A total of 19 instructors from NY, NJ, PA, FL, Oregon, Minnesota, Mass, Louisiana, Canada, Oklahoma, Nevada, Calif, North Dakota, and Maryland.

Mucara Walk-John Steel, lead the month of December with 6 teaches out of 19 responses (31%). Areas taught were Canada, OR, NJ, NY, PA and MN.

4 Teaches

Jose Cuervo - Max Perry (MD, FL, CA, NV)
Tush Push - James Ferro (FL, PA, MN, NJ)

3 Teaches

Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yoeman (MN, NY, CA)
Coyote Sing - JG2 (Mass, MD, NY)
Electric Slide - Unknown (FL, PA, MN)
Red Hot Salsa - Christina Browne (LA, PA, OR)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - John & Janette Sandham (Mass, MD, NY)
Switchblade - John Robinson (LA, NY, CA)
T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (MD, PA, MN)

2 Teaches

All-Right-A - Michael Barr (CA, OR)
Back Seat Boogie - Noel Castle (CA, MN)
Commitment - A McCullock (PA, Can)
Dizzy - Jo Thompson (CA, Canada)
Got To Be Funky - D Beecham (NY (2))
Jamaica Mistaka - Metelnick/Hodgson (NY, OR)
Kactus Jive - Vicki Wenc (FL, CA)
Kung Fu Fighting - A Clarke (MN, CA)
O-EE-O-EE-O - Max Perry (NY, NJ)
Open Spaces - Kathy Sharpe (NY, NJ)
Poor Boy Shuffle - Vicki Rader (MD, NY)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (FL, ND)
Sexy Little Christmas Thing - Perry (FL, OR)
Texas Stomp - J Thompson (Canada, NV)
Twist Em - Jo Thompson (MN, NJ)
Zoot Suit Jive - Max Perry (LA, NJ)

1 Teach

(Down to the River) Skinny Dipping - Jeannie Woolman (CA)
5 6 7 8 - Gordon Elliott (CA)
789 Stroll - Max Perry (NJ)
All Christmas Long - Metelnick (MN)
Alpine - Unknown (FL)
Angel Touches - Unknown (FL)
Antidote - Paula Frohn-Butterly (NY)
Atlantic Faire - Unknown (PA)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CA)
Bartender Stomp - Unknown (MD)
Beep Beep - Unknown (NV)
Better Off - Joerg Hammer (NY)
Bluezee - Unknown (PA)
Body Rock - Cindi Talbot (Canada)
Boot Scootin' Boogie (17 ct) - Unk (PA)
Boulevard Cha Cha - Barbara Rash (OK)
Breaker Breaker - Jeannie Woolman (CA)
Brown Sugar - Vicki Rader (NY)
Buick - Unknown (NV)
Calamity Jane - Unknown (PA)
Canadian Stomp - Unknown (OR)
Catfish - Unknown (NJ)
Charleston Jazzzz - Kathy Sharpe (NY)
Chomping at the Bit - Larry Bass (LA)
Cinco De Mayo - Livett/Thompson (NY)
Claudette - Barry Amato (NJ)
Country Strut - Unknown (NV)
Cowboy Charleston - Unknown (PA)
Crawlin' Funky - Unknown (FL)
Crazy - Cindy Truelove (MN)
Crazy Legs - Greg Underwood (CA)
Cucuracha - Hank & Mary Dahl (MD)
D & D Jive - Pat Valenti (NY)
Dancin' Shoes - Jo Thompson (OK)
Dangerous - John Robinson (CA)
Dead End Road - DJ Lansaw (FL)
Deal With It - John Robinson (FL)
Down Pour - Unknown (PA)
Dreams - Max Perry (MN)
Dutchess - Unknown (NJ)
Easy on the Eyes - Carol Murray (LA)
Easy on the Hardwood - V Rader (MD)
Electric Reel - Rob& Regina Padden (CA)
Elvira Freeze - Unknown (FL)
EZ - Unknown (NV)
Fly Like a Bird - Hedy McAdams (PA)
Four Square - Unknown (PA)
Ghost Riders - Unknown (OR)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (CA)
Hail Fire Boogie - Unknown (PA)
Hardwood Stomp - Thompson (Canada)
Harmonville, USA - Unknown (PA)
Hey Bruce - Michael Barr (CA)
Hold Your Horses - Larry Bass (Mass)
Howdy - Kevin Richards (NY)
I Just Want To Dance - Charlotte Williams (MN)
Jane E. Baker - Unknown (PA)
Java Jive - Thompson/Davis, Livett/Machado (Canada)
JD Strut - Unknown (PA)
King of the Road - Jo Thompson (FL)
La Bombe - Jo Thompson (MN)
Let Er Rip - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Little Rock Waltz - Unknown (PA)
Little Squirt - Bill Bader (OK)
Locomotion - Unknown (PA)
Long Legged Hannah - Unknown (NJ)
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Thompson, Brady, Elliott, Perry (CA)
Mascoutah Firefly - DJ Lansaw (FL)
MIB - James Kellerman (CA)
Million $ Cowboy - Bill Bader (Canada)
MMM Bop - Kelly Kaylin (ND)
My Maria - Dan Albro (NJ)
Other Side of the Tracks - Unknown (OR)
Outback - Unknown (NV)
Paradise - Beth Webb (MN)
Peace Train - Julie Molkner (CA)
Reggae Cowboy - Unknown (PA)
Ricochet - Damon D'Amico (LA)
Ridin' - Unknown (NV)
Rock & Roll Waltz - Max Perry (ND)
Rockin Robin - Unknown (PA)
Sally Dog Rag - Unknown (NY)
Senorita Sway - (MD)
Shipwrecked - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Shortenin' Bread - Unknown (PA)
Slap City - Bill Bader (Canada)
Slappin Leather - Unknown (NY)
SOS - Jo Thompson (CA)
Still The One - Bill Bader (NJ)
Stomping It Out - Silke Henke (MD)
Stupid Cupid - Darianne Amato (ND)
Sunny Mood - Unknown (PA)
Swing City Jive - Hillbilly Rick (NJ)
Swing Time Boogie - Scott Blevins (LA)
Take A Letter - Unknown (PA)
Texas Stomp - Unknown (FL)
The Waltz Mixer - Unknown (OK)
Thriller - Unknown (PA)
Too Cool - Gonzales\Wasnick (CA)
Trashy Ladies - Unknown (NJ)
Triple Cross Cha Cha - Unknown (NV)
Uno Dos Tres - Sherry McClure (CA)
Vegas Slide - Unknown (NV)
Walk The Line - Unknown (PA)
Walkin' - Gene Montz (LA)
Waltz Across Texas - Unk (NJ)
Whippit - Tim Hand/Jamie Davis (LA)
Wild, Wild West - Unknown (NV)
Winter Wonder Walk - Bill Bader (Canada)
Workin' Overtime - Rosie Multari (NJ)
Wrangler Jeans - Jacque Lauzerique (FL)
Ziggy - Unknown (PA)


Partner & couple dances

2 Teaches

Charleston Bump - Unknown (FL, PA)
Blue Rose - Unknown (PA, NJ)
1 Teach

Carmela's Cha Cha - Rosie Multari (NJ)
Carpenters Mixer - Unknown (Mass)
Country Girl - Unknown (Mass)
Country Rumba - Country Coyotes (NJ)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unknown (NY)
Cowboy Polka - Bonnie Reimisch (NY)
Desperado Wrap - H&N Raymos (Mass)
El Paso - Unknown (PA)
Four Score - Thompson, Driggs, Barrett, Fleetwood (NY)
Little Rock Waltz - Unknown (PA)
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (NJ)
Pink Carnation Waltz - Unknown (FL)
Rebel Strut - Unknown (FL)
Right On Cue - Unknown (NJ)
San Antonio Stroll - Unknown (PA)
Side Kick - Rick & Kathy Stearns (Mass)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Sandham (Mass)
Sugar Bear - Country Bound (Mass)
Sway - Unknown (PA)
Sweetheart Schottische - Unknown (PA)
Wooden Nickle - R & K Stearns (NJ)

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