MARCH 2001

There were 104 responses to the March 2001 Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey from the following areas:

United States: Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Delaware (DE), Georgia (GA), Iowa (IA), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), North Carolina (NC), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), Wisconsin (WI), and West Virginia (WV).

Canada: British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (Man), Nova Scotia (NS), Newfoundland (NF), New Brunswick (NB), Ontario (ON), Prince Edward Island (PEI), Quebec (PQ), and Toronto (TO).

UK and other areas: Herts (HE), East Sussex (ES), Northampton (NO), Leicestershire (LE), Manchester (Man), North Somerset (NoS), Lancashire (Lan), Swindon (SW), Dorset (DO), Berkshire (BE), Dubai, Germany (Ger), France (Fra), and Norway (Nor).


Hot Potato by John Robinson led this month with 18 teaches in CA, DE, GA, IN, MA-2, MI, NY-2, PA, SC, VA, ON, TO, NO, LE, Man, and NoS

Coming in second with 17 teaches each were:

Hideaway Cha by Jo Thompson, Joanne Brady, and JamieDavis in AZ, CA-3, GA-3, MO, PA, RI, SC, VA-2, WA, TO, BC, and France.

Mad 4 It by Daniel Whittaker in AL, CA-4, GA, LA, MA, MN, NY-3, ON-3, ES, and Norway.

16 Teaches

Bump-n-Grind by Jo Thompson and Jamie Davis in GA-4, MA, MI, NC, NY, RI, SC, VA-3, ON-2, and BC

14 Teaches

Mack the Knife by Rachael McEnaney in DE, IL-3, NY-3, OH, RI, ON-2, Man, HE, and Dubai

12 Teaches

Scrap It - Kathy Kaczmarek (CA-3, DE, GA, NY-3, PA, ON, TO, NS)
This Will Be - Max Perry (CA-3, IL, MN-2, NY, VA, WV, ON, DO, Man)

11 Teaches

Drowsy Maggie - Maggie Gallagher (AL, CA, DE, IL, LA, MA, MN-2, NC, NY, PA)
Hold Your Horses - Tom Mickers/AT Kinson (CA-2, IL-2, VA, WV, ON-2, NS, Lan, SW)

10 Teaches

Midnight Blue - Peter Metelnick (CA, IA, IN, NY-2, VA, ON, HE, BE, SW)
Reet Petite - The Lady in Black (GA-3, IL, VA, WA, ON-2, Man, Dubai)

9 Teaches

Cha Cha Slide - Scott Hucks (GA-3, SC, WA-2, Man, NoS, Fra)
Paso Por Paso - Peter Metelnick (AL, IA, IN, NJ, NY-2, LA, OH, ON)
Shake Rattle & Roll - Robinson/Becker/Lewis/Mathews/Miller (GA-3, IL-2, IN, MA, NY, TO)
Sweet Sensation - Metelnick/Biggs (IA, IN-2, NC, NY, VA, WV, ON, HE)

8 Teaches

A Single Moment - Aiden Montgomery (AL, CA-3, LA, BC-2, Fra)
C'mon C'mon - John Robinson (CA, GA-2, IN, MA, TO, ON-2)
Put Your Feet to the Beat - Peter Metelnick (DE, IA, NY-3, ON, TO, HE)
She Bangs - Hillbilly Rick (CA-3, MI, NJ, NY, VA, WA)
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson (CA-2, GA, IL-2, VA, ON-2)
Singapore Swing - Bill Bader (CA-3, BC-4, NS)

7 Teaches

Caribbean Desire - Chris Godden (CA, MN, NC, NJ, ON, Man, HE)
Jellyroll Jive - Larry Bass (GA, NY-2, PA, TO, ON-2)
Jungle Freak - Pedro Machado/Bill Lorah (IL, MI, MN, NY-2, VA, ON)
Temptation - Rachael McEneny (DE, NY-2, TO, HE, BE, SW)

6 Teaches

Breakaway - Max Perry (GA-5, IL)
Caught in a Trap - Alison Biggs (IA, IN-2, NY, ON, HE)
Dancing In The Dark - Jo Thompson (AZ, CA, GA, NS, Man, Ger)
Islands in the Stream - M Vera-Lobos (CA-4, Dubai, Fra)
Loaded (Rock the Bop) - John Robinson (GA, IN, MI, MN-2, TO)
Smooth Criminal - Porter/Hulatt (CA, MN-3, NY, RI)
You Can Get It - Max Perry (CA, IL, MN, NY, VA, ON)

