JULY 2002

There were 88 responses from the following areas:

UNITED STATES:  Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Indiana (IN), Louisiana (LA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia (WV).

OTHER AREAS:  Canada -- British Columbia (BC), and Ontario (ON), and Quebec (QC); Germany (GE), and Japan (JA).

Thanks to all who chose to participate and here are the results:

Leading this month was I'm Alive by Kevin Ward taught 27 times in AL-10, CA-4, LA-7, SC-2, BC, and ON-3.

Next, was Dixie Lullaby by Jo Thompson with 18 teaches in AL-7, AZ, GA, LA-3, MN, MO, OH, and JA-3.

16 Teaches

Florida Barefootin – Winerman/Wicks/Cabeca (AL-6, LA-9, ON)

15 Teaches

Southside Stomp - Barry Amato (AL-6, LA-9)

13 Teaches

Yes, You Won't – Barnes/McWherter (CA-2, LA-5, MI, SC-5)

12 Teaches
Cowgirls & Switches - Scott Blevins (AL, LA-9, MI, JA)

9 Teaches

Yabba Dabba Do - Judy McDonald (MI-2, NY-3, ON-3, QC)

8 Teaches

Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson (CA, GA, MN, OH, ON-3, JA)
Smokin' - Judy McDonald(OH, NY-3, ON-3, JA)

7 Teaches

Chill Factor - Whittaker/Westhead (AZ, CA, FL-2, MO, PA, JA)
Evergreen - Karen Hunn (AZ, CA-5, ON)
Hombre - Max Perry (CA-2, FL-2, MN, OH, ON)
Money, Money, Money - NJ Fuller (MI, VA, WA-5)
River of Dreams - Charlotte Skeeters (AZ, CA, MN, MO, NC, OH, GE)
Sugar, Sugar - Miranda (FL, GA, MN, PA, SC-2, WI)

6 Teaches

@ The Hop - Carmel Hutchinson (CA, MN, NJ-2, OR, PA)
Body in Motion – Metelnick (MO, WA-5)
Si Ya Samba - Max Perry (CA-5, ON)
Whoops, I Fell In Love – York/Brady (IN, MN, NJ-3, PA)

5 Teaches

And They Danced - Peter Metelnick (CA-3, FL, JA)
Catch a Hip Cat - Michele Perron (CA, MN, NJ, VA, WV)
City Limits - Yvonne Anderson (MN, NY, OH, VA, ON)
Enchantment - Jo Thompson (CA, FL-2, MO, PA)
Ex-squeeze Me - Robinson/Hunyadi (MI, MN, OR, SC-2)
Little Shot – Jo Miller (WA-5)
Simply Blue - Annie Shaw (AZ, IN, NJ-2, OH)
What A Night - Miranda (CA-3, MN, ON)

4 Teaches

Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool – Bill Bader (NY, WA-3)
Lucky Break - Judy McDonald (NY-2, ON, QC)
Mama Knows Best - Bill Bader (AZ, CA, BC, ON)
Midnight Rendezvous – Burton/Barr (OH, JA-3)
No Escape - K. Hunyadi / B. McWherter (CA-4)
Party Up - Judy McDonald (NC, NY-2, QC)
Passport to Party - Metelnick/Biggs (CA-2, ON-2)
Shameless - Fred Buckley (MO, OH, OR, WA)
Some Girls – Yvonne Anderson (AZ, FL, NC, WA)
Tornero Italiano - Andrew Kennedy(FL, ON-3)

