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December 2006

Results published February 2007

Here are the results from the December, 06 World Dance Instruction survey. 145 instructors sent in 1,519 dances.

The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows:
UK: United Kingdom, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia, NZ: New Zealand, Eng: England, Wal: Wales, N-Ir: Northern Ireland, FR: France,  NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain, SW: Sweden, IRE: Ireland, Scot: Scotland, AT: Austria, Neth: Netherlands

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreogrpher.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Pat Stott & Diana Lowery for the "most-taught" dances in the survey

26 Teaches
Don't Feel Like Dancing: Pat Stott: AB, CA, FL-3, GE, JA, MI-6, MN-3, NJ, NswAU, TN-2, TX-4, VT, NH
Rio: Diana Lowery: AB, ON, CA, FL-4, MA, MI, MN, NM, NY-10, TN, TX-4
21 Teaches 
Say Hey: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: AT, Bel, CA-2, Eng-4, FL, MN-3, Neth, ON-6, PA, VT
16 Teaches 
Come Dance with Me: Jo Thompson: MI-2, MN, NM, NY, TX-11
Hips: Zac Detweiller: AB, CA-2, FL-4, NJ, NY-8
14 Teaches 
Divisadero Cha: Michele Burton: CA-2, Eng, FL-5, MN-3, Neth, NM, Scot
Mr. Pinstripe: Simon Ward: BC-3, ON, CA, FL-4, NC, NH, NY-2, TX
11 Teaches 
Cry To Me: Paul McAdam: CA, Eng-2, MA-2, MI-2, MN-3, Scot
Ghost Train: Kathy Hunyadi: MI-2, MN, ON, TX-7
Go Greased Lightning: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: Eng, FL, NY-2, TX-6, ON
10 Teaches 
Blue Rose Is: Donna Lent: MI , TX-9 
Bosa Nova: Phil Dennington: CA, FL, NJ, NY, TX-6
9 Teaches 
Heart of an Angel: William Brown: Eng, Neth, NswAU-2, ON-5
Holding Back the Ocean: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Eng-4, FL-4, SP
I Scream: Scott Blevins: FL-3, MI-3, MO, NY, ON
Jailhouse Creole: Double Trouble: CA, MI-3, ON, TX-4
Let it Swing: Robbie McGowan Hickie: Eng-5, NY-2, ON-2
Simplemente: Kate Sala: AB, FL, NY, TX-6
8 Teaches 
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: FL, JA, TX-6
Crazy Cha: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA-2, Eng-4, Neth, NswAU
It's Up To You: Kim Ray: NY-8
King of the Road: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: JA, TX-7
Mister In-Between: Pepper Siqueros: BC-5, FL, GE, MI
Rio For Two: Ellen Kiernan: NY-8
Roman Holiday: Max Perry: TX-8
S.O.U.L. Steppin’: Rob Fowler: FL-4, NJ, TX-3
This Little Light: Jo & Rita Thompson: AT, TX-7
7 Teaches 
All in the Game: Margaret Swift: Eng-7*
Ashes of Love: Gary Lafferty: Eng-4, FL-2, GE
Bop the B: Kathy Brown & Linda Bowers: FL, MB, ON, NJ, NY-2, TX
Cut a Rug: Jo & Rita Thompson: MN, TX-8
Leaving of Liverpool: Maggie Gallagher: Eng, MI, N_Ir, NswAU, ON-2, TN
Oh Venus: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN, TX-6
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scot & Johnny 2-Step: NY, TX-6
Walk Back To Me Metelnick, Biggs and Albro Eng, TX-2, NY-4
Zatchu: Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski: MB-2, MN, NJ, TX-3
6 Teaches 
Batter Up: John Robinson: FL-5, ON
Cheek to Cheek: Rob Fowler: TN, TX-5
Cowgirls Twist: Bill Bader: BC*, TN, TX-3, US
Cruisin: Neil Hale FL, TN, TX-4
Daisy Likes to Tango: Jenifer Wolf: BC-5*, MB,
East to West: Larry Hayden: CA-2, Eng, FL, GE, NC
Fais Do Do: Michelle Chandonnet: TX-6
Kill the Spiders: Gaye Teather: BC-3, CA, FL-2
Self Control: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, Eng-3, Neth
Sexy Back: Shaz Walton & Ben Martin: MI, MN-3, MO, ON
Solo Humano: Debbie Ellis: CA-2, NM, NswAU, TX-2
Want 2: Christopher Petre: FL-3, NY-3
5 Teaches 
Afterglow Cha: Dee Musk: CA-3, FL-2
