There were 64 responses to the December 2000 Worldwide Dance Instruction Survey from the following areas:

United States: Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Florida (FL), Hawaii (HI), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), North Carolina (NC), New York (NY), Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC), Virginia (VA), and Wisconsin (WI).

Canada: British Columbia (BC), Manitoba (Mani), Ontario (ON), and Prince Edward Island (PE).

United Kingdom and other areas: Berks, Norfolk (Nor), Suffolk (Suf), Essex, Blackpool (Blk), Cheshire (CH), Worcestershire (Wor), Manchester (Man), St Albans (SA), Wrexham (Wrex), Middlesex (Mds), Merseyside (Mrs), Germany (Ger), and Japan.

A special thanks to both Judy McDonald (Canada) and Charles Bowring (UK) for compiling information from their areas. If you wish to respond to the survey for January 2001, and are from the UK or Canada, please email Canadian input to Judy at and UK input to Charles at

Also, many thanks to those who took the time to respond!

Here are the responses, beginning with line dances; pattern partner and couples dances follow the line dance section of the survey.

Hideaway Cha by Jo Thompson, Jamie Davis and Joanne Brady topped this month's survey with 14 teaches in CA-4, CT, FL, NC, NY-2, PA, VA-2, SA, and Japan.

She Bangs by Hillbilly Rick came in second with 10 teaches in CA-6, DE, NY, PA, and SA.

8 Teaches

Chilly Cha Cha by AT Kinson in CA-2, LA, ON, Man, Wrex, Nor, and Suf.

7 Teaches

Islands in the Stream - Karen Jones (CA-2, NY, SC-2, ON, Man)
Reet Petite - Lady In Black (VA, MN, NC, BC, Mani, Mds, SA)
Sweet Surrender - Chris Hodgson (Nor-2, Mds, Suf, Essex, Mrs, Blk)

6 Teaches

Ballymore Boys - Dynamite Dot (CT, LA, MI, WI, ON, CH)
Derailed - Peter Metelnick (NY-2, ON, Man, Nor, Suf)
Join The Queue - Michael Barr (SC-3, ON-2, Mds)
Oh, What a World - Paul Bilby (CA-6)

5 Teaches

Best of Times - Peter Metelnick (CA-3, PE, SA)
Dancing in the Dark - Jo Thompson (AZ, CA, MI, Nor, Suf)
Let's Get Hitched - Debi Bodven (CA, NC, NY-2, VA)
Mad 4 It - Daniel Whittaker (CT, NC, PE, Nor, Suf)
Ohhh Behave - Michele Burton (IL, NY-2, PA, SC)
Salsaria - Max Perry (AZ, CT, NY, BC, Ger)
Shoop Shoop - Jo Thompson (CA-3, MN, WI)

4 Teaches

A Single Moment - Unk (CA-2, MN, BC)
Bare Essentials - Carly Dimond (CA-3, BC)
Black Ic3 - Lady in Black (CA-2, MN, NY)
Blueberry Hill - Judy McDonald (NC, ON-3)
Bump N' Grind - Jo Thompson/Jamie Davis (AZ, CA-3)
Monterey Mama - SanDee Skelton (LA, BC-2, ON)
Smooth Criminal - Porter/Hulatt (CA, IL, LA, MN)

3 Teaches

Angel Eyes - Paul & Karla Dornstedt (CA-3)
Arriba - Gerard Murphy (CA, NY, Essex)
Bob's Line Dance - Charles Bowring (Nor, CH,Wrex)
C'mon C'mon - John Robinson (MI, NC, ON)
Dance - Scott Blevins (NY-3)
Eso Beso - Elle-Jay (CA-2, Wor)
Fais Do Do - Michelle Chandonnet (LA, NY-2)
Hot Love - Maggie Gallagher (Berks, Mds, Mrs)
Hustle Bustle - Betty Clarke (HI, ON, PE)
Into the Arena - Michael Vera-Lobos (MI, Nor, Suf)
Jellyroll Jive - Larry Bass (DE, SC, ON)
Let It Be - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA-3)
Mack The Knife - Rachael McEnaney (CA, NY-2)
Once Upon a December - Jo Thompson (CT, PA,VA)
Paso Por Paso - Sunny Daze (MN-2, SA)
Sexy Little Christmas Thang - Max Perry (HI, PA,ON)
Sweet Sensation - Peter Metelnick (CA, SA, Ger)
TGIF - Jo Thompson (CA, MI, MN)
The Real Deal - Joanne Brady (VA, NY, Nor)
Timeless Waltz - Elle-Jay (CA-3)