5 Teaches

Ballymore Boys - Dynamite Dot (AZ, NJ, RI, ON, Nor)
Chingford Cha Cha - Michele Perron (CA-4, IA)
Clickety Clack - Metelnick/Hunyadi (MN, NY-2, RI, LE)
Just a Memory - Dean/Gallagher (CA, IA, NY, ON, Dubai)
Ohhh Behave - Burton (CA-2, GA-2, MN)
Pick a Pocket - Wyllie (CA-5)
Rose Colored Glasses - Hutchinson (CA-2, GA-2, VA)
Short But Sweet - Heather Frye (IL-3, MO, VA)
Simply Blue - Annie Saw (BC-2, ES, NoS, Nor)
Stay With Me Tonight - Robinson/Hunyadi (GA-4, NY)
Such a Night - Carl Sullivan (CA, ON-2, BC, Man)
Traveling Wanderer - June Wilson (IA, IN, NY, ON, HE)
Who's Drivin' - Larry Bass (CA-3, GA, VA)

4 Teaches

8&1 - Judy McDonald (ON-4)
After Midnight - Judy McDonald (CA, MO, WI, ON)
Ain't Got Time (For Nothing Else) - Peter Metelnick (IA, NY, ON, HE)
Blue Finger Lou - Max Perry (AZ, MI, NC, Fra)
Bottle It Up - Nyffeler (CA-4)
Catch the Spirit - Metelnick/Biggs (IA, NY, ON, HE)
Chilly Cha Cha - A.T. Kinson (CA, NJ, ON, NS)
Cowboy Charleston - Unk (MA, MO, NJ, RI)
Deck 51 - Malcolm White/Ed Lawton (AL, LA, ON, Fra)
Didn't We - Fleming/Bragg (CA-3, WA)
Down on the Corner - Peter Metelnick (SC, ON, BC, NB)
Electric Slide - Unk (GA-2, IL, MO)
Forever an April Fool - Wyllie (CA-4)
Freaky Deaky - Matthew Oakley (CA, NS-2, ON)
Get Down - Unk (GA-4)
Green Green Grass - Michael Barr (CA, DE, NY-2)
Heavenly Rhumba - Maria Blackwell (IL-3, MO)
Instant Attraction - Alan Robinson (CA, LE, NoS, Dubai)
It's My World - Liz Clarke (NS-2, NoS, SW)
Jump in Line - John Dembiac (MN-3, WV)
L'il Devil - John Robinson (GA, Man, ON, TO)
Love 2 Much - Annie Saw (GA-3, Nor)
Madly Off In All Directions - Michele Peron (AZ, GA-2, MN)
Out of Reach - Charlotte Oulton (CA, HE, NoS, Nor)
Plunk'er Down - Gerard Murphy (NS-3, ON)
Shalala - Dynamite Dot (CA, GA, ON-2)
Slipaway - Robinson/Hot Pepper (GA, MA, WV, TO)
Southland Waltz - Bill Bader (CA-3, BC)
Special D - Peter Metelnick (NY, HE, NO, NoS)
Sun Arise - Synder/Miranda (CA-4)
Vertical Expressions - Vera & Teresa (CA-3, BE)