Blue Note & Big Blue Note: Jan Smith: FL, CA, TN, TX-2
Cute! Cute! Cute!: Kathy Gurdjian: AT, CA-2, FL, TX
Drinkin' Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: NY-4, SP
El Rey Split: Anne Hewitt: BC-5
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: TN, TX-4
Foot Boogie: Ryan Dobry: Eng-2, MI-2, ON
Irish Stew: Lois Lightfoot: CA, FL, TX-3
its you its you its you John Wilson: Eng-3, N_Ir-2
Locomotion: Jo & Rita Thompson: MN, TX-4
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson: CA, TX-4
Rita's Waltz: Jo Thompson: AT, FL, GE, TX, US
Steppin’ Out: Max Perry: TX-5
Tush Push: Jim Ferrazzano: MI, NY, TN, TX-2
Waltz Across Texas: Lois & John Nielson: FL, MI, TX-3
Way up Yonder: Flanders: NY-5
Wonder Woman: Simon Ward and Roxanne Kumre: NswAU, TX-4
4 Teaches 
A Door A Bell: Audrey Watson & Stephen Rutter FL-3, CA
B  Strong: Audrey Watson: NY-4
Bayou Blues: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA-4
Behind The Clouds: Rafel Corbi: Eng-3, SP*
Boo Boo's Bounce: Scott Blevins: JA, Neth, NJ, NY
Bread on the Table: Maggie Gallagher: Eng-2, Eng-2*
Bye Bye (Piccolisima): Kate Sala: TX-4
Cajun Thang: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-4
Cowboy Charleston: Unknown: ON, TX-3
Crown Royal: Frank Cooper: CA-3, MO
D.H.S.S.: Gaye Teather: CA, Eng, NswAU, SP
Drop Dead Smile: Robinson/Pepper: FL-4
Fairytale Life Kate Sala: FL-4
Freeze: Unknown: TX-4
G*E*L: Gadbois, Schira & Strong: TX-4
Hillbilly Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: FL-2, Scot-2
I Love A Rainy Night: Iris M. Mooney: TX-4
Infinity: Robin Sin: CA-4
Inside Your Heaven: Masters in Line: CA, NJ, NswAU-2
Jai du Boogie: Max Perry: TX-4
La Cucaracha: Hank & Mary Dahl: NY-4
Lookin' 4 Trouble: Peter Metelnick: NY-4
Macca Mambo: Gaye Teather: FL, MN-3
Mack The Knife: Rachael McEnaney: TX-3, TN
Madhouse to the Max: Doug & Jackie Miranda: NC, PA, TX-2
Madysen's Waltz: Michael Beck: MI-2*, TX-2
Mandolin Dreams: Brian McWerther: NY-4
Memphis Fiesta: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA*, CA-3
My Greek No 1: Maria Rask: MI, MN, NH, TN
Put On Your Dancin' Boots: Jo Thompson: TX-4
Puttin’ On the Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-4
Rhythm of the Falling Rain: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA, MI-2, MN
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: TX-4
Smack Dat: Guyton Mundy: CA, MI-3
Speak To The Sky Keith Davies Eng, NswAU, TX-2
Street Soul Masters in Line: FL-4
Tango with the Sheriff: Adrian Churm: TX-4
The World: Maggie Gallagher: Eng, FL-3
Walking backwards Robbie McGowan-Hickie FL-3, AT
Wave on Wave: Alan Birchall: TX-3, FL
Why Don't You Do Right?: Max Perry: ON-4
With You Forever: Jamie Marshall: CA, ON-3
Word Up: Rachael McEnaney: JA, MA-2, MO
X Cuse Me: Kate Sala: TX-4
3 Teaches 
…And Fell in Love: Michael Barr: MN-3
A Knockdown: Geri Morrison: Eng-2, Scot
Badonkadonk: Pepper Siquieros: CA, TX-2
Banana Puddin': Michael Beck: MI-3*
Barefootin': Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-3
Birmingham: Jo Thompson: TX-3
Booty Check: Carole Dougherty: MI-2, NJ
Bottle It Up: Linda Nyffeler: TX-3
Cab Driver: Unknown: TX-3
Caught in the Act: Ann Wood: NM, TX-2
Chaka, Chaka: Unknown: TX-3
Chilly Cha Cha: A.T. Kinson: MN-3
Cinco De Mayo: Sylvia Schell: FL-3
Come To Me: Kash Bane: MI 3
Cotton Eyed Joe: Unknown: ON, TN, TX
Could You be Loved: Raymond Sarlemijn: AT-2, Neth
Crooked Letter Y: Guyton Mundy: MI-3
Cutie: Meeco Muraguchi: JA-2*, US
Electric Slide: Unknown: MN, NswAU, TN
Endless: Michael Vera Lobos/Noel Bradley: ON-3
Everybody's Someone Maggie Gallagher: Eng, FL-2
Feliz Navidad: Gordon Timms: CA, MB-2
Foolish Heart: Robbie McGowan Hickie: FL-2, PA
Framed: Simon Ward: MI-2, MB
Funky Cha Cha: Barry Durand: MN-3
Funky Country Kathy Heller FL-3
Global Warming Scott Shrank FL-3
Hasta Manana: Charlotte Skeeters: TX-3
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson: TX-3
I See, I See: Jo & Rita Thompson: MN, NJ, ON
Jose Cuervo ‘97: Max Perry: MI-2, TX
Juicy: Michele Perron: CA, JA-2
Just a Kiss: Robbie McGowan Hickie: NY, SP, TN
KC's Little Cha Cha: KC Douglas: BC-3,
Look the Other Way: Neville Fitzgerald / Julie Harris: CA-3
Me and My Gang: Suzanne Wilson: MI-3
Miller Magic: Andrew Simon & Sheila: Eng, TX-2
Monday Mi' Amor: Audrey Watson: BC-3,
Please Love Me: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA*, CA-2
River of Dreams: Charlotte Skeeters: TX-3
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX-3
Rubitin: Maggie Gallagher: AT, MI-2
San Antonio Stroll: Jo Thompson Szymanski: JA, NJ, TX
Shake It! Shake It!: Aggie Marler: MI-3
Start to Sway: Sandra Le Brocq: NH, NY, TX
Storybook Endings: Neil Hale: TX-3
Stroll Along Cha: Rodeo Cowboys: TX-3
Suds In The Bucket: Yvonne Anderson FL, NM, TX
Tailgate: Dan Albro: MA-2, MI
The Ants Dance: Michele Burton: CA, TX-2
The Chosen One: Simon Ward: NswAU-3
To the Moon: Rosie Multari: FL, NJ, TX
Triple J: Michael Barr: TX-3
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: MI, TN, TX
What's Up: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: FL-3
With These Eyes: Darren Daz Bailey & Niels B. Poulsen: AT, MI, MO
You Can Dance: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX-3
2 Teaches 
4 5 6 Waltz: Pip Hodge: TX-2
7-8-9 Stroll: Max Perry: TX-2
A Kind of Hush: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN-2
Adaptable: Frank Trace: FL-2
All That Jazz: Cheryl Toner: TX-2
Alley Cat: Unknown: MI, TX
At The Hop: Carmel Hutchinson: MI-2
Bad Girl Getaway Kathy Brown: FL-2
Bartender Stomp: Unknown: MI, MswAU
Be Strong: Audrey Watson: CA, NswAU
Beach Bop Boogie: Jo Thompson: MI-2
Big Chill: Kate Sala: Eng, Scot
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Bill Bader: BC*, US
Boot Scootin’ Boogie: Unknown: TN, TX
Breakaway: Max Perry: TX-2
Brick House: Junior Willis: FL-2
Burn It: Chris Watson: NswAU-2
But I Do: Pat Stott: CA, Eng
Cajun Mambo Walk: Max Perry: TX-2
Canadian Stomp: Unknown: TN, TX
Caribbean Two-Step Tango: Jo Thompson: NM, TX
Cherokee Boogie: Bob Conner: MI-2
Come On and Dance: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NswAU, TX
Comin' Out: Robinson, Willis & McWherter: MI, NJ
Country Boy: Unknown: MI, TX
Crying Doves: McEnaney, Mundy, Warren: MA-2
Cuttin' a Rug: Barry Amato: MI-2
Devil's Shadow Kate Sala: Bel, Eng
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: CA, TX
D-Kline: Mike Salas: TX-2
Don't Mind Messin': Barry Amato: JA-2
Dreaming of You: Henry Costa: NY-2
Drinking Champagne: Alice Wardner: TX-2
Elvira: Unknown: NswAU, TX
Finally: Roy Thompson: Eng-2
Flowers: Val Vella: Eng-2
For You: Kate Sala: CA-2
Gallery: Junior Willis: NM, NY
Happily Ever After: Liam Hrycan: TX-2
Hit The Road Jack: Ian Dunn: TX-2
Hooked Up: Robbie McGowan Hickie Eng, NswAU
I Gotta Brand New Girlfriend: Tim Gauci: MI, NswAU
I Loved Her First: Tom Glover: NswAU-2
I Want it All: Ed Lawton & Darren Bailey: Eng-2
I'm Rock Steady Andrew Simon & Sheila: Eng-2*
Jambalaya: Ian St. Leon: TX-2
Jitterbuggin': Bunny & Burce Burton: TX-2
Just a Memory: John Dean & Maggie Gallagher: AT, Scot
Just Dream: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX-2
Just One Moment: Juliet Hauser: TX-2
Just Wanna Be Your Man: Shirley & Vic Morris: MI-2
Keep On Dancing: Robbie McCowan Hickie: NM, NY
Less Complicated: Robert DeLong: CA, PA
Let It Snow Meeco Muraguchi: JA*, US
Let’s Get Drunk: Darren (Dazza) Bailey & Lana Williams: MN-2
Line of Fools: Christopher Petre: NY-2
Little Star: Maurice Rowe & Zac Detweiller: CA, GE
Lookin' Out My Back Door: Eddie McIntosh: Eng, TN
Make Love to Me: Stephen Paterson: NswAU-2
Manilow Dreams: Hot Pepper: CA-2
Maybe Not Tonight: Doug & Jackie Miranda JA, TX
Midnight Rendezvous: Michael Barr: TX-2
Mr. Mom: Johnny Montana: NY-2
Mud On The Tires: Michael Barr: TX-2
Nasdravia: Laura & Becky Michaels: TN, TX
No Dancing Today: Audrey Watson: Eng, N_Ir
No Problem: Iris M. Mooney: TX-2
Once Upon A December: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Out & In: Loius James Sequeira: Eng-2
Picnic Polka: David Paden: TX-2
Raindrops for Perfidia: Forty Arroyo: NJ, ON
Rebelicious: Michael Beck: MI-2*
Ringo: John Wilson: Eng-2
Rivers of Babylon: John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson: NswAU, TX
Rockin' Cha: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Rodeo Blues Kate Sala: AT, Eng
Rose Red: Lana Wilson: TX-2
Senorita Sway: Michele Perron: NswAU, TX
Seven Wonders: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Eng-2
Simply Blue: Annie Saw: TX-2
Sky Full Of Angels: Yvonne Anderson: TX-2
Smokey Places: Michele Perron CA, FL
Smooth: Jeannie Woolman And Friends: TX-2
Some Beach: Helen Born & Nita Lindley: CA, TX
Something Tells Me Kim Ray: Eng-2
Splish Splash: Jo Thompson: TX-2
Star Shuffle: Rick Wilson: CA, TX
Stitch It Up: Robbie McGowan Hickie: MN, TX
Sugar Sugar: Doug Miranda: FL, TX
Sundown Waltz: Robbie McGowan Hickie: TX-2
Sweet 'n' Sassy: Maurice Rowe / Melissa Daum: CA, MI
Swingin' Thing: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Swinging Thing: Jo Thompson & Rita Thompson: TX-2
T L C: Steve Mason: CA, MA
Texas Stomp: Ruth Elias: MN, TX
That Don't Impress Me Much: Rosalie Mackay: NswAU-2
The Way: Gerard Murphy: TX-2
Thunder and Lightning: Pat Potter: CA-2
Two 4 One: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX-2
Two Time Trick: Scott Blevins: MI 2
We Are the Same: Barry & Dari Anne Amato, John Robinson, Jo Thompson: TX-2
Where Have You Gone?: Gene Morrill / Ernie Hutchinson: CA-2
Where we've Been: Lana Harvey Wilson: AT, ON
White Lightning: Maureen Reynolds: NswAU-2
Wings of a Dove: Gordon Elliott: NM, TX
Woolshed waltz: Kath MacManamon: NswAU-2
Work In Progress: Ed Lawton: Eng-2
Would You Go With Me: Carl Sullivan & Tracie Lee: NswAU-2
Zat U Santa: Dancin' Terry: AB, TN
1 Teach 
(Mi Carino) Maria: Alison Biggs: ON
123 Waltz: Val Myers: TX
2 Hell and Back: Rob Fowler & Kate Sala: AT
455 Shuffle: Unknown: TX
65 Mustang: Unknown: TX
8 & 1: Judy McDonald: AT
8 9 10 Let's Do It Again: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Eng
A Father's Love: Heather Frye: ON
A Kind of Hush: Gaye Teather: TX
A Little Southern Comfort: Guyton Mundy: NC
A Waltz In Time: Michael Barr: TX
Again!: John Robinson: MI
Ain’t Got A Clue: Harkness & Growler: NY
Alehla: Mario Champagne: ON
All My Exes Live In Texas: Ganean De La Grange: TX
All Night Long: Peter Metelnick: TX
All Night Long: Robbie McGowan Hickie: Eng
All of Me: Jocelyne Pim: ON
All Scuffed Up: Unknown: TX
Alphie: Cato Larsen: TN
Amazing Faith Rob Fowler: Eng
Angel Touches: Jim & Judy Wells: TN
Anywhere: Unknown: MA
Arabian Nights: Marthe Thibeault: MN
Around and Around: Kay Needham: NM
Aspire: Bracken & Linda Ellis: CA
Atomik Polka: Bastiaan van Leeuwen: Bel*
B Squared: Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny: TX
Baby Blues: Tina Argyle: Scot
Baby Don't Go: Glynn Holt: TX
Baby Likes to Rock It: Unknown: ON
Baby Love: Mark Furnell: CA
Baby Rhumba: Stephen Rutter: CA
Baby Waltz: Anne Hewitt: ON
Backyard Boogie Does: Jamie David: TX
Bad Things: Barry Amato: ON
Bar Isn't It: Michael Barr: CA
Be My Baby: Max Perry: MN
Beautiful Angel: Audrey Watson: CA
Be-Bop 'N Boogie: Peter Metelnick: TX
Bed of Roses: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
Beer For My Horses: Christine Bass: CA
Before You Leave: Diana Dawson: Scot*
Bella Bella: Kate Sala / Raymond Sarlemijn: CA
Better Life: Peter Metelnick: NswAU
Between the Lies: Audrey Watson: FL
Billie Blue Lights: Michael Barr: TX
Birth of the Blues: Carol McKee: NswAU
Black Horse: Kate Sala: TX
Bobbie Sue: Daugherty & Hand: TN
Bomshel Stomp: Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges Scot
Boogie Woogie Choo Choo: Jo Thompson: TN
Boot Scootin’ Boogie: Tom Mattox & Skippy Blair: TX
Bop: Unknown: TX
Bored 2 Tears: John Robinson: CA
Bottle this up: Jo & Rita Thompson FL
Brand New Girlfriend: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: ON
Brokeback Waltz: Tedd Thompson: JA
Broken Hearted Gary & Cheryl Parker JA
Buick: Unknown: TX
Built for Blue Jeans: Glenda Harney: FL*
Bump Bounce Boogie: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: TX
Bump It to Cotton Eyed Joe: Sue MacFarlane: ON
Butterfly Waltz: Peggy Cole: TN
Cajun Hustle: Jan Wyllie: MB
Calcutta: Max Perry: CA
Calendar Girl: Scott Hucks: TN
Call Me: Martin Ritchie: AT
Callahan: Unknown: TX
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: MA
Candyman: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: TN
Candyman: Tina Argyle: ON
Cannibal: Eddie Harper: MI
Can't Stop A River: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: MO
Can't Take My Eyes Off You: Glynn Holt: CA
Careless Whisper: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU *
Careless Whisper: Paul McAdam: ON
Celeste: Pete Harkness: Scot
Celtic Kittens: Maggie Gallagher: GE
Celtic Tri bute: Maggie Gallagher: ON
Cha Cha Tonight: Scott Blevins: OH
CHA-JIN: Michiyo Kurita JA
Champagne On Ice: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Charleston Cowboy: Unknown: MN
Chattahoochee: Unknown: TX
Cherokee Boogie: Unknown: TN
Cherry Poppin': Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris: NC
Chicago: Dari Ann Amato: MN
Chill Factor: Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead: MI
Chompin' At The Bit: Larry Bass: CA
Christmas Stepin’: June Shuman: TX
Circle Dance: Unknown: TX
Closer: Mary Kelly: TN
Coastin: Tina & Ray Yeoman: TX
Cokernut Waltz: Karen Spencer: MB
Come Into My World: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: Eng
Come Tomorrow: Michele Perron: CA
Connie: Trish Davies: MB
Continental Polka Alice: Louise Weber: TX
Contra Waltz: Irene Groundwater: TX
Country 2 Step: Masters in Line: TX
Country Girl: Unknown: TX
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: TX
Cowboy Cha Cha: Unknown: TN
Cowboy Up: Ethelene & Jack Tollison: SP
Cowgirls Saddle: Julie & Josh Talbot: NswAU *
Crazy Postman Glynn Holt: Eng
Crazy: Neville Fitzgerald: MI
Creepin' Up: Jessica & Kelli Haugen: AT
Crossover: Scott Lanius: MN
Cuban Walk: Hank & Mary Dahl: NY
Dancing Close To Me: Sue Coats : CA
Dancing In The Dark: Jo Thompson: Eng
Dancing With A Smile: Sharon Smith: TX
Dancing With You: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Danz-N-Line: Violet Ray: TX
Darlene: Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Deal or No Deal: Dee Musk: CA
Dilemma: Peter Fry: NswAU
Diver-sity: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: JA
Do It!: Gerard Murphy: CA
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo: Gaye Teather: TX
Do Your Thing?: Amato's/Perry/Hunyadi: AT
Don't let's talk about cha cha: Lisa M Johns: SP
Don't Say You Will Love Me: Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer: NswAU
Double XL: Rick & Deborah Bates: CA
Dream a Dream: Christopher Petre: NY
Dream Lover: Chee Kiang Lim TN
Dream On: Rob Fowler: NH
Dreams Of Martina: Peter Metelnick: Eng
Drifter: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: JA
E.M.S.: Bill Bader: BC*
Easier Touch: Ann Wood: CA
East Coast Shakin': Beth Carole Beach: NC
Easy Money: Helen Born & Rita Lindley: MI
Edelweiss Waltz: Barbara Lowe: CA
Elvira Cha Cha: Unknown: MI   
Everybody Got Their Something: Kathryn McKee: ON
Everything's Vine: Marie Del Giorgio: CA*
Falling Leaves Concerto: Taro Takayama: JA
Fallsview Rock: Janet Wilson: NY
Fantabulous: Bracken Ellis: NJ
Feel Like a Fool: Sue Wilkinson: AB
Feel The Magic Gary Lafferty: Eng
Festival Fun: Cato Larsen: AT
Fiesta Cha Cha: Jim & Judy Wells: MB
Fiesta Cha Cha: Shirley Donahey: Eng
Fighting those Blue Jeans: Gytal: SP
First Waltz: Dee Musk: CA
Flying Scot: Liz Clarke: NY
Flying Sparx: Mary Kelly: TN
Foolish Heart: Evelyn Haling: TX
Forever and Ever: Benny Ray Naayen: AT
Forever More: Tom Selzler : CA
Free & Easy Jeanette Robson Eng*
Funky PR Pim Van Grootel Eng
G. I. Blues: Joan Duck: TX
Get In Line: Max Perry: TX
Get Reel: Marco Maselli: FL
God blessed Texas: Shirley K. Batson: NswAU
Good Time Friday Night: Kathy Heller: TX
Good to go Salsa Wanda and Jim York SP
Grandma’s Achy Breaky: Unknown: TX
Havana: Unknown: TX
Head Over Heels: Andrew Simon & Sheila: Eng
Heartbreaker: Kate Sala: TX
Heat It Up: Maggie Gallagher: Eng
Hell Ya: Ed Henry: CA
Hello Sailor: Laura Austin: TN
Helluva Polka: Kathy Hunyadi: TX
Here I Am: Robert Fletcher & Michelle Palmer: NswAU
Here's a dance: Tom Glover: NswAU
Hey Muchacha: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Hillbilly Rock: Unknown: MI
Hit Me Up: Christopher Petre & Michael Divens: NY
Hold You Now: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU *
Holly Jolly Christmas: Jos Slijpen: CA
Honky Tonk Love: Lyn Booth: NswAU *
Hooked On Country: Doug Miranda: MI
Hot Line: Shaz Walton : CA
Hot Potato: John Robinson: NM
Hotrod Heart: Unknown: NswAU
Hudson Stomp: Unknown: MI
Hustle Bustle: Betty Clarke: TX
I Hear You Knockin': Jo Thompson, Barry & Dari Anne Amato, John Sorinson: TX
I Like It Loud: Doug & Jackie Miranda: AT
I Loved Her First Alan Birchall: Eng
I Promise U Lesley Clark: Scot*
Ideal Fate: Sandy Kerrigan: NswAU
Idlewild Blue: Junior Willis: NY
If The Shoe Fits: Michele Burton: TX
If Tomorrow Never Comes: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
If U Want Me 2 Lesley Clark: Scot*
In A Hicktown: Harlan Curtis: CA
Infatuation: Bill Larson: NswAU
It Had To Be You: Denise Boyle: TX
It's Only Make Believe: Tracie Lee: NswAU
J Walk: Sue Lipscomb: CA
Jacob's Ladder: Jackie Jocotine: BC,
Jamacian Triple Step: Ron Boorman TN
James Penguin Dance: Rafel Corbi: SP*
Jingle Bell Rock: Louise Hodson: AT
Jitterbug Junction: Cliann Stevens: TX
Jogging: Doris Newell: TX
Jukebox: Jo Thompson: NM
Just a Matter of Time: Michael Barr: CA
Just LeDoux It!: PJ: TX
Just LeDoux It: Kathy Gurdjian: CA
Ka-Boom: Robin Sin: ON
Kelly's Moment: Gary Lafferty: ON
Kentucky Chug: Unknown: TN
Key Lime Pie: Barry Durand: FL
Key Lime: Dancin' Terry: CA
Kickin Rocks: Mary Lynn & Larry Hauser: CA
King of the Road: Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson: NswAU
Kiss and Make Up: Maggie Gallagher: TX
Knock and Ring: Ian Dunn: NswAU
Knockdown: Maggie Gallagher: Eng
Kokomo: Diane Kale: FL
Kowboy Crazy: John Robinson: FL
La Papaya: Jean Loafman: NM
Lamtarra Rhumba: Tony Chapman: TX
Last Days Of Disco: Michael Barr & John Robinson: TX
Lay down beside me Shaz Walton FL
Lets Go Girls: Trent Duncan: NswAU
Lightning Polka: Peter Metelnick: TX
Lil’ Caboose: Jeniffer Wolf: TX
Lipstick: Dan Albro: NY
Little Chihuahua: Norma Jean Fuller: ON
Little Rhumba: Donna Laurin: ON
Little Rock Cha Cha: Unknown: ON
Local Girls Robbie Halvorson: FL
Louisiana Kick: Bill Bader: NV*
Love of Sunshine: Roland (Gutz) Gutzwiller FL
Love U 2 Much: Annie Saw: TX
Love: Doug & Jackie Miranda: TX
Lucky Tonight: Diana Dawson: TX
Macarena Cha Cha: Elinor Gregory: TX
Made 4 U: Todd Lescarbeau: CA
Madly Off In All Directions: Michele Perron: TN
Magic Technique Patrick Fleming: FL
Mambo # 5: Anthony Lee / Pedro Machado: CA
Mambo Jambo: Jo Thompson & Kathy Hunyadi: TX
Mars Attack: Rachael McEnaney: TX
Memory: Irene Groundwater: CA
Merry Christmas Everyone: Linda Carman: AT
Midnight Stroll: Jenifer Wolf: TX
Mini Mariana: Jan Welsh: ON
Miss You: Masters in Line: NC
MMM Bop: Kelly Kaylin: CA
Momma Mia Hazel Pace: Eng
Montego Bay: Kathy Hunyadi: TX
More Than Angels: Charlotte Macari / Dave Morgan: CA
Mr. in-Between: between: FL
Mr. Teardrop: John Robinson: TX
My and My Gang: Dan Albro: NY
My Heart is Lost To You: Bill Larson: NswAU
My Infinite Love: Audrey Watson: CA
My Love: Niels Poulsen: ON
My Maria: Albro and Camara: NY
My New Life John Offermans: Eng
Never Enough: Robbie McGowan Hickie: CA
New Mexico Cha Cha: Genny Graham: MB
New York, New York: Unknown: TX
New York: Unknown: TX
Nightclub Italiano: Rob Fowler: CA
No Way Jose: Shirley Johnson: CA
Not in Love: Christopher Petre: NY
Nothin' Stays The Same Geri Morrison: Eng*
Now or Never: Kathy Hunyadi: AT
Oakland Cha Cha: Chris Hodgson: MN
Of Bounds: Karen Hunn: Eng
Old Shanghai: Jan Wyllie: NswAU
On My Mind: Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley: ON
Once in a Lifetime: Phil Johnson: Eng
One drop of love Kathy Brown: FL
One Good Reason: Su Swanson: NswAU
One Moment Cha Cha: Max Perry: TX
One of the Guys: Kerry Hughes: NswAU
One Step Forward Betty Wilson & Charlotte Lucia Scot
One Step Forward: Unknown: TX
One Touch Robbie McGowan Hickie Eng
One Track Mind Ed Lawton: Eng
Outta Your Head: Liz Clarke: AT
Overdrive: Simpkin & Moore: NswAU
Patient Heart: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
Pepper Shaker: Pepper Siqueros: ON
Playa Silencio: John & Janette Sandham: SP
Poor Boy Shuffle: Vicki E. Rader: TX
Power Jam: Unknown: CA
Practise Makes Perfect: Helen Hargnett: Eng
Pretty little stalker: Rob Fowler: AT
Pumpin' For Love: Neville Fitzgerald: GE
Rajun Cajun: Kay Needham: TX
Raven’s Bump: Christopher Petre: NY
Ready to Rock: Gail McKenna / Bill O'Brien: CA
Rebel Strut: Unknown: TN
Red Bandana: Harlan Curtis: TX
Red Roper: Unknown: TN
Red Roses For A Blue Lady: Jenifer Reaume: TX
Rednex Stomp: Unknown: TX
Reggae Cowboy: Unknown: TN
Remember When: Unknown: MB
Ride the Clouds: Heather Frye: MI
Rio: Bill Larson: NswAU
Rock Around the Clock: Unknown: NswAU
Rockabilly Riot: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie: Eng
Rockin' Little Christmas: Max Perry: AB
Rockin’ Robin: Peter Metelnick: TX
Rockin’: Anita McNab: TX
Romance: Pim Humphrey Scot
Rose Colored Glasses: Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Rose Garden: Jo Thompson: TX
Rudebox Rob Fowler, Paul McAdam Neth
Rumba Ride: Larry Bass: CA
Runnin' Behind: Unknown: MI
Sacred Trust: Craig Cooke Eng
Secret: Johanna Barnes: MO
Sending Signals: Jo Kinser & Bryan McWherter: MO
Senorita Margarita: Karen Hunn TN
September: Jo Thompson: MO
Sexy Tractor: Bob Bonett: CA
Shadow Dancing: Max Perry: MN
Shadows On The Wall: Gordom Timms: CA
Shattered Dreams: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: JA
Shoop Shoop: Jo Thompson: TX
Shout: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU
silver lady John Wilson: N_Ir
Singles Polka: Unknown: TX
Sixteen Step Polka: Unknown: TX
Ski Bumpus: Linda De Ford: TN
Snap Your Fingers: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: JA
Snowball Shuffle: April Kemp: AT
Soft & Slow: Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley: TX
Sorrento Michele Perron: Eng
Soul To Soul: Michael Barr & Michele Burton JA
South West Cha: Unknown: NswAU
Southern Cross Cha Cha: Bill Bader: NV*
Southern Delight: Lords: MI
Spooky: Alan Haywood: Eng
Spurs: Scott Wylie: TX
Squeeze: The Kids: NswAU
Stampede: John Haskell: TN
Start a Love Train: Max Perry: MI
Stealing The Best: Rosie Multari: TX
Step, Scuff, Stomp: Unknown: TX
Steppin' Stone Cha: Jo Thompson: MI
Steppin’ Stone Cha: Jo Thompson Szymanski: TX
Stepping Out: Stephen Patterson: NswAU
Straight to the Heart: Maggie Gallagher: ON
Strait Cha Cha: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Strait Cha: Sal Gonzalez: TX
Strike 1 Rob Fowler: Eng
Stupid Cupid: Joanne Brady: TX
Sugar Dip: Bill Bader: BC*,
Suicide Blonde: Unknown: TX
Sundance Shuffle: Unknown: TX
Superhero: Rob Fowler: CA
Swangin’: Vickie Vance-Johnson: TX
Sway to the Rhythm: Ed Lawton: NH
Sweet & Sour Daniel Whittaker & Kate Sala Eng
Swing Batter Barry Durand: SW
Swing City Jive: Hillbilly Rick: CA
Swingin' Single: Donna Caudill: AT
Swinging Single: Donna Caudill: TX
Symphony Shuffle: Esther D'Arpino: TX
Take It Away: Joanne Brady: TX
Talking in My Sleep: Michael Vera-Lobos: NswAU *
te quiero mick storey Eng
Tell Me Why: Unknown: TX
Tennesee Twister: Linda De Ford: TN
Texas Barefootin: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Texas: Max Perry: TX
That Good That Bad: Tracie Lee: NswAU
That Old Soft Shoe: Phil Johnson: Scot
The Beat Goes On: Jo Thompson: JA
The Cowboy: Kole Dunn: CA
The Freeze: Unknown: ON
The Twixy Diana Dawson: Scot*
They Walk The Line: Carina Slijters: TX
They're Red Hot: Barbara Wallace: ON
Too Funky for Me: Mark Cosenza, Glen Pospieszny & Yvonne Anderson: MN
Touching Stars: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Train Wreck: Kathy Hyundai TN
Trickle Trickle: Michele Burton & Michael Barr: MN
Trippin: Fitzgerald: NY
Tu Compañia: Rafel Corbi: SP*
Twist & Shout: Unknown: TX
Twist-Em: Jo Thompson: TX
Twisting The Night Away: Max Perry: TX
Two Step Round the Christmas Tree: Peter Metelnick: MB
Uh-Huh: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Unlock My Heart: Peter Metelnick: NY
Unmendable: Jan Wylie TN
Up To No Good: David Matton / Marie Pierre Bouissou: CA
Urban Beat: Jeff Joslin: FL
Used To Be A Time: Babinec & Brady: OH*
Viva Life on Mars: Emma Wilkinson: AT
Waking Backwards: Robbie McGowan Hickie: MI
Walk Like a Man: Glen Pospieszny: MN
Waltz 2,3: Sherrin O'Hara-Lovell: TX
Waltz: Unknown: TX
Waltzer: David Munroe: Eng
Wasn’t That A Party: Larry Bass: MI
Weekdays: Janet Firth & Lisa Halls: NswAU
We're Alive: Liam Hrycan: Scot
West Coast For One: Susan Brooks: TN
West Coast Thang: Karen Hedges TN
Western Tracks: Petz Heribert: AT
Westlife Rose: Maggie Gallagher: ON
What's Left of Me: James J.P. Potter: CA
Where You Live: Judy McDonald: CA
Whiskey Friday: Donna White: ON
Who Did You Call Darlin': Kevin & Maria Smith: CA
Who's Your Daddy: Barry Harp: CA
Wikkidest Ting: Neville Fitzgerald: OH
Yeee Haw: Simon Ward: MN
You are the World: DJ Dan & Wynette Miller: MI
You Lie: Barry Amato: NY
Your Eyes Kay Greig & Janice Hoy SP
You're My Jamaica Roy Thompson: Eng
You're The One That I Want: Linda Burgess: NswAU
Zoot Suit Jive: Max Perry: TN

Partner & couple dances

Let's Bosa Nova: Pim Humphrey: NY-6
Blue Rose: Aldrich: MI-2 (taught in circle for line dancers)
Cheeseburger: Unknown: NH

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