone?: Gene Morrill & Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Where I Belong: Maggie Gallagher: NswAU
Who Did You Call Darlin': Kevin & Maria: MB
Whole Again: Sue Johnstone: NB
Whole Lotta Peppas: Neil Hale: CA
Wikkidest Ting: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: ON
Wild Thang Sue Ann Ehmann NC
Wish: Thompson: NY
Wobble: Vic Brentnell: AZ
Working for the Man: Lyn Scantlebury: NswAU
Wrapped Inside Your Love: Amy Christian-Sohn: MA
"Yes Sir, That’s My Baby!!:" Lorraine Kurtela: TX
You & Me: Tracie Lee: NswAU
You And I: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NJ
You've Got a Friend: Maddison Glover: NswAU
Zenyatta's Waltz: Michele Burton: FL

Partner & couple dances

Indian Summer: Dan Albro: NH-2
Nightclub Stroll: Annemarie Dunn: NH-2
Slow Rain: Barry and Dari Amato: MA-2
Ah Si for 2: Kathy Dula: NH
Blue Jean Swing: Dan Albro: NH
Carousel: Dan Albro: NH
Hudson Valley Cha: Dan Albro: NH
Neon (partner): Josie Copley: MA
Red Wine: Dan Albro: NH
Remington Rodeo Cha Cha: Unknown: NH
Sing Me Home: Bob Hocking: NH
Something Fine: Dan Albro: NH
Trashy Women: Unknown: NH

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