3 Teaches

7 Digits - Morgan Ratcliffe (AL, LA, WV)
A Waltz in Time - Michael Barr (IL-2, MO)
Ain't It Funny - Liam Hyrcan (ES, NoS, SW)
Arizona - Frank Cooper (NY, ON-2)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CA, MN, SC)
Best of Times - Peter Metelnick (IN, NY, ON)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Unk (MN, MO, NS)
Bouncin' Boogie - Betty Clarke (BC-3)
Coastin' - Ray & Tina Yoeman (NJ, BC, ES)
Come Get It - Scott Blevins (LE, Lan, SW)
Cowgirls Twist - Bill Bader (VA, PQ, BC)
Deeply Completely - Rob Fowler (HE, Man, NoS)
Derailed - Peter Metelnick (MN, WI, Fra)
Dream On - Rob Fowler (WV, ES, NoS)
Free For All - Unk (GA-3)
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters (CA, ON-2)
Invincible - Robinson/Steele/Bodven (CA, IN, ON)
J'ai du Boogie - Max Perry (ON-3)
Join the Queue - Burton/Barr (NY-2, Dubai)
Last Knight's Waltz - Neil Hale (CA-3)
Little Bitty - Nancy Morgan (SC, ON-2)
Living on a Prayer - John Robinson (CA, GA, ON)
Makin' Me Crazy - Unk (GA-3)
Money, Money, Money - Norma Jean Fuller (VA, BC, Dubai)
Monterey Mama - SanDee Skelton (SC, Fra, Nor)
Moon Time - Bill Bader (CA, ON, BC)
No Way (Pedro) - Hutchinson (CA-3)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (NS-2, PEI)
Ole - Kevin Ward (CA-2, NY)
Pot of Gold - Liam Hyrcan (IL-2, MO)
Runaround Sue - Cosenza/Posieszny (NC, OH, VA)
Sh'Boom - Bill Bader (CA, ON, NS)
Stretch Your Legs - Larry Bass (CA, GA, MI)
Sugar Town - Max Perry (CA, IL-2)
Sweet Surrender - Chris Hodgson (CA, ON, Dubai)
Take a Ride - Jo Thompson/Kathy Hunyadi (NJ, ON, VA)
TGIF - Jo Thompson/Michele Perron (CA, SC, Fra)
Think - Unknown (GA-2, ON)
Throwdown - John Robinson (GA, MA, TO)
Tush Push - Jim Ferrazzano (MN, PQ, Dubai)
Twist 'Em - Jo Thompson (ON-2, NS)
Uh Chihuahua - Joanne Brady (NY, PA, TO)
Whispering Wind - Dornstedt (CA-3)
Wishful Thinking - Jim O'Neill (CA-2, NY)
You Go Girl - Cathy Montgomery (ON-3)

2 Teaches

2 Times - Phil Carpenter (ON-2)
Addicted to Love - Max Perry (GA, IL)
Arriba - Perry/Hunyadi (IL, OH)
Ashes By Now - Glenda Hardey (MN, ON)
Bahama Mama - Max Perry (AL, LA)
Bango Mambo - Fowler (CA, IL)
Black Coffee - Helen O'Malley (ON, Dubai)
Blueberry Hill - Judy McDonald (ON-2)
Bob the Builder - David McConagh (NS, Dubai)
Bootscootin' Woman - Martin Ritchie (CA, NS)
Booty Shakin - Patrick Fleming (NoS, Nor)
Callin' From the Heart - Burton (CA, BC)
Cannibal - Unk (GA, MO)
Cartoon Heroes - Cosenza/Pospieszny (IA, IL)
Coco Jambo - Nancy Morgan (GA-2)
Country Comes to Town - Peter Metelnick (IA, HE)
Crazy 'Bout You Baby - Judy McDonald (ON, BC)
Crazy Dreams - Harvey-Tench (NY, RI)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale (GA, BC)
Daddy's Money - Mark Bartlett (IL, MO)
Darlene - Unk (CA, NJ)
Dixie Lullaby - Morrill (CA-2)
Dr Jones - Tony Wilson (CA-2)
Dream Weaver - Ed Lawton (CA, VA)
Dreams - Max Perry (ON, NF)
Driftaway Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (IN, SW)
Eatin' Right, Drinkin' Bad - Max Perry (Fra, Nor)
Eating at Joe's - Jenifer Reaume (BC-2)
Fais Do Do - Michelle Chandonnet (ON-2)
Feel Like Crying - Amanda Harvey-Tench (ON, BE)
Fisher's Hornpipe - Val Reeves (ON-2)
For the Money - M Vera-Lobos (NO, Dubai)
Fresh - John Robinson (NS-2)
Getting Excited - Robert Lindsay (NY, Dubai)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (MN, RI)
Got To Be Funky - Dawn Beecham (CA, SC)
Green Onions - Kathy Hunyadi (CA, VA)
Heartbreak Express - Peter Metelnick (ON-2)
Honky Tonk Baby - Rob Gent (BC-2)
Hot Steppin' - Unk (GA-2)
Into the Arena - M Vera-Lobos (NY, Dubai)
Jitterbuggin' - Burton (NF, Nor)
Jive Walkin' - John Robinson (GA, Nor)
Jole Blon - Hedy McAdams (AL, LA)
Just Got Paid - Ron Kline (ON, NS)
Kalimba - Pam Scott (NC, WA)
Kool Kookie - Tony Wilson (CA-2)
Lightening Polka - Peter Metelnick (GA, Fra)
Live Laugh Love - Linda Dube (ON-2)
Lord to Dance - Dan Morrison (VA-2)
Love Supreme - Mark Caley (LE, NoS)
Mackie's Back - Lisa Strong (CA, BC)
Mambo #5 - Mambo Maniacs (MO, BC)
My Noise - Brian Barakauskas (GA, NY)
Never Dance - John Robinson (GA, IN)
No Matter To Me - Jackie Snyder (AZ, CA)
Oh What a World - Paula Bilby (CA-2)
Old Bones - Morrill (CA-2)
Ooh.Mr. Gigolo - Bev Senft (ON-2)
Picnic Polka - David Paden (ON, BC)
Pussy Footin - Maggie Gallagher (LE, SW)
Quicksand - Gerard Murphy (NS, ON)
Razor Sharp - Stephen Sunter (NS, BE)
Red Hot Salsa - Christine Browne (CA, MI)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (PQ, Lan)
Rose Garden - Jo Thompson (CA-2)
Salsaria - Max Perry (MI, MO)
Shania's Moment - Nathan Easey (BC-2)
She's So Hot - Tom Mickers/Pedro Machado (MN, ON)
Smoke Rings - Palmer/Vanderheyden (CA, WA)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (BC-2)
Smooth Operator - Peter Metelnick (CA, WA)
Sno'nuf - Jamie Davis (NY, VA)
Sugar Sugar - Doug Miranda (AZ, WA)
T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (WI, HE)
Temptation - Perry/Hunyadi/Barry & DariAnne Amato (NY, WV)
That's the Thang - Rob Fowler (Man, Nor)
The Whole Deal - Bonnie Savo (ON-2)
This Woman, This Man - Burton/Barr (NY-2)
Tonight You're Mine - Chris Hodgson (CA, NoS)
Touch Me Tonight - Unk (GA, RI)
Train in Motion - Kathy K (NS, NF)
Trashy Women - Unk (RI, ON)
Virtual Insanity - John Robinson (IN, WA)
Wade in the Water - Alan Livett (DO, SW)
Who Did You Call Darlin' - Kevin & Maria Smith (VA, Ger)
Wonderland - Hunyadi/McWherter (NY, LE)
Xcuse Me - Kate Sala (SW, NO)