2 Teaches

All Christmas Long - Peter Metelnick (MI, MN)
All Week Long - Peter Metelnick (Nor, Suf)
Amazing Faith - Rob Fowler (Nor, Suf)
Ba Bom Bom - Chris Hodgson (CA, Blk)
Blue Finger Lou - Perry/Kinson (PA, VA)
Charleston Strut - Jo Thompson (CA, NC)
Cowboy Charleston - Unk (NY, BC)
Cowgirl's Twist - Bill Bader (BC, Japan)
Crazy Dreams - Amanda Harvey-Tench (CT, LA)
Cucaracha - Hank & Mary Dahl (NY, BC)
Cumbia Dance-a-thon - Irene Groundwater (BC-2)
Down on the Corner - Peter Metelnick (VA, NY)
Down The Road Boogie - Norma Fuller (SC-2)
Dream Waltz - Irene Groundwater (BC-2)
Dreamworld - Mark & Jan Caley (Nor, Essex)
Drowsy Maggie - Maggie Gallagher (Nor, Suf)
Fallsview Rock - Janet Humphrey (CT, ON)
Graceland - Jenny Rockett (ON, PE)
Hardwood Stomp - Jo Thompson (HI, WI)
Hasta Manana - Charlotte Skeeters (AZ, ON)
Hot Shot - Kathy Hunyadi (IL, PA)
Hot Tamales - Neil Hale (CA, Nor)
I'm On My Way - Larry Bass (CA-2)
Jai' Du Boogie - Max Perry (CT, Mani)
Jingle Boogie - Lana Harvey (AZ, WI)
La Dong Keewan - Frankie Cull (MI, NY)
Let's Get Loud - Larry Bass (CA, BC)
Little Bitty - Nancy Morgan (NY, VA)
Louisiana Hot Sauce - Thompson/Perry/Brady/Elliott (HI, PA)
Midnight Waltz - Jo Thompson (ON, Man)
Moon Time - Bill Bader (BC, ON)
Neon Nights Cha Cha - George & Estella Haines (ON-2)
Night of the Four Moons - Porter/Jones (Essex, SA)
On a Mission - Ros Brander-Stephenson (Nor, Suf)
Oooh Chihuahua - Joanne Brady (FL, SC)
Red, White & Blues - Noel Castle (CA-2)
Rumba Ride - Larry Bass (CA, Nor)
Runaway - Carmel Hutchinson (AZ, CA)
Scrap It - Kathy Kaczmarek (BC-2)
Sh-Boom - Bill Bader (ON-2)
Shalala - Dynamite Dot (ON-2)
Such a Night - Sullivan (CA, ON)
Swamp Thang - Max Perry(SC, ON)
Take a Ride - Thompson/Hunyadi (CA, SA)
Takin' My Time - Larry Bass (SC-2)
Tonight You're Mine - Chris Hodgson (Wrex, Mds)
Who Did You Call Darlin' - Smith (CA, BC)