3 Teaches

2 Steppin' Again - Max Perry(BC, ON, JA)
Bad Attitude – McEnaney/Macari (MO, OH, ON)
Bad Bad Leroy Brown – Unk (VA-2, ON)
Candlelight - James "JP" Potter (CA-3)
C'mon Everybody - Ward/Hunyadi(CA-2, ON)
Distant Thunder – John Robinson  (AZ-2, MO)
Do' Ya - Caley (MI, WI, JA)
Electric Slide – Unk (PA, ON, JA)
Fallsview Rock - Janet Wilson (FL, MN, MO)
Follow Me - Judy McDonald (NY, PA, QC)
Honey What - John Robinson(MI, MO, ON)
Hootchie Dance – Bass/Koon (AZ, OH, WV)
Hot Potato – John Robinson (AZ, SC, WI)
I Said I Love You – T & V(CA, ON, JA)
Inspector-G - Mark Cook (JA-3)
Jukebox - Jo Thompson(MO, PA, ON)
Love – Miranda (CA-2, MI)
Mama Jazz - Bill Bader (CA-2, BC)
Mamma Afrika – Murphy (PA, WA-2)
Mony Mony - Maggie Gallagher (PA, SC, JA)
Na Mara - Maggie Gallagher (CA, WA-2)
No Walls No Ceilings No Floors - Max Perry(CA-2, ON)
North Hills Country Cha – Joanne Brady (AZ-2, ON)
Queen of My Heart - Lafferty/Miranda's (CA-2, PA)
Roll Back – Bill Bader (WA-3)
Secret Waltz - Jan D'Argent (CA, PA, ON)
Shuffle Rock - Max Perry (CA, MN, JA)
Special D – Peter Metelnick (FL-2, WI)
Swing Baby Swing - Nancy Morgan (MI, ON-2)
Ten Rounds – Nancy Morgan (FL-3)
The Majestic - A.T. Kinson (GA, MI, VA)
Tush Push - James Ferrazanno (WA, JA-2)
Two Steppin' Again - Max Perry (CA-2, MN)
Walking Away - McWherter (CA-2, ON)
Watermelon Crawl - Lipscomb(PA, BC, JA)
2 Teaches

101 - Peter Metelnick (VA, ON)
11-01 – Brady, McDonald, etal (WA-2)
Ace in the Hole - A.T. Kinson (CA, MN)
Back to the Fuchsia - Michele Perron (OR, BC)
Be Your Best Friend – Brady/Weeks (SC-2)
Beat of Love – Perron/Thompson  (OR, NJ)
Bermuda Triangle - Ernie Hutchinson (CA-2)
Beyond The Sea - Karen Hunn (CA-2)
Bridge of Hope - Michele Perron - (OR, BC)
By My Side - Vivienne Scott(ON-2)
Clickety Clack – Metelnick/Hunyadi (AZ, MI)
Country Walkin’ – Teree Desarro (WA-2)
Crystal Blue – Palmer/Cox (CA, JA)
Dim the Lights - Michele Perron (CA, NJ)
Don't Sit Where - Liz Clarke (OH, ON)
Drowsy Maggie - Gallagher (JA-2)
Escape (to the Dancefloor!) - Vivienne Scott (ON-2)
Eyes Like Yours - Jodee Shadinger (CA-2)
Fast and Furious – Unk (AZ-2)
G*E*L - Gadbois/Ember/Strong (CA-2)
Green Door - Pat Stott (CA, MN)
Heads Up - Vivienne Scott(ON-2)
Heart & Soul - Dynamite Dot (JA-2)
Hella Dance - Scott Blevins(MI, ON)
Hot Summer Fun – Hodgson (PA, WA)
I`m Alive - Kevin & Rena Ward (NC, OR)
Instant Attraction – Unk (AZ-2)
Islands in the Stream - Karen Jones (CA, ON)
Jay Kay - Michele Perron – (OR, NJ)
Just A Memory - Dean/Gallagher (MN, JA)
Kabouterdans – Unk (MI-2)
Kick n' Drag - Larry Bass (CA, FL)
Long Way to Richmond – Mundy (FL-2)
Lookin' Like That – Unk (AZ-2)
Mad 4 It – Whittaker (AZ, MI)
Meat & Potato - Cors Whisper (JA-2)
Minute Waltz – Bill Bader (WA-2)
MMM Bop – Kelly Kaylin (FL, MO)
No Problem - Max Perry (CA-2)
On The Straight and Narrow - Metelnick (AZ, MO)
Open Arms - Charlotte Oulton (NY, ON)
Paradise Cha - Bain (SC, JA)
Pick A Pocket - Jan Wylie (WI, JA)
Play it Loud – Gloria Johnson (FL-2)
Pure Movies - Michele Perron (NJ, JA)
Reaching For You - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA-2)
Remind Me - Jean Bannister (JA-2)
Rita's Waltz – Jo Thompson (AZ, MI)
Santa Fe Cantina – Unk (AZ-2)
She Bangs – Unk (AZ, PA)
Shoop Shoop – Jo Thompson (AZ, JA)
Skedaddle – Unk (AZ-2)
Soul Man - Barr/Burton (CA, OH)
SqueeZit – Gloria Johnson (FL-2)
Stand Up - Yvonne Anderson (CA-2)
Street Talk – Unk (AZ-2)
The One for Me – Hunyadi (NJ-2)
Tico Tico - Peter Metelnick (CA, NC)
Too Funky for Me - Anderson/Cosenza/Pospieszny (CA, NC)
When Love's Right – Unk (AZ-2)
Wild Wild West - Chris Hookie (CA, WA)
Wrangler Scoot – Unk (FL-2)
You're Not Listening - Bass/Anderson (CA, FL)
1 Teach

5 O'Clock Stomp - Unknown (CA)
6 Pack Swing – Andrew Kennedy (FL)
13MWZ - Sherry McClure (JA)
20 Seconds - John Robinson (MI)
455 Rocket – Karen Hodges (FL)
48 Special – Unk (AZ)
A Long Goodbye - Frank Cooper(ON)
A New Day Has Come - Simon Ward (CA)
A Real Woman’s Cha Cha – Charlotte Williams (FL)
A Waltz In Time - Michael Barr (JA)
Advance Swivel Merengue – Unk (ON)
Ain’t It Funny – Liam Hrycan (MO)
Alive - Marianne van Dorst (CA)
All My Heart - Bill Bader (CA)
All Over It - Mark & Jan Caley(ON)
All Wound Up – Dan & Jan Pye (PA)
American Pop - Michele Burton (CA)
Amigo - Carl Sullivan (CA)
Anybody Wanna – Lady in Black (VA)
Arizona - Frank Cooper (MN)
Arizona Freeze – Unk(WI)
A-Z - Pat Stott (MN)
Back in Trouble – Vera Brown (FL)
Backstreet Attitude – Jamie Davis (NJ)
Bar Isn't It - Michael Barr (CA)
Basic Samba - Unknown(ON)
Begin Again - Chris Cleevey (WI)
Big Ol' Truck - Sue Lipscomb (CA)
Bill’s Boogie – Jan Cohan (WV)
Birmingham – Jo Thompson (MO)
Black Ice – Lady in Black (MO)
Black Velvet - Unknown(ON)
Blue Fever – Whittaker/Westthead (JA)
Blue Finger Lou - Max Perry (SC)
Bootscootin Boogie (17 ct) – Unk (PA)
Bottle It Up – Unk (AZ)
Boys - Karpiy/Delurey(ON)
Bump In The Dark - Jo Thompson (JA)
Bump in the Night – Rob Fowler (FL)
Bump-N-Grind – Thompson/Davis (NJ)
By Your Side - Kathy Hunyadi (MN)
C Shell Rock – Connie Shell (OR)
California Blue - Jean Bridgeman (JA)
California Dreams - Charles Bowring (WI)
Can’t Stop Loving You – Andy Skidmore (GE)
Canadian Stomp – Unk (PA)
Catfish – Jim Long (WA)
Cathy’s Cruise – Ruth Lambden (WV)
Cha Cha Maria – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Change of Directions – Jane Newhard (PA)
Char Broiled - Katrina Robinson (NC)
Charleston Cowboy – Hall/Miller (MN)
Charleston Strut - Jo Thompson (MN)
Chomping at the Bit – Larry Bass (FL)
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie - Reaume(BC)
Close Your Eyes – Unk (AZ)
C'mon C'mon - John Robinson (CA)
Cold Hearted - Irene Groundwater(BC)
Come on Get Up – Robbins/Hoekstra (MO)
Commitment – John Sandham (PA)
Como Se Dice – Unk (AZ)
Coney Island Washboard - Jenifer Reaume(BC)
Copperhead Road – Unk (PA)
Country Rock – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Cowboy Boogie - Unknown (CA)
Cowboy Charleston – Unk (PA)
Cowboy Rhythm – Jo Thompson (FL)
Cowboy Twist - Unknown (CA)
Cow-Lypso – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Crank It Up! - Peter Metelnick (JA)
Cross Over - Unknown (CA)
Crusin’ – Neil Hale (MI)
D.H.S.S.(Delicious Hot Strong & Sweet) - Teather (JA)
Dana's Waltz - A.T. Kinson(ON)
Dance & Shout - Frank Cooper (NC)
Dance with the Devil – Gallagher (FL)
Dancing on a Saturday Night - Gallagher(ON)
Déjà vu - J.P. Potter(BC)
Derivitive – Barry Amato (MO)
Destination Dancefloor – Metelnick (MO)
Devil in Disguise – Stott/Birchall (GE)
Diablo Baila - Perry/McWherter (CA)
Diamond Reggae – Unk (FL)
Dizzy – Jo Thompson (MO)
Don’t Be Messin’ – Frank Cooper (MI)
Don’t Stop – Unk (PA)
Double Chesterfield – Unk (FL)
Double Round Ten – Beamish/Pung (WV)
Down & Dirty – Unk (PA)
Downtown Dancin’ - Jules Langstaff (JA)
Dream On - Rob Fowler (JA)
Dune Buggy Boogie – Unk (AZ)
Dutchess Beguine - Doug & Jackie Miranda(ON)
East Bound & Down 2000 - Kathy Hunyadi (MN)
Elvira Freeze Waltz - Marion Stilson (WI)
Escape My Love - Unknown(ON)
Every Step You Take - Carmel Hutchinson (CA)
Evil Baby! – Heather Frye (MI)
Fletcher Creek - Gerard Murphy (CA)
Fly Like a Bird – Hedy McAdams (MO)
For Love or Money - Andrew Kennedy (ON)
Four on The Floor – Unk (AZ)
Friday Night – Mark Bartlett (MO)
Friends Waltz – Unk (WV)
Front Row Attitude - Neil Hale (CA)
Funky Cowboy - Donna Aikin (AZ)
Funky Fun - Kathy Brown (NC)
Gitchy, Gitchy – Mare Dodd (MO)
God Blessed Texas - Unknown (CA)
Grin & Bear It – Jane Newhard (PA)
Ground Zero - Don Fishback (WI)
Hal and Faith - Michele Perron  (NJ)
Happy Feet - Noel Castle (CA)
Hardly Workin' – Unk (AZ)
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Heartbreak Express - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Heavenly Rhumba – Maria Blackwell (MO)
Hey Gringo - Karl Creegen(ON)
Hold Your Horses – Kinson/Mickers (PA)
Hooked on Country – Doug Miranda (PA)
Hot Love – Unk (AZ)
Hot Tamales - Neil Hale (JA)
I Love to Boogie - Deb Bodvin (MN)
I'm a COWBOY – Unknown (JA)
In the Mood - Irene Groundwater(BC)
I've Got You - James "JP" Potter (CA)
Jamaica Farewell – Unk (FL)
Jamaican Run – Deb Bodven (MO)
Jitterbuggin' - Bunny & Bruce Burton (MN)
Judylicious – Judy McDonald (NY)
Juke Joint Jive – Charlotte Williams (FL)
Jump - Norma Hull (CA)
Jumpin Jamboree - D Getty (MI)
Jungle Rhythm – Vivienne Scott (WA)
Just A Kiss - Hickie (OH)
Just A Kiss - Roz & Steve Martin (JA)
Just For Grins - Jo Thompson (OH)
Kansas City - Unknown (CA)
Keep in Touch – Jane Newhard (PA)
Kingsize – Liam Hrycan (FL)
Kiss This – Jane Newhard (PA)
Ladybird – Unk (AZ)
Let's Get Hitched - Debi Bodven (MN)
Lightning Cha Cha – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Like It or Lump It - Simon Ward (CA)
Linda Lu - Neil Hale (MN)
Line Up – Koon/Bass (FL)
Little Rock Waltz – Jane Newhard (PA)
Live, Laugh, Love - Linda Dube(ON)
Locomotion – Unk (WI)
Loose Loose - Rick & Deborah Bates (MI)
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Jo Thompson (CA)
Love Letters - Hedy McAdams (CA)
Love Me Tender - Patricia Stott(ON)
Love Rules – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Lover's Hideaway - Alison Biggs (JA)
Lovin' All Night – Unk (AZ)
Madelaina - Chris Hodgson (JA)
Madly Off in All Directions – Perron (PA)
Majestic - A.T. Kinson (MN)
Makes Me Wanna Dance – Ross (VA)
Mambo #5 - Mambo Maniacs(ON)
Mardi Gras Mambo – Hodgson (PA)
Matador – Donna Aiken (MO)
Memphis Chicks - Jenifer Reaume(BC)
Mexican Girl - Maggie Gallagher (CA)
Midnight Blue – Unk (AZ)
Miss Jones - Paul McAdam (MI)
MJ Moves – Perron/Thompson (JA)
Mmwaah - Unknown(ON)
Montana Stomp - Hot Pepper(ON)
Moonglow – Unk (WV)
Moonrise – Kinson (VA)
My Angel's Eyes - Mike Sliter (CA)
My Little Bitty - John Ng (JA)
Never Can Tell - Mark Cosenza(ON)
Nevertheless - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Nice n EZ – Carol Benson (VA)
Nieve - Kirsi-Marja Vinberg (CA)
Night Fever - Carolyn Robinson (CA)
Night Song - John Wylie (CA)
No Doubt – Ron Kline (MI)
Not a Cha Cha – Jane Newhard (PA)
Not That Kind - Tom Selzler – (OR)
Not Your Average Girl - Ecken (CA)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi(ON)
October Nights - Michael Barr (CA)
One Horse Town - Alison Johnstone (JA)
One Song - Terry Hogan (CA)
Oodle Addle - Jenifer Reaume(BC)
Pasadena - McGinnis (CA)
Perhaps - Chris Kumre (CA)
Play - Jan A (ON)
Pot of Gold – Liam Hrycan (MO)
Pride & Joy - Barry Durand (CA)
Pump It - Rob Fowler (JA)
Quizas, Quizas, Quizas – Groundwater (BC)
Raindrops – Larry Bass (FL)
Red, White & Blue - Martin Ritchie (CA)
Red, White & Blue Strut – Jane Newhard (PA)
Rip it Off - Dana Fassett (MN)
River of Tears - Charlotte Skeeters(BC)
Rivers of Babylon - Bishop/Wilkinson(ON)
Rock N Horse Shuffle – Forbes (VA)
Rolling North - Hot Pepper (SC)
Romeo – Kremer/Kraft (FL)
Romping Cha Cha - Latendresse (WI)
Royal Ascot Waltz - Stella Wilden (JA)
Rum & Coca Cola – Hedy McAdams (WA)
Rumba Ride – Larry Bass (OR)
S.X.E. – Rob Fowler (FL)
S.X.E. - Rob Fowler (ON)
Satisfy My Soul - Anderson (CA)
Scrap It – Kathy K (AZ)
Scuffletown Rock - Norma Jean Fuller (SC)
Sex Machine – Blevins/McEnaney (MO)
Sex on the Beach – Clarke (WA)
Sha NA Na – Cosenza/Pospieszny (NC)
Shadows - Norma Hull (CA)
Shake It Off - Frank Cooper(ON)
Shake Up the Party - Kevin Ward(ON)
Shakira - Simon Ward (CA)
Shania's Moment - Nathan Easey (JA)
Sh-Boom, Sh-Boom – Bill Bader (WA)
She Bangs – Mark Bartlett (MO)
Sho’nuf – Jamie Davis (MO)
Singalongmysong - Michele Perron (CA)
Sink or Swim – Ms. Charlie Milne (WI)
Six Hours To Brooklyn - Hunyadi (SC)
Six Pack Swing - Andrew Kennedy(ON)
Ski Bumpus – Linda DeFord (FL)
Sleazy Slide – Unk (PA)
Slip and Fall – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Slow Hands - Phil Guilbeault (CA)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (MN)
Smooth – Unk (PA)
So Addictive - Scott Blevins(ON)
So Good in Love - Lyle & Sue Hoffer (CA)
Sometime When - Jackie Miranda (MN)
Sorry - Martin Ritchie(ON)
Squeeze Me In – Johnny Montana (WI)
Ssshhh! - Kelli Haugen (CA)
Start the Car – Tina Neale (GE)
Steppin’ Out – Brady/Gallagher (JA)
Stitch It Up - Robbie McGowan Hickie (OH)
Straighten Up - Jo Thompson (MN)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Sandham (JA)
Strut'n Vines - Judy McDonald (JA)
Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (CA)
Sugar – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Sugarfoot Rag - Barry Amato (ON)
Super Duper Love - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Sweet Dreams - Patricia Stott (ON)
Sweet Temptation - Terry Hogan (CA)
Sweetheart's Waltz - Fowler (CA)
Sweetpea – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Swingin’ Goode Time – Bowring (WV)
Tailgaitin’ – Jim Krwyko (FL)
Take a Letter – Dr Grant (PA)
Talk About Me – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Tansila - Unknown(ON)
Temptation #9 – Sharett/Chikildin (WI)
Ten Rounds - Anderson/Fleming (CA)
Ten Rounds – Unk (AZ)
Tender Moment – Reba Denny (PA)
Tennessee Twister - Linda De Ford (OH)
Texas Stomp - Ruth Elias (MN)
That’ll Be The Day – AT Kinson (GA)
The Believers - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA)
The Bump - Steve & Deb Baxter (OH)
The Bus Stop – Unknown (WI)
The Hotfoot Scuffle - John Robinson (JA)
The Last Dance - Chris Hodgson (JA)
The Lion Sleeps - Michael John Sr & Jr (CA)
The Picnic Polka - David Paden (JA)
The Whistler – Cosenza/Pospieszny (CA)
This Way - Hutchinson (CA)
This Will Be - Max Perry (CA)
Three Little Words – Larry Bass (FL)
Tiggerific - Doug & Jackie Miranda (CA)
'Til Dance Do Us Part - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Tina Time - Tina Marchant (JA)
Too Much Fun – Gloria Johnson (FL)
Turn The Radio Up - Bonnie Lee Sayre (CA)
Vamoose – Jane Newhard (PA)
Venga Bus Shuffle – Elvidge (WA)
Wade in the Water - Noel Castle (CA)
Walk Right Back – Scott (PA)
Wanna Dance - Jon & Gail Levant (CA)
Wanna Make You Mine - Joanne Brady(ON)
Want To - Judy Cain (OH)
Water Runs Dry - Frank Cooper(ON)
We the People – Unk (AZ)
Weekdays – Firth/Halls (WI)
What's The Matter - Maggie Gallagher (JA)
Where I Come From – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Whiplash! - Jo Thompson (JA)
Whirlwind Waltz – Rob Fowler (MO)
Whiskey Brush - Michael Barr (CA)
Whole Again - Sue Johnstone(ON)
Wild Wiggle – Unknown (WI)
Wishful Thinking – Jim O’Neaill (FL)
Witchaway ? Hustle - Carolyn Robinson (NC)
With Affection - KC Douglas (CA)
Won’t Sell the Barn – Jeff Joslin (FL)
Wonderful One - Dan Albro (CA)
Wonderful Waste of Cha - A.T. Kinson(ON)
Would You – Liam Hrycan (FL)
Wrapped Around - Masters in Line (MN)
X Cuse Me - Kickin' Kate Sala (MN)
You’re the 1 – Steven Sunter (NY)
You're My World – Unk (AZ)
Ziggy – Unk (PA)

Partner & couple dances

3 Teaches

Lover’s Swing – York (IN, NJ, PA)
Sweetheart Schottische - Unknown (PA, SC-2)

2 Teaches

Cactus Jacks Mixer - Richard Hord (SC-2)

1 Teach

6 Step – Unknown (SC)
Barn Dance – Matteas (GA)
Blue Rose Is – Aldrich (PA)
Charleston Bump – Rice (PA)
Cotton Eyed Joe – Unk (PA)
Desperado Wrap - Harry and Norie Raymos (SC)
Double Diamond Waltz – Stearns (WI)
Drive Me Home – Utzig (WI)
El Paso – Unk (PA)
El Paso Stroll – Elise Melee (PA)
I Don’t Even Know – Puente (WI)
Little Rock Waltz – Jane Newhard (PA)
Lovers Forever – Karl Prien (WI)
Peek-A-Boo Dance - Jerry & Phyllis Casper (SC)
Scuffletown Rock For Two - Cain/Fuller (SC)
Sidekick – Stearns (PA)
Slip Up - Norma J Fuller (SC)
Ten Step – Unk (PA)

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