1 Teach

01-01-01 - Jo Thompson (IL)
101 - Peter Metelnick (NoS)
13MWZ - Sherie McLure (ON)
Above & Beyond - Stephen Sunter (Dubai)
Absolutely - Jan Brookfield (NoS)
Ain't That a Shame - Maggie Gallagher (LE)
All My Ex's - Unk (CA)
All Shook Up - Unk (GA)
All Through the Night - Unk (GA)
All Together Now - Sho Botham (BC)
Always - Judy McDonald (ON)
Angel Eyes - Dornstedt (CA)
Angel Wings - Susan Thompson (MA)
Arizona - Duane Richards (CA)
Arlene - Unk (GA)
Ashes to Ashes - Liam Hyrcan (MI)
Ay, Que Dolor - Dornstedt (CA)
Baby Come Here - Unknown (ON)
Baby Likes to Rock It - Hillbilly Rick (PQ)
Baby No More - Marg Jones (NS)
Babylon Samba - Maria Blackwell (IL)
Back on Holiday - Glen Pospieszny (IL)
Baggaluchi Bump - Unknown (PQ)
Band of Gold - Kathy Kaczmarek (ON)
Bar Stools - Unk (RI)
Bare Essentials - Dimond (CA)
Barroom Boogie - Unk (NF)
Basic Instinct - Alan Robinson (LE)
Be Bop A Lula - Larry Bass (NC)
Belle Stomp - Cherie Harclerode (VA)
Bermuda Triangle - Ed Lawton (LE)
Bird in a Cage - John Robinson (ON)
Black Ice - Lady in Black (Fra)
Black Velvet aka Ski Bumpus - Linda DeFord (MO)
Blue Rose - Aldrich (MO)
Blue Rose - Unk (WI)
Blue Stew - Romero (CA)
Bob's Tango - Bob & Betty Cook (IL)
Boogie Boppin Blue - K Romero (CA)
Boogie Down - Patrick Fleming (WA)
Boot Scooter's Boogie - Unk (CA)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Bill Bader (BC)
Boot Scootin' Boogie - Marilyn Argus (MA)
Booty Shakin' - Ed White (Dubai)
Born to Fly - Unk (SW)
Breathless - John Robinson (ON)
Brown Gravy Boogie - Scott Blevins (MO)
Bye Bye - Unk (GA)
C legs - Unk (SW)
Cabin Fever - Brenda Miller (NJ)
Calendar Girl - Scott Hucks (VA)
Caliente - Jennifer Paisley-Smith (VA)
Canadian Stomp - Unk (RI)
Canned Heat - Unk (Lan)
Capital Cha - Unk (RI)
Celtic Slide - Jenifer Reaume (MI)
Cha Cha Slide - Mr C (Nor)
Chapter of Lover - Debbie Bodven (NJ)
Charleston Strut - Unk (GA)
Cherokee Boogie - Chris Kumre (MO)
Cheyenne Rock - Val Reeves (BE)
Chocolate City Hustle - Unk (VA)
Circle Jerk - Unk (MN)
Clyde - Unknown (ON)
Conrado Cha Cha - Rob I (VA)
Cotton Eyed Joe - Unk (MO)
Country Boy - Unk (NF)
Country Girl - Unknown (BC)
Country Walkin' - Terree Desarro (ON)
County Line - Unk (Dubai)
Cowboy Boogie - Unk (NS)
Cowboy Twister - Footloose Line Dancers (MO)
Coyote Sing - JG2 (MO)
Crazy Donna - Donna Wasnick (CA)
Cuban Motion - Nancy Morgan (VA)
Da Limbo Dance - Cosenza/Pospieszny (IA)
Dance & Shout - Tom West (NS)
Dance - Scott Blevins (VA)
Dance Away the Night - Hutchinson (NS)
Dance Ranch Romp - Jo Thompson (CA)
Dance the Night Away - Unknown (ON)
Dancin' Cowboys - Vivienne Scott (ON)
Dancin' Feet - Susan Brooks (VA)
Deep River - Watts/Shiel (Man)
Devil in Disguise - Stott/Birchall (Man)
Devil's Run - Chris Hodgson (WA)
Diamond - Unknown (BC)
Diamond Reggae - Unk (MO)
Dirty Cowboy Cha Cha - Unknown (PQ)
Dirty Talkin Tequila - John Dembiec (LE)
Dixie Shuffle - Daniel Whittaker (MI)
Don't Ask - Terry Hogan (CA)
Don't Be Shy - Maria Blackwell (IL)
Done That - Steve Yoxall (Nor)
Dreamworld - Unk (HE)
Drive it Home - Alan Birchall (MO)
E-Zee - Rob Fowler (MI)
Even Steven - Deb Crew (NS)
Evita - Rob Fowler (LE)
EZ Waltzing - Kath MacManamon (VA)
Fantasy Moon - Frank Cooper (ON)
Feelin' Good - Judy McDonald (ON)
Fishin' in the Dark - Unknown (ON)
Flowers on the Wall - Max Perry (ON)
Flyin' A - Unk (MA)
Flying High - Jan Wyllie (BC)
Forever - Judy McDonald (WA)
Forever and a Day - Pat Stott (HE)
Freeze - Unk (MI)
Fried Chicken - James Kellerman (IL)
Funky Cowboy - Vickie Vance Johnson (VA)
Funky Matador - Unknown (ON)
G B Wiggles - Unk (MO)
Get Another Boyfriend - Marilynne Delurey (ON)
Get Back - Vivienne Scott (ON)
Gimme a Break - Cindi Talbot (NS)
Gimme Back My Bullets - Neil Hale (NY)
God Blessed Texas - Shirley Batson (MO)
Going Nowhere - Vivienne Scott (ON)
Good Gosh Amighty - JG2 (VA)
Good Time Cowboy - John Robinson (GA)
Good Times - Trainor (CA)
Graceland - Jenny Rockett (NB)
Groove - Unk (GA)
Grundy Gallop - Unk (Lan)
Gypsy - Mary Kelly (BE)
Habeebee - Di (Dubai)
Hands to Yourself- Mickers (CA)
Haunted Heart - Kwiatkowski/Ziemer (MO)
Havin' a Ball - Dianne Bishop/Gloria Kirchner (ON)
Heart in a Whirl - Larry Bass (CA)
Heave Away - Unk (CA)
Heaven Sent - Kate Sala (Dubai)
Helen's Boogie - Smiley (CA)
Here Lately - Max Perry (CA)
Hey Baby - Mark Cosenza (IA)
Hey, That's My Kiss -Kevin Richards (NY)
Hillbilly - Judy McDonald (ON)
Hillbilly Hitch - Jane Newhard (MI)
Hip Hop Hurray - BJ Brown (VA)
Hip Hop Old Hippy - Ginny Graham (GA)
Hit Da Floor - Rob Fowler (HE)
Honky Tonk Rock - Unk (CA)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Phyllis Watson (MO)
Honky Tonk Walkin' - Unk (MA)
Hooked on Country - Doug & Cheryl Miranda (MI)
Hot Lips - Unk (CA)
Hot Shot - Kathy Hunyadi (ON)
Hot Tamales - Neil Hale (NY)
Hotfoot Scuffle - John Robinson (ON)
House Full of Love - Unk (NY)
House in Harlem - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Humpty - Bill Lorah (MA)
Husbands & Wives - Hutchinson (CA)
Hustle Bustle - Unk (CA)
I Do - Britt Johnston (NJ)
I Got a Girl - Vera & Teresa (GA)
I Love to Boogie - David James (ON)
I'm Doin' Just Fine - Unk (CA)
I'm on My Way - Larry Bass (CA)
ICU - Jamie Davis/Steve Brain (OH)
Iko Iko - Johnny Montana (NY)
It's a Runaround - Vera & Teresa (NS)
Jamboo Steppin' - Carrasco (WA)
Jazz it Up - Bev Cornish (NF)
Jazzy Joe's - Ganean DeLaGrange (VA)
Jezebel - Chris Givens (WV)
Jitterbugging in BC - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Jive at Five - Michele Perron (IL)
Jose Cuervo - Max Perry (ON)
Jukebox - Unk (GA)
Julie's Dance - Mary Duda (IL)
Just Can't Wait - Unk (CA)
K.T. - Rob Fowler (Nor)
Kansas City - Brittney Bowling (BC)
Katie's Fast One - David Sickles (MA)
Keep It Simple - Jim Bob Szollosi (ON)
Keeping the Faith - Knox Rhine/Deb Crew (ON)
Kickin' Grass Blues - Unk (GA)
Kicking Country - Stella Cabeca (NS)
King of the Road - Machado/Thompson (Nor)
Kiss What - Valerie Keller (NB)
Kokomo - Unk (IL)
Last Cheater's Waltz - Unk (CA)
Last Laugh - Terry Hogan (CA)
Latin Heat - Pete Harkness (Dubai)
Latino Girl - Kate Salsa (LE)
Le Gunn Shuffle - Unk (GA)
Leather and Lace - Roz Morgan (VA)
Lessons Learned - David Pytka (VA)
Let's Boogie - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Let's Get Hitched - Unk (HE)
LIL Country Waltz - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Linda Lou - Susan Brooks (PQ)
Liner's Strut - Di (Dubai)
Liquid Dreams - Bragg (CA)
Little Squirt - Bill Bader (MO)
Live, Laugh, Love - Rob Fowler (Nor)
Long Distance Call - Fowler/Larson (ES)
Long Neck Bottle - Bill Bader (CA)
Long Star Cha Cha - Jo Thompson (NJ)
Louisiana Bound - Hutchinson (CA)
Louisiana Hop - Jim Smith (MA)
Love Love - Mags Gold (Dubai)
Love Never Dies - Kathy Hunyadi (NY)
Lovin' You Cha Cha - Tom West (NS)
Madalaina Smoothie - Nathan Easey (BE)
Madaleina - Chris Hodgson (NoS)
Magic Moments - Maggie Gallagher (LE)
Makin' Tracks - Jo Thompson (PQ)
Makin' Waves - Thompson/Perry/Metelnick/Hunyadi (Nor)
Mardi Gras Mambo - Unk (CA)
Maritime Mambo - Cindi Talbot/Bev Cornish (BC)
Maui - Unk (MI)
Maximum - Judy McDonald (VA)
Memory Lane - Janeen Kenny (BC)
Menagerie - Jamie Davis/Millenium Firecrackers (NY)
Mexican Salsa - Rick Wilson (MO)
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (BC)
Most Expensive Girl - Gina Mello (NS)
Movin' On - Peter Metelnick (HE)
My Maria - Albro/Camara (NY)
Never Say Never - Chris Hodgson (Ger)
Night Shift Boogie - Nancy Morgan (NY)
Nowhere Bound - Barry Amato (AZ)
Oh No, Let's Go! - Kelli Haugen (Nor)
Oh You Sexy Thing - Bev Cornish (PEI)
Ole Ola - Larry Bass (ON)
On Your Own - Chris Hodgson (WA)
Once Upon a December - Jo Thompson (Fra)
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - Wilson/Lucia (MO)
Open Up - Bill Bader (CA)
Opportunity Rocks - Michele Perron (NY)
Pa-leeze - Jo Thompson/Max Perry (BC)
Party Down Under - Gerard Murphy (ON)
Paseo Cha - Alan Livett (Fra)
PC Slide - Linus Ellis (VA)
Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps - Kumre (CA)
Picture Perfect - Hunyadi (NY)
Piece of Cake - Rob Fowler (WA)
Pinch Me - Marilynne Delurey (ON)
Pizziricco - Meagan Boxwell (PQ)
Poor Boy Shuffle - Unk (CA)
Por Ti Sere - Jo Thompson (AZ)
Power Surge - Stephen Sunter (VA)
Power Up - Kathy Gurdjian (NY)
Practice Makes Perfect - Deb Crew (NF)
Prairie Strut - Hedy McAdams (BC)
Pretty Cool - Jan Brookfield (BC)
Prodissy - Fowler/Nugent (MN)
Red Hot Dancer - Jo Miller (WA)
Reelin & Rockin - Bev Cornish (SC)
Ribbon of Highway - Neil Hale (BC)
Ridin' - Dave Ingram (NS)
Rock 'n Roll Waltz - Unknown (BC)
Rockin' Country - Diana Bray (NF)
Rocky Bottom Waltz - Unk (RI)
Rollercoaster - M Vera-Lobos (LE)
Rootin Tootin - Larry Bass (CA)
Rumba Ride - Larry Bass (GA)
Runaway Line - Norma Fuller (MI)
Saddle Up - Unk (GA)
Salty Dog - Unk (NY)
Santa Fe - Unk (RI)
Satisfaction - Tom Mickers (Fra)
Say When, Say Now - Alan Robinson (ES)
Say Yes - Unk (NJ)
Schwaltz - Bob Bahrs (Fra)
Scotia - Unk (GA)
Scotia Girl - Tom West (NS)
Scrape Ya Boots! - Keith Cross (NO)
September - Doris Newell (CA)
Sex on the Beach - Tom Clarke (PQ)
Sexy Tractor - Unk (RI)
