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April 2004

Results published June 2005

Here are the results from the April, 05 World Dance Instruction survey. 99 instructors sent in 1391 dances. The abbreviations for the US States and Canadian provinces are standard. Country abbreviations are as follows:
UK: United Kingdom, DU: Dubai, JA: Japan, GE: Germany, NswAU: New South Wales, Australia,
NO: Norway, JA: Japan, HI: Hawaii, SP: Spain

Asterisks following the location of some of the dances mark that this teach was done by the dance's choreogrpher.

The results along with past surveys are displayed on the following web sites: (Click on Survey and scroll to bottom)

Survey compiled by Dodee Davis.

Results list line dances first and partner/couples dances follow:

Congratulation to Geri Morrison for the most-taught dance in the survey

5 Teaches
Trust Me: Geri Morrison: CA-6, FL-6, GE, HI, MI-4, NC, TN, BC-2, ON-2, JA
21 Teaches 
Come On and Dance: Peter Metelnick / Alison Biggs: CA-3, FL-4, HI, ON-7, TN, TX-4, WA
18 Teaches 
Atlantis: John Robinson & Jamie Marshall: CT-2, FL-4, MI, MN-3, NY-2, ON-2, TN, UK, WA-2
Mars Attack: Rachael McEnaney: CA-3, FL, MI-5, NM, ON, CA-5, GA, JA
16 Teaches 
Last Days of Disco Michael Barr & John Robinson: CA-6, FL, MI, MN-2, NC-2, ON-3, TX
The Ant's Dance: Michele Burton: CA-5, FL-4, MI-4, NC, ON, UK
13 Teaches 
Soluna: Robbie M Hickie CA-7, UK-4, NV, NswAU
Suds In the Bucket: Yvonne Anderson: CA-2, MN-5, NY, ON-2, TX-3
12 Teaches 
Come Dance With Me: Jo Thompson: CA-2, CT, FL, NM, NY, TN, TX-5
11 Teaches 
El Rio Amor: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-6*, NY-2*, NY-3
10 Teaches 
Bicycle Waltz: Peter Heath: BC-5, CA-5
Caught In The Act: Ann Wood: CA, FL-3, HI, NC, NY-2, TX, JA
Cradle: Mark & Jan Caley: CA-4, CT, MI, MN-3, ON
Honky Tonk Badonkadonk: Ellen Kiernan*: NY-2, FL-3, NY-5
Zatchu: Beth Webb & Peter Blaskowski: NY-7, TX-3
9 Teaches 
A Taste of Calypso: Jenifer Wolf: BC-6, ON-2, CA
Burn Baby Burn!: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NY-2*, NY-7
8 Teaches 
20 Kisses: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK-5*, NY-2*, CA
Keep It Burnin’: John Robinson / Craig Bennett: CA-3, FL, NC, UK-3
Party 4-2: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: CA-3, FL-2, NY-2, TX
Rockin': Anita McNab: CA, MI-5, MN-2
Sweet Sweet Smile: Fi Scott & Johnny Two Step: CA-3, NY, TX-4
7 Teaches 
Almost Cha: DJ Lansaw: BC-4, ON-2, TX
Dipstick: Judy McDonald: MI-6, VA*
It Had To Be You: Denise Boyle: CA-2, MI-4, MN
Miller Magic: Andrew Palmer / Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox: CA, ON, UK-5
Out Of Bounds: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick: UK-5*, NY-2*
Put On Your Dancing Boots: Jo Thompson: CA-2, CT, ON-2, TX, WA
Second Chance Waltz: Michael Barr: CA-3, ON-3, TX
6 Teaches 
Amazing Noel Castle : CA-3, NC-3
Black Horse: Kate Sala: CA-2, DL, UK-3
Buy Me A Drink: Maggie Gallagher: CA-2, NM, TX-3
Cheek to Cheek: Rob Fowler: CA, TX-5
Cut a Rug: Jo & Rita Thompson: BC, ON, TX, NY, MA-2
Dizzy: Jo Thompson: CA, CT, TX-4
I'm Movin' On: Craig Bennett: CA-4, NC, ON
Love 2 Cha Cha: David Sinfield  FL, UK-5
Mockingbird: Barry Durand: CA-2, CT, FL, ON-2