1 Teach

4 Minus 3 Equals Zero - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
7 Digits - Morgan Ratcliffe (CA)
All I Want - Denise Stone (MI)
All Through the Night - Roz Morgan (CT)
Alligator Rock - Berkshire County Line Dancers (NY)
Back Track - Dan Albro (NY)
Backstreet Attitude - Jamie Davis (CA)
Badly Bent - Doug & Julie Laing - (Nor)
Bag it Up - Hyrcan/Elle-Jay (MI)
Bah Humbug - Lynne Flanders (CT)
Bang - Phil Austin (Wor)
Bango Mambo - Fowler/McAdam (SA)
Bar Room Waltz - Tom Selzler (PA)
Beethoven Boogie - Rob Fowler (Man)
Black Velvet - Linda DeFord (Man)
Boogie Bear Cha Cha - Jo Thompson (CA)
Boot Scootin' Woman - Martin Ritchie (Mds)
Booty Shakin - Patrick Fleming (CA)
Borroquito - Peter Metelnick (MN)
Break Away - Max Perry (VA)
Bye Bye Bye - JP Potter (MN)
Cactus Jive - Unk (ON)
Candy Cane Kick - Lynne Flanders (CT)
Caribbean Calypso - Pat Stott (SA)
Caribbean Rhythm - Dee Cresdee (BC)
Celtic Slide - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Cha Cha Lengua - Neil Hale (ON)
Cha Cha Ruleta - Scott Blevins (NY)
Champagne Stroll - Stella Wilden (CT)
Chattahoochee - Unk (CT)
Cheyenne Rock - Unk (Nor)
Christmas Card - Max Perry (HI)
Cold As Ice - The Fun Four (Mrs)
Cold Outside - Chris Hodgson (Blk)
Cool Swing - Eddie Bolton (SA)
Could I - Suzanne Denomme (SA)
Country Comes to Town - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Country Walkin' - Teree Desarro (ON)
County Down - Maggie Gallagher (Mds)
Cowboy Cha Cha - Unk (CT)
Cruisin' - Neil Hale (VA)
Crush - JP Potter (MN)
Dancin' Around the Christmas Tree - Melissa Robishaw (CT)
Dancin' in the Streets - Jo Thompson (NY)
Deck 51 - Ed Lawton (Essex)
Dixie Lullaby - Gene Morrill (CA)
Dixie Shuffle - Daniel Whittaker (PE)
Dizzy - Jo Thompson (HI)
Draggin' the Bow - Dan Albro (NY)
Dream Walkin' - David Pytka (NY)
Dream Weaver - Ed Lawton (Mds)
Dreams - Max Perry (HI)
Easy Waltzing - Kath MacManamon (VA)
Electric Slide - Unk (ON)
En Una Samana El Tango - Cresdee/Schira (BC)
Ever After - Doug Miranda/Jackie Snyder (NC)
Everybody - Vera-Lobos (CA)
Feelin' Good - Judy McDonald (ON)
Flowers - Bill Bader (BC)
Fly Like a Bird - Hedy McAdams (Man)
Fool's Waltz - Charlotte Williams (MI)
Forever and a Day - Pat Stott (Essex)
Forever For Me - Rob Fowler (Berks)
Forever Love - Vera & Teresa (SA)
Forever Yours - Paula Frohn (NY)
Fried Chicken - James Kellerman (MN)
Funky Slide - Skippy Blair (CT)
Get a Grip - Sharon Davis (PE)
Get Dancin' - Peter Metelnick/Alison Biggs (SA)
Ghost Train - Kathy Hunyadi (NY)
Givin' Up - Johnny Two Step (NY)
God Blessed Texas - Shirley Batson (NY)
Got to be Funky - Dawn Beacham (VA)
Happy Ever After - Laurie Boulton (SC)
Havana - KatieAnn Wasnick/Donna Wasnick/Sal Gonzalez (NY)
Hearts and Flowers - Adrian Churm (HI)
Heave Away - Gerard Murphy (MI)
Here, Boy - Marge Jones (PA)
Hey You - Cindi Talbot (BC)
Hillbilly Shuffle - Eric Toth (ON)
Hit The Road - Noel Castle (CA)
Ho No It's Christmas - Ed Lawton (CT)