Shamrock Shake - David & Regina Paden (ON)
She Bangs - Clarke/Hack (ES)
She Bangs - Frank Cooper (ON)
She Bangs - Mark Bartlett (MO)
Shirlie Boogie - Wilson & friends (MO)
Shiver N Shake - Scott Blevins (Fra)
Should I Do It - Mark Cosenza (IA)
Shucks - Soctt Hucks (NC)
Shuffle Rock - Max Perry (NY)
Sidesteppin' - Marg Jones (NS)
SideSteppin' Boogie - Sharon Ross (VA)
Simple Changes - Ganean DeLaGrange (IL)
Simply Pure - Keith Cross (NO)
Sixteen Step - Unknown (PQ)
Slap Leather - Unk (MO)
Smooth - Jeannie Woolman (MI)
Snap Jack - Jo Thompson (CA)
SND - Shannon Kellerman (MN)
So Smooth - Anthony Lee (Fra)
Solo Two Step - Max Perry (MO)
Someone Else's - Dana Fassett (MN)
Something - Judy McDonald (WA)
SOTB - Clarke (WI)
Southside Shuffle - Donna Aiken (MN)
Spirit in the Sky - Hutchinson (CA)
Stealing Kisses - Steve Hart (NB)
Steel Guitars No Bumps - Marg Jones (NS)
Straight Up - Carolyn Robinson (NC)
Straighten Up - Jo Thompson (MN)
Stroll Along Cha Cha - Unk (ES)
Struttin' Your Stuff - Diana Bray (NF)
Suavamente - Snyder/Miranda (WA)
Sugar Moon - K Staley (CA)
Sugarfoot - Sheila Smith (BC)
Summer in Nashville - Kevin Winn (NB)
Sunnyside Up - Michele Perron (BC)
Sunset Bolero - Max Perry (NY)
Sunshine Express - Knox Rhine (BC)
Surrender - John Robinson (IL)
Swamp Thang - Max Perry (SC)
Swingin' - Unk (RI)
Syncopated Rhythm - Fowler (MO)
Take It Away - Max Perry/Joanne Brady (ON)
Takin' My Time - Larry Bass (SC)
Tease Me - Heather Frye (ON)
Tennessee Waltz - Unk (GA)
Texas Stomp - Rugh Elias (NF)
Texas Waltz - Unknown (PQ)
The Child Inside - John Robinson (TO)
The Happy Circle - Judy McDonald (MN)
The J Walk - Sue Lipscomb (MO)
The Lion Sleeps - Michael John Jr & Sr (VA)
The Next Step - Unk (CA)
The Whole Sha-bang - Potter (CA)
This a Way/That a Way - Dan Albro (NY)
This Must Look Bad - T & H Rihuhta (MN)
Three of a Kind - Peter Metelnick (NO)
Three Wishes - Gerard Murphy (NS)
Tiger by the Tail - Unk (GA)
Time in a Bottle - Hutchinson (CA)
Tiny - Ed Lawton (NO)
TMT - Kathy K/Ron Kline (NS)
Too Good to be True - Hogan (CA)
Tossed Feathers - Linda Dube (IL)
Trip and Stumble - Michelle Weller (Dubai)
Twice As Much - Hedy McAdams (CA)
U2Me - Rob Fowler (LE)
Uptown Girl - Anita Ludlow (BE)
Vern Is Vern - Michael Barr/Michelle Burton (MN)
Virtuosity - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Voila - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Walk on By - Joanne Brady (ON)
Waltz Across Texas - Nielson (MO)
Waltzing Matilda - Max Perry (Man)
Wanna Dance? - Lou Ecken/Lori Pung (GA)
Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb (MO)
Wedding Waltz - Martha Ogasawara (BC)
What About Love - Unk (RI)
When You Walk In - Peter Fry (NO)
Whiplash - Jo Thompson (IL)
Whirl-Y-Reel - Bill Bader (WA)
Whispering Hope - Unk (CA)
Who Am I - Palmer/Cox (NoS)
With You Again - Unk (CA)
Wonderfully Crazy - Bader/Dubois (CA)
www.memory - Lana Harvey (NoS)
You And Me - Carmel Hutchinson ( AZ)
You Still Turn Me On - Rachel Evans (BE)
You're the One - Stephen Sunter (LE)
Your Place or Mine - Judy McDonald (ON)


Partner & couple dances

3 Teaches

Black Hat's Rose - Norma Fuller/Lewis Cain (VA-3)

2 Teaches

Canadian Barn Dance - Unk (NY, RI)
Celtic Cross - Dan Testa (MA, MI)

1 Teach

Bump-N-Strut - Lyndy (NY)
Cha Cha Del Rio - Boezeman (NY)
Charleston Bump - Bill Rice (MA)
Charlie's Cha Cha - Nancy Lee (NY)
Coffee For Two - David Pytka (MA)
Cotton Eyed Joe - Isaac Sweat (MA)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unk (IL)
Cowboy Merengue - Carol Weiner-Hamm (MA)
D-Vine - Dave Miller (MA)
Four Score - Thompson/Driggs/Barrett/Fleetwood-Pyle (NY)
Frontier Cha Cha (partner) - Kathy Sharpe-Arrant (MA)
I Don't Even Know - Mona Puente (MI)
Indian Summer - Albro/Giorgi (NY)
Keep It Up - Rick & Deborah Bates (MA)
LC Memphis - Unk (MI)
Lindy Star Shuffle - Susan Brooks (NY)
Lori's Cha Cha - Unk (RI)
McGraw Stroll - JG2 (MI)
Mexican Cutie - Pat & Ray Cartwright (MI)
Rebel Strut - Unk (MA)
Renegade Switch - Jim Ratliff (MI)
Roundabout Shuffle - Stompin' Sue (NY)
Rustler's Crossing - Tex & Pam Harwood (VA)
San Antonio Stroll - Unk (IL)
Santa Fe - Bob Pfau (MA)
Shamrock - Jim & Steve Brown (MI)
Sidekick - Rick & Kathy Stearns (IL)
Six Pack Summer - Dan Albro (MI)
Sugar Bear - Country Bound (IL)
Swingin' - Unk (MA)
This a Way/That a Way - Dan Albro (NY)
Two in the Dark - Wild Willy (MA)
What About Love - Gworek/Gagne (NY)
Wild West Wrap - Lyndy (MI)
Wooden Nickel - Stearns (NY)

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