Puttin' On The Ritz: Jo & Rita Thompson: CA-2, TX-4
Rita's Waltz: Jo & Rita Thompson: BC, CA, TN, TX-3
Shine: Forty Arroyo: NY-6
Sway: Carl Sullivan: CA-2, HI, NC-2, ON
The King: Guyton Mundy: CT, FL-3, MN, NJ
Too Good To Be True: Patricia Stott: UK-4, NY-2
Unlock My Heart: Peter Metelnick: CA, FL, NY-3, WA
Wave On Wave: Alan Birchall: TX-6
We'll Meet Again: Gene Morrill: CA-6
5 Teaches 
8-9-10 (Let's Do It Again): Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: TX-4, NM
A Better Life: Peter Metelnick: FL-5
Cha Cha Surprise: Patti Bullo: NY- 5
Cowboy's Dream: Jenifer Wolf: BC-5
Electric Slide: Unknown: CA, MN, NM, ON, TX
Green Snakes: Yvonne Anderson: CA-5
Heat On The Street: Maggie Gallagher: CA-3, ON, JA
I Play Chicken With The Train INT: Mundy, Amato, Royston: MI-3, CA, NC
I’m Movin’ On: Craig Bennett: FL-4, CA
Maybe I Could: Robbie M Hickie CA, FL, ON, WA-2
Moonlight Serenade: Jenifer Wolf: BC-5,
Ready 2 Ride: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: UK3*, NY2*
Splish Splash,: Jo Thompson: CA, TX-4
The Naughty Lady: Yvonne Anderson: BC-3, ON-2,
Triple J: Michael Burton,TX-5
Under Your Spell: Bracken Ellis: CT, NY, TN, JA, AU
X-Rated Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: NC-3, ON, UK
4 Teaches 
All Day Long: Gary Lafferty: CA, NY-2
All That Jazz: Cheryl Toner: TX-3, BC
Bad Moon on the Rise: Alison Biggs: ON, TX, UK-2*
Caribbean 2 Step Tango: Jo Thompson: CA, TX, WA-2
Cha Cha Groove: Masters in Line: MI, MN, ON-2
Chaca Chaca: Michael Seurer: TX-4
Cheetah Masters in Line NC-2, CA, WA
Country 2 Step: Masters in Line: TX-3, ON
Cowboy Charleston: Unknown: NY, ON, TX-2
Cruisin': Neil Hale: ON, TN, TX-2
Doctor Doctor: Masters in Line: WA-3, ON
Fais Do Do: Michelle Chandonnet: TX-4
Garden Party: Carole Daugherty: CA, MI, ON-2
Hillbillies In the Hay: Barry Amato & Robert Royston: FL, GA, NY, ON
Invitation to Party: Michele Perron: CA-2, GE, ON
Jai' Du Boogie: Max Perry: TX-2, WA-2
Mack The Knife: Rachael McEnaney: TX-3, MN
Miss Chatelaine: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA-3, CA*
Mud on the Tires: Michael Barr & Michele Burton : CA-2, ON-2
Show Me The Way To Amarillo: Ed Lawton & Co: UK-4
Side by Side: Patricia Stott: CA-2, ON, TX
Steppin Out: Max Perry FL, CA, MI, MN
Stroll Along Cha Cha: Rodeo Cowboys': TX-3, CA
The Hot Tub Dance: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: FL, MN-2, NY
The Last Dance: Kim Ray: UK-4
3 teaches 
7-8-9 Stroll: Max Perry: TX-3
All Messed Up: Fred Buckley: ON-3*,
Back to You: Judy Rodgers: BC-2, ON,
Be Bop 'N Boogie: Peter Metelnick: TX-2, NM
Beyond The Sea: Roz & Nat Morgan: MI-3
Black Coffee: Helen O'Malley: TX-3
Boardwalk Time: Irene Groundwater: CA, ON-2,
Canadian Stroll: Bill Bader: CA-2, ON
Celeste: Pete Harkness: FL-3
Cotton Eyed Joe: Unknown: CA, MN, TX
Cucaracha: Hank & Mary Dahl: ON-2, NY
Dancin' With Keys: Simon Ward: MI-2, ON
Dancing in the Dark: Jo Thompson: NM, TX-2
Drinkin' Bone Boogie: Ellen Kiernan: ON-2, HI
Easy Come Easy Go: Debbie O'Hara: ON-2, UK
Elvira: Unknown: CA-2, TX
Fusion: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: CA-2, ON
G*E*L: Grant Gabois, Ember: TX-3
Ghost Train: Kathy Hunyadi: TX-3
Going All The Way: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA, JA-2
Good to Go: Rachael McEnaney: MN-3
Hit The Road Jack: Ian Dunn: CA, JA-2
Holla: Alana Johanson and Michelle Jackson: NY-2, NJ
Honky Tonk Time: Irene Groundwater: BC-3*,
Hotfoot Scuffle: John Robinson: MN-3
Hustle Bustle: Betty Clarke: TX-2, NY
I Hear You Knockin': Jo Thompson, Barry & Dari Anne Amato, John Robinson: TX-3
If The Shoe Fits Michele Burton NC-3
I'm On My Way Shrek: Geoff Langford: CA-2, ON
Into Something Good: Alison Biggs: UK3*
Jack's Back: Patricia Stott & Mike Cwykla: BC-3,
Magic Changes: Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton: CA-3
Mr. Teardrop: John Robinson: CA, HI, TX
No, Sorry, Nothin: Michele Burton & Michael Barr:  MI-2, CA
Once Upon A December: Jo Thompson: TX-3
Paralyzed: Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton: CA*, NY-2
Por Ti Sere: Jo Thompson: TX-2, MN
Push It: Geri Morrison: CA-3
Right to be Wrong: Scott Blevins: CA-2, JA
Rockin' Cha: Jo Thompson: ON-2, WA
Samoan Soul: Violet Ray: HI-2*, FL
San Antonio Stroll: Unknown: TX-2, ON
September: Jo Thompson: ON-3,
Shoop Shoop: Jo Thompson: TX-2, CA
Small Price to Pay: Carl Edwards: ON-3,
Southern Delight: Rossella Corsi-Lord & Fred Lord: TX-2, NM
Speak To The Sky: Keith Davies: NY-2, ON
Speechless Tom Mickers NC-2, NJ
Stay & Sway: Rosie Multari: MI-3
Stay Forever: Masters In Line (MIL): CA-3
Step, Scuff, Stomp: Unknown: TX-3
Storybook Endings: Neil Hale: TX-3
Street Soul: Masters in Line: WA-2, JA
Sum'm Sum'm: Guyton Mundy: TX-2, MI
Swingin' Thing: Jo & Rita Thompson: BC, ON, NY
Syncopated Love: Dan Albro: ON-2, FL
Tango Nel Fango: Jenifer Wolf: BC-3,
Tango With the Sheriff: Adrian Churm: BC, ON, TX
The Way: Gerard Murphy: CA-2, CT
True Home: Scott Schrank: FL-3
2 Teaches 
Ain't Goin' Nowhere: Lori Wong: CA-2
Alabama Girl: Lana Harvey Wilson: TX-2
All of Me: Paul Dornstedt: CA*, CA
Amarillo By Morning: Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs: NY2*
Backseat Blues: Dan Albro: NY-2
Barn Yard Mixer: Unknown: ON-2,
Bebbo's Bubbble: Adrian Churm: TX-2
Beer For My Horses: Christine Bass: TX-2
Big Bang Theory: Carole Daugherty: MI-2*
Blue Rose Is: Donna Lent: ON-2,
Blue Rose Is: Unknown: TX-2
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Unknown: MN, TX
Bump Bounce Boogie: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: TX-2
Bury Me at Wal-Mart: Ellen Donelly: FL-2
Cadillac Ride: Guyton Mundy : NJ, IL
Cajun Beat: Tim Gauci: ON-2,
California Blue: Jean Bridgeman: TX-2
Chattahoochee: Unknown: TX-2
Chihuahua: Yvonne Anderson: TX-2
Chocolate City Hustle: Unknown: CA-2
Coastin': Ray & Tina Yeoman: GE, TX
Country Boy: Unknown: MI-2
Cowboy Boogie: Kelly Burkhardt: TX-2
Cowboy Hustle: Unknown: CA-2
Dangerous: John Robinson MN-2
Daydreams: Violet Ray: HI-2*
Destiny: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA-2
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo: Gaye Teather: TX-2
Down to the River Jennifer Hughes NswAU-2
Dream On: Rob Fowler: CA, ON
Easy Chair: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA-2
Elvira Cha Cha: Unknown: ON-2,
Enchantment: Jo Thompson: MN, TX
Eruption: Yvonne Anderson: CA-2
Foolish: Craig Bennett:  MI-2
From Zero To Hero: Ralf Stojetz: GE-2
Get in Line: Max Perry FL, TX
Gone Tiki: Gaye Teather: CA-2
Goodnight Moon: Bill & Violet Ray: HI-2*
Hasta Manana: Charlotte Skeeters: ON, TX
Hesitation Waltz: Ernie Hutchinson: TX-2
I Believe: Chris Adams: UK, JA
I Gave You My Heart: Diane Kale: FL-2
I Love This Bar: Ellie & Floyd Meerman: WA-2
I Wanna Dance: June Shuman: CA, ON
Into the Arena: Michael Vera-Lobos : CA-2
Island Style: Bill Ray: HI-2*
JB's Waltz: Jan Brookfield: ON-2,
Jose Cuervo ‘97: Max Perry: TX-2
Just One Moment: Juliet Hauser: TX-2
Lamtarra Rhumba: Tony Chapman: TX-2
Like A Star  Bracken Ellis JA-2
Little Patch Of Heaven: Doug & Jackie Miranda FL, CA
Little Rhumba: Donna Laurin: BC, TN
Make Your Mind Up: Metelnick/Biggs: CT, HI
Midnight Rendezvous: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: CA, TX
Misbehavin': Paul Dornstedt: CA-2
Montego Bay: Kathy Hunyadi: TX-2
Moon Cha: Kim Ray: UK2
Nani Wine: Carmen Mah: ON-2*,
Naughty Lady: Yvonne Anderson: CA-2
Nobody Knows: Dan Albro: NY-2
Not A Brick Outta Place: Mike Sliter: CA-2
Off My Rocker: Tommy Bailey  FL, CA
Oh Yeah!: Violet Ray: HI-2*
On The Straight & Narrow: Peter Metelnick : CA-2
Push: Michele Perron: TX, JA
Raindance: Tim Gauci: MI, MN
Red Bandana: Harlan Curtis: ON-2,
Rednex Stomp: Unknown: TX-2
Rhythm of the Falling Rain: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA, ON
Ride ‘Em Cowboy: Kathy Gurdjian: MI, NY
Rock & Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX-2
Rockin' Robin: Peter Metelnick: TX-2
Rollin' in Dirt: Christopher Petre: MI-2
Scandalous Mixer: Carmen Mah: ON-2*
Shalala: Dynamite Dot: CA, TX
Shooga: Kelli Haugen FL, NM
Smokey Places: Michele Perron: CA, CT
Some Beach: Helen Born & Nita Lindley : CA-2
Southern Cross Cha Cha: Bill Bader: CA-2
Stealing the Best: Rosie Multari: ON-2,
Step Back: Bill Bader: CA, MI
Stitch It Up: Robbie M Hickie TX-2
Strait Cha Cha: Sal Gonzalez: CA, TN
Sundance Shuffle: Unknown: TX-2
Sundown Waltz: Robbie M Hickie TX-2
Super Love: Steve & Jane Putnam: ON-2,
Swamp Thang: Max Perry: CT, ON
Sweetest Memories: Tom Selzler: BC-2,
Symphony Shuffle: Esther D'Arpino,  TX-2
The Long & Short Of It: Liz Clarke & Peter Harkness 2 FL-2
The Right Way: Dee Musk: CA, MI
The Rock And Roll Waltz: Max Perry: TX-2
The Writing on Four Walls: Brenda Pocock & Hillary Kurt: ON-2,
Turbo Twang: Jamie Marshall: ON, NY
Two Minute Waltz: Bill Bader & Jan Wyllie: CA, HI
Waltz Across Texas: L & J Nielson: ON, CA
Waltz: Unknown: TX-2
What Will Be Will Be: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA-2
Whatever You Want Guyton Mundy & Judy McDonald NC, VA*
Where We've Been: Lana Harvey Wilson: MI, JA
Wild Wild West: Jerry Siebe / Jason Cameron: CA-2
Wings Of A Dove: Gordon Elliot: TX-2
Wrong Way: Barry & Dari Ann Amato WA-2
X Cuse Me: Kate Sala: TX-2
You Can Dance: Doug & Jackie Miranda: NJ, ON
You’re My Jamaica: Paul Lipinski / Noel Castle: CA*, CA
1 Teach 
@ the Hop: Carmel Hutchinson: TN
1,2,3: Rodeo Rick Legault: ON,
101 Peter Metelnick: CA
1814 March: Joe & Penny Barker/Herb & Kathy Dula: ON,
2 Hearts: Peter Metelnick: UK*
2 Times: Phil Carpenter: ON,
3*2*1: Dan Albro: CA
4 Seasons: Peter Metelnick: UK*
5 O'Clock Stomp: Diane Horner: CA
500 Miles: Violet Ray: HI*
634-5789: Michele Perron: CA
A Devil In Me Kate Sala MO
A Good Thing: Tracie Lee: CA
A Hard Secret to Keep: Lindy Bowers Sandy Albano FL
A Kind Of Hush Gaye Teather JA
A-B Ticket: Val Myers: TX
Abelarumba: Hodgson: NJ
Again: John Robinson FL
Ain't No Way: Violet Ray: HI*
Alcohol Level: Christopher Petre: NY
Alive: Traci Grande: MI
All Cried Out: Ann Wood: ON,
All Night Party Mary  Beal* NC*
Alley Cat: Unknown: TX
An Angel with Blue Eyes: Fred Buckley: ON*,
And More Julie Dowse NswAU
And Then Some: Andy Williams: ON,
Any Old Time: Paul & Karla Dornstedt: CA
Anyone's Waltz: Pete Harkness: ON,
Aphrodisiac: Bill & Violet Ray: HI*
Auto Moves: Judy Cain: NY
Baby Likes to Rock It: Unknown: ON,
Baby Love: Louis James Sequeira: BC,
Back Roads: Michael Barr: CA
Back To The Island: Charlotte Skeeters: HI
Backroads: Michael Barr: TX
Bad Bad Leroy Brown: Unknown: TN
Badonkadonk Mike Salerno MO
Bar Isn't It: Michael Barr & Michele Burton : CA
Bar Room Romeo: Ron Holiday: CA
Basic Samba: Tai Tsang: ON,
Beyond the Sea: Jodi Wittman: MN*
Big Hair: Violet Ray: HI
Billie Blue Lights: Michael Barr: TX
Billy B. Bad: June Shuman: GA*
Bingo Bango: Zandra Varnham: NY
Birmingham: Jo Thompson: TX
Blue Hawaii: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
Blue Rose Is: Uncle Bill: ON,
BMI Baby: Masters In Line (MIL): CA
Bobby Sue: Alice Daugherty / Tim Hand: CA
Boot Scootin' Boogie: Tom Mattox : CA
Bottle It Up: Unknown: TX
Break It: Judy McDonald: VA*
Broke: Dan Morrison: ON,
Brush Off: Deb Crew: ON,
Built For Comfort: Charlotte Skeeters: HI
Bump-n-Grind: Jo Thompson: ON,
Busted: Christine Bass FL
Busted: Glenda Harney Ortiz FL
Buy Me A Rose: Rob Fowler: CA
Bye Bye: Kate Sala: TX
Cajun Mambo Walk: Max Perry: TX
Cajun Thang: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Canyon Ranch Cha: Lana Harvey: TX
Caribbean Desire: Chris Godden: ON,
Catch Your Breath Donna Caudill MO
Celtic Clog: Violet Ray: HI*
Charleston at the Savoy: Rusing: CA
Cherokee Boogie: Chris Kumre : CA
Chill Factor: Daniel Whittaker: CA
Chips 'n Salsa: Dee Cresdee: BC,
Choices: Bill Ray: HI*
Cinco de Mayo: Jo Thompson & Alan Livett: BC,
Click Goes The Shears: Karen Fishback: CA
Club Savoy: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Coco Loco: Hot Pepper: MN
Coconut Cream: Debbie Wilson: ON,
Color: Betty & Mike Weeks FL
Completely: Terry Hogan: CA
Cool To Be A Fool: Tracie Lee: GE
Cool Whip Judy McDonald JA
Cornbread & Chicken: Helen Born & Nita Lindley : CA
Cotton' Pickin Gordon Elliott NswAU
Cotton Pickin' Morning: Steve Mason FL
Cowboy Boogie: Unknown: TX
Cowboy Cha Cha: Unknown: ON,
Cowgirl's Twist: Bill Bader: NM
Cross Our Hearts: Doug & Jackie Miranda: ON,
Cuba Libre: Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward: ON,
Cuban Walk: Unknown: NY
D.H.S.S.: Gaye Teather  ON,
D.Y. Cha-Cha: Violet Ray: HI*
Dancin' With You: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Danz-N-Line: Violet Ray: HI*
Daydream: Jo Thompson: CA
De'ja Vu: JP Potter: CA
Disco Funk: Levi J Hubbard: BC,
Do It Norma Jean Fuller JA
Don't Give Up: Barry Amato: CA
Dov'e L'amore: Andrew Palmer / Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox: CA
Down in Dallas: Stephen Sunter: ON,
Dreams Of Martina: Peter Metelnick: NY
Drinkin' Man: Norman Gifford : CA
Drinking Champagne: Alice Wardner: TX
Dutchess Hustle: Unknown: TX
Dutchess: Unknown: NM
Dying To Dance: Elke Kunze: GE
Earthquake: Unknown: CA
English Summer: Ed Lawton: UK
Envious Crazy Chris Adams JA
Evercool: Anderson / Pospieszny: IL*
Evergreen: Karen Hunn: CA
Everybody Move It: Betty & Mike Weeks FL
Everything I Do: Charlotte Macari: CA
Evil Girl: Joanne Brady: NY
Eyes of Texas: Chris Hodgson: CA
Fallsview Rock: Janet Wilson: NY
Fantasia Robbie McGowan Hickie NswAU
Fast Women: Guyton Mundy: CA
Feel Like a Fool: Sue Wilkinson: ON,
Fill My Life: Charlotte Skeeters: CA
Finale Waltz: Fay Willcox: ON,
First Waltz: Dee Musk: CA
Flobie Slide: Flo Cook: NY
Fly Like a Bird: Hedy McAdams: ON,
Flying 8: Unknown: CA
Follow Me Linda Burgess NswAU *
For Always: Robbie M Hickie CA
Foxy Trot: Ron Kline: MI*
Freeze: Unknown: ON,
Funky Cha Cha: Barry Durand: CT
Fuzzy Duck Strut: Unknown: ON,
Georgia Peach: Pat Meikle: ON,
Get On That! Bryan Mc Wherter MO
Girlfriends Kick Ass: Kathy Heller * FL*
Give It A Whirl: Bill Bader / Rosalie Mackay: CA
Glory Bound Gordon Elliott NswAU
Go On: Judy McDonald: VA*
Goin’ Down: Simon Ward: MN
Good Day: Pat Potter: CA
Got to Be Funky: Dawn Beecham: MN
Grab Ass: Unknown: ON,
Green Green Grass: Michael Barr: ON,
Haley's Comet: Robbie McGowan Hickie: ON,
Haunted Heart: Tony Kwiatkowski : CA
Have Fun Go Mad Scott Blevins MO
Haven't I Always... Neville Fitzgerald JA
Head for the Hills: Lana Harvey Wilson FL
Heaven Knows: Patricia Stott: FL
Her Guy: Peter Heath: BC,
Hideaway Cha: Joanne Brady,Jamie Marshall, Jo Thompson: TX
Hit Me: David J. McDonagh: CA
Hold On To Love: Lyn Abbott : CA
Holding You: Robbie M Hickie CA
Holy Water: David Eddison: ON,
Home Now: Pat Pallas: ON,
Honeysuckle Vine: Hedy McAdams: CA
Honk If You Honkytonk:  Holly Beamish JA
Honky Tonk Stomp: Phyllis Watson: MN
Honky Tonk U Grad: Lana Wilson FL
Hot Chips Mike Salerno MO
Hottie: Violet Ray: HI*
Hucklebuck: David Cheshire: ON,
Hukilau: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
I Can't Be Bothered: Vera & Teresa: UK
I Don’t Know Yet: John Robinson: MN
I Found You Brett Jenkins NswAU
I Love my Louisana Man: Liz & Bev Clark: FL
I Miss Me Michael Vera-Lobos NswAU
I Overlooked an Orchid: Unknown: CA
I Remember: Tracie Lee: CA
I Said I Love You: Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher: CA
If I Can’t Dance (I’ll Go Crazy): Mike & Betty Weeks: MN
If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body: Mike Toe the Line: ON,
If I Was the Devil: Bill Ray: HI*
I'll Take You There: Kevin & Rena Ward: CA
Imagine: Bryan McWherter: MN
In a Dancing Mood: Max Perry: ON,
Intoxicating You: Neville Fitzgerald: CA
Islands in the Stream: Karen Jones: ON,
It's Monday: Chuck Fizone: CA
Jam On: Bill MacLeod: CA
Jambalaya: Ian St. Leon: TX
JC's Locomotion: James Church: ON,
Jezebel: Violet Ray: HI*
Jitterbuggin': Bunny & Bruce Burton: TX
Jukebox: Jo Thompson: TX
Jungle Fever: Raymond Sarlemijn: NJ
Just Killing Time: Heather Frye: ON,
Just My Luck: Alan Haywood: CA
Just Wright: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Keep Up Junior Willis NC
Kick Kick: Unknown: ON,
Kisses of the Sun: Heather Frye: MI
Last Cheaters' Waltz: Unknown: ON,
Left Feels Right: Michele Perron: HI
Let's Boogie: Bev Carpenter: CA
Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson: CA
Let's Negotiate: Maggie Gallagher: CA
Life's Great: John Robinson FL
Lightning Polka: Peter Metelnick: TX
Live Laugh Love: Linda Dube: ON,
Livin' It Up: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson : CA
Look Over Your Shoulder: Trish Davies: HI
Love Letters: Unknown: UK
Lover's Hideaway: Alison Biggs: CA
Lucky: Unknown: CA
Making Tracks: Jo Thompson: TX
Mambo Girl: Jackie Lincoln: CA
Mambo Mania: Noel Castle: CA
Mamma Afrika: Gerard Murphy: NY
Mellow Yellow: Peter Metelnick: HI
Memory: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
Midnight Waltz: Jo Thompson: TX
Misleading: Guyton Mundy and Pedro Machado: NY
Money Maker: John Dembiec: MI
MoonLight Waltz: Vera Brown: TX
Morgans Boogie: Unknown: FL
Motown Miracle:  Yvonne Anderson: UK
Mountain Of Love: Charyle Hartje & Gary Clayton: CA*
Move Baby: Susan Webb FL
Multiplication: Robbie M Hickie CA
My Guy: Rachael McEnaney : CA
My Heart Belongs to Daddy: Claire Denney: BC*,
My Sweetheart: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
Mystified: P. Potter / James JP Potter / Bracken Ellis: CA
Namara: Maggie Gallagher: NY
Nancy's Hot Pants: Unknown: FL
Natural Think: Barry & Dari Anne Amato: CA
New Moon Swing: Debi Bodven: ON,
New York: Unknown: TX
No Matter What You Do: Wilson/Bowers/Allano/Graves: BC,
No Quitter: Audrey Watson FL
No Way Jose: Shirley Johnson: CA
Not In Love: Barry Durand: HI
Nothin' On But The Radio: Ed Foley: CA
Nothin' On: Edwina Buckley: ON,
Nothing on But the Radio: Norman Gifford : CA
Oklahoma Dust: Lindylou Bowers & Sandy Albano: BC,
One for Me: Andrew Palmer / Simon J. & Sheila A. Cox: CA
One More Day Tracie Lee & Peter Fry NswAU
One Step Forward: Unknown: TX
One Thing Alan G.Birchall JA
Ooh Aah: Sal Gonzalez: CA
Out The Door: Alison Biggs: CA
Outa Here!: Sylvia Schell FL
Over The Rainbow: Gaye Teather  UK
Ozone: Oli Geir: CA
Paisley Waltz: John Dowling: CA
Panther Rob Fowler. JA
Party Til Dawn Scott Blevins MO
Pick a Pocket: Jan Wyllie: CA
Picnic Polka: David Paden: TX
Picture Book: Ron Kline: MI*
Poco Late: Cresdee/Wolf/Taylor: BC,
Poetry In Motion Masters In Line JA
Postman: Yvonne Hammond: TN
Power Jam: Lynn Bryan: CA
Pretend 2000: Ed Lawton: CA
Proud Mary: Gaye Teather: TN
PSE: Alan Birchall: CA
Push: Michele Perron: TX
Que Si Que No: WPM Saunders: ON,
Railway Stations: Violet Ray: HI
Rajun Cajun: Kay Needham: TX
Ready to Fly Robbie McGowan Hickie NswAU
Reggae Rumba: Rob Fowler & Paul McAdam: TX
Rendezvous: Jan Wyllie FL
Reverse Waltz: Kate Sala: CA
Rich Girl: Barry Durand FL
Rock and Roll: Dan Albro: CT
Rock Around the Clock: Unknown: ON,
Rock It: Hillbilly Rick: CA
Romancing with the Radio On: Anita McNab: ON,
Rumba Ride: Larry Bass: CA
Runaway: Carmel Hutchinson: CA
Runnin' Behind: Jon & Gail Levant: CA
Running Away Home: Christopher Petre*: NY
Saddle Up and Ride: Jo Thompson: MN
Same Ol' Love: Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson : CA
Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy: Jamie Marshall & Bob Watters: ON,
Savoy Shuffle: Larry Bass: ON,
Scrap It: Kathy Kaczmarek: ON,
Seal Our Fate Doug & Jackie Miranda JA
Senorita Sway: Michele Perron: BC,
Shakatak: Kate Sala: ON,
Shake Loose: Carole Daugherty: MI
Shake Yourself Loose: Kathy Hunyadi: NY
Shamrock Shake: Robert and Regina Padden: CA
Shiver 'n Shake: Scott Blevins: ON,
Side Kick: Anita McNab: CA
Simply Blue: Annie Saw: TX
Simply Country: Siebe: MI
Sixteen Step Polka: Unknown: TX
Slap Your Grandma: Kevin Winn: MI*
Smooth Operator: Peter Metelnick  FL
Solo Samba: Max Perry: ON,
Some Beach: Robbie M Hickie CA
Something Easy: Bill Bader: ON,
Somewhere: Jim Ray : CA
Sounds Like Elvis: Gaye Teather  FL
Stand by Me: Liz Clarke: ON,
Stardust Memories: Peter Metelnick: NY
Stay in This Moment: Beth Webb: MN
Strait Cha: Sal Gonzalez: TX
Stroll Along Cha Cha: John & Jeanette Sandham: MN
Sugar & Pai: Kelli Haugen: NY
Sukiyaki: Max Perry: ON,
Summerlove: John Robinson: HI
Sunday School Blue: Pete Harkness FL
Superstar: Mark Cosenza: ON,
Sweet Baby: Jenifer Wolf: MI
Tall T: Thom E. Branton: NM
Tap & Go: Rosie Multari: CA
Teach Me to Dance: Dawn Sherlock: ON,
Ten Rounds: Nancy A. Morgan : CA
Tennesse Blues Audrey Watson JA
Texas 101: Carole Daugherty: ON,
Texas Barefootin: Jo & Rita Thompson: TX
That Kind of Girl: Bill McGee FL
The Beat Goes On: Barry & Dari Ann Amato CA
The Best in Me: Craig Bennett: CA
The Big One: Bill Larsen: ON,
The Cowboy: Kole Dunn : CA
The Last Cha Cha: Ed Lawton: CA
The Outback: Gordon Elliot: CA
The Rat Pack: Rob Fowler: CT
The Right To Remain Silent: Michele Burton: CA
The Van Dance Miranda, Kiernan et al. NV
The Wanderer: Ray & Gail Garvin: ON,
The Wrong Way: Barry Amato: CA
This Night: Mark Cosenza: IL*
To be Loved: Jackie Miranda: ON,
Tonight We're Young Carl Sullivan NswAU *
Too Easy: Mike Shannon: CA
Too Proud: Doug & Jackie Miranda: MN
Top of the World: Sharon Hutchinson: TN
Tornado: Unknown: CA
Trashy Women: Pat Eodice: CA
Trickle Trickle: Michael Barr & Michele Burton: NY
Trust Me a Little: Gitte Kristoffersen FL
Tumbleweed: Unknown: CA
Tush Push: Jim Ferrazzano: TX
Twist & Shout: Unknown: TX
U Better Think: Unknown: FL
UK Cha Cha: Unknown: ON,
Unchain Garth Bock MO
Unlove Me: Maria Hennings Hunt: BC,
Unmistakably Good: Masters in Line: CA
Uno Mas: Kim Swan: BC,
Until The End Maggie Gallagher MO
Urban Grace: Masters In Line (MIL): CA
Viva Lafiesta: Craig Bennett : NJ
Walk the Line: Unknown: UK
Walk this Earth: Dee Musk: CA
Waltz 2,3: Sherrin O'Hara-Lovell: TX
Wanderer: June Wilson: NY
Wanna Go Home: R Ghazali: ON,
Watermelon Crawl: Sue Lipscomb: TX
What Becomes of the Broken Hearted: Peter Metelnick / Alison Biggs: CA
What if I Said Brett Jenkins NswAU
What It Is? Scott Blevins JA
Whatever Happens Bogan and Kline NV
Whatever It Takes: Judy McDonald & Guyton Mundy IL
What's a Guy Gotta Do: Ian Dunn: TN
Who Did You Call Darlin': Kevin & Maria Smith: CA
Whoops I Slipped: Brady: CA
Wildflowers: Christine Bass FL
Wishes: Vivienne Scott: HI
Wonder Beat: Irene Groundwater: BC*,
Write This Down: Debbie Wood & Marilynne Delurey: ON,
You & Me in the Country: Mary Lou Crowe: ON,
You Win I Lose: Jenny Rockett: ON,
You'll Never Know: Barry Amato: CA
You're So Good: Ruthie B: FL
Zydeco Lady: Chris Hookie: CA

Partner & couple dances

1 Teach
Backstreet Swing: Dan Albro: NY
Carousel: Dan Albro: NY
Foxy Trot 4 2: Ron Kline: MI*
Slap Your Grandma Twice: Kevin Winn: MI*
Texas 4-2: Repko: MI

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