Honky Tonk Christmas - Peter Metelnick (CT)
Honky Tonk Stomp - Phyllis Watson (Japan)
Hooked on Country - Jim Ferrazzano (Nor)
Hooray It's a Cha Cha - Ron Booiman (BC)
Hot Potato - John Robinson (NC)
Hot Steppin' - Larry Bass/Peter Metelnick (LA)
Hurricane - Sal Gonzalez (BC)
Husbands & Wives - Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson (CA)
I Need to Know Amore - Machado/JG2 (MN)
I See It Now - Michele Burton (ON)
It Bangs! - Matthew Dewsbury (Berks)
It's a Runaround - Vera & Teresa (Mds)
Jambalaya - Ian St Leon (ON)
Jazzy Joe's - Ganean DeLaGrange (VA)
Jingle Bell Rock - Louise Hodson (CT)
Jitterbuggin' - Bunny & Bruce Burton (SC)
Jumpin' Jupiter - Peter Metelnick (MI)
Just BOB - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
Just Got Paid - Ron Kline (NY)
Kelly's Cannibals - Unk (Nor)
Kick & Scream - Larry Bass (AZ)
Kick Kick - Unk (ON)
King of the Road - Jo Thompson (Mds)
Kiss Me Forever - Vera & Teresa (Mds)
Kiss This - Mike Cook (CT)
Lessons Learned - David Pytka (VA)
Live Laugh Love - Rob Fowler (Nor)
Living on a Prayer - John Robinson (PE)
Loaded - John Robinson (NC)
Long Cool Ride - Johnny 2 Step (Essex)
Longneck Bottle - Bill Bader (NY)
Louisiana Bound - Hutchinson (CA)
Mackie's Back - Lisa Strong (BC)
Makin' Tracks - Jo Thompson (BC)
Mambo No 5 - Mambo Maniacs (NY)
Money Money Money - Norma Fuller (NY)
Moonlight - Patrick Fleming (MI)
Moonlight Swing - Diane Horner (ON)
Moonlighting - Hazel Pace (Nor)
Mucara's Walk - John Steele (CA)
Needle in a Haystack - Ann Napier (Nor)
Nevertheless - Charlotte Skeeters (CA)
No Matter What - Unk (CA)
Now or Never - Kathy Hunyadi (ON)
Numero Uno - Stewart Gimson (Mrs)
Outer Reach - Charlotte Oulton (Wor)
Outta Your Head - Liz Clarke (NY)
Pa-Leeze - Thompson/Perry (BC)
Party Down! - Max Perry (HI)
Patient Heart - Vera-Lobos/Foord (NY)
Peaceful Easy Cha Cha - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Pennsylvania 6500 - Rachel McEnaney (Mds)
Picnic Polka - David Paden (HI)
Pink Champagne Waltz - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Pino Co Cha Cha - Unk (CA)
Plank 'er Down - Gerard Murphy (ON)
Pot of Gold - Liam Hyrcan (PA)
Power Surge - Stephen Sunter (VA)
Pretty Cool - Jan Brookfield (Nor)
Put a Little Spell on Me - J Woolman (CA)
Quando When Quando - Vera & Teresa (VA)
Radical Sabbatical - Dan Albro (NY)
Radioactive - Max Perry (NY)
Rainbow's End - Jan Wyllie (Nor)
Red Hot Salsa - Christina Browne (MN)
Redneck Girl - Unk (NY)
Rita's Waltz - Jo Thompson (BC)
Rockin' Pneumonia - Jo Thompson (CT)
Roly Poly Polka - Charlotte Williams (SC)
Rose Colored Glasses - Hutchinson (CA)
Salsarette - Sharon Leggate (BC)
Sandstorm - David McDonagh (ON)
Santa Looked A lot Like Daddy - Jerry Colley (CT)
Scooby Snax - Jamie Davis (CT)
Seduced - Unk (PA)
See Saw - John Robinson (NC)
See Ya! - Debbie Lambing (ON)
Senorita Margarita - Karen Hunn (Nor)
Sex On The Beach - Tom Clarke (NY)
Sh-Boom - Bill Bader (CA)
Shades of Blue - Carl Allford (SA)
Shake Rattle & Roll - John Robinson (NC)
Shania's Moment - Nathan Easy (SA)
Short But Sweet - Heather Frye (MI)
Silk and Satin - Evelyn Khinoo (MI)
Simply Blue - Annie Saw (BC)
Sleep Over - Ron Kline/Jamie Davis (IL)
Smokey Places - Michele Perron (CT)
Soakin' Wet - Larry Bass (CA)
Softshoe - Unk (DE)
Southern Cross Cha Cha - Bill Bader (CA)
Southland Waltz - Bill Bader (CA)
Spanish Guitar - Elle-Jay (CA)
Special "K" Cha Cha - Michael Knudsen (BC)
Special-D - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Steel City Swing - Kathy Hunyadi (NY)
Still The One - Bill Bader (CA)
Sugar Sugar - Doug Miranda (VA)
Sugar Sugar - Jo Kinser (MN)
Sugar Town - Max Perry (PA)
Sway to the Rhythm - Ed Lawton (CT)
Swingin' Home - Irene Groundwater (BC)
Switch Hazel - Larry Bass (CA)
Syncopated Rhythm - Rob & Michelle Fowler (AZ)
T-Bone Shuffle - Peter Metelnick (Man)
Take it Easy - Unk (ON)
Tango With The Sheriff - Adrian Churm (Nor)
Tell Me Now - JP Potter (CA)
Texan in a Stetson - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Texas Freeze - Unk (CT)
Texas Stomp - Ruth Elias (BC)
Texas Waltz - Jim Ferrazzano (NY)
That's the Way - Liam Hrycan (Nor)
The Belle Stomp - Cherie Harclerode (VA)
The Island Cha - Vicki Rader (VA)
The Lion Sleeps - Michael John Jr & Sr (VA)
The Rose - Julie Molkner (Nor)
The Whole Shebang - Potter (CA)
Three of a Kind - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Time Marches On - Peter Metelnick (SA)
Too Good to be True - Hogan (CA)
Touch Me Tonight - John Robinson (DE)
Triple T - Unk (ON)
Tuff 'E' Nuff - Charles Bowring (Nor)
Turbo Twang - JG2 (ON)
Turn It On - Ed White (ON)
Tush Push - James Ferrazzano (Man)
Twist Em - Jo Thompson (MN)
Unmendable - Jan Wyllie (Nor)
Vegas Slide - Cole (CA)
Venga Bus Shuffle - Elvidge (CA)
Vertical Expressions - Vera & Teresa (NY)
Virtual Insanity - John Robinson (NC)
Virtuosity - Jenifer Reaume (BC)
Walkin' On Me - Scott Blevins (MN)
Waltz Across Texas - Unk (WI)
Wasted Nights - John Robinson (SC)
Watermelon Crawl - Sue Lipscomb (HI)
What's Your Name? - Michael Barr (AZ)
Whirl-Y-Reel - Bill Bader (Man)
Who's Driving - Larry Bass (NC)
Winter Wonder Walk - Bill Bader (BC)
Wishful Thinking - Jim O'Neill (CA)
Wonderful Crazy - Pedro Machado (CA)
Write This Down - Marilynne Delurey (ON)
Wrong Five O'Clock - David Pytka (CT)
www.memory - Lana Harvey (CT)
X-Out - Scott Lanius (Nor)
You - Norma Fuller (CT)
You Know - Gordon Elliott (PA)
Young & Sexy - Steve Lescarbeau (NY)


Partner & couple dances

2 Teaches

Cowboy Sweetheart - Pim Humphrey (CT, NY)
Rings - Sue Halliday (CT-2)
Twilight Schottishce - Dan Albro (NY, PA)

1 Teach

Angel Waltz - Jerry Cope/Iva Mosko (CT)
Barn Dance - Dick Matties/Geneva Owsley (NY)
Foothills C & M Waltz - Cain/Fuller (SC)
Jingle Bell Rock Mixer - Edna Barnhart (CT)
Jingle Boogie - Unk (WI)
Kansas City 4 Corners - Unk (CT)
Lessons Learned - David Pytka (VA)
McGraw Stroll - JG2 (PA)
Singing The Blues - Dick & Sandy Sharp (MI)
Sixpack Summer - Dan Albro (SC)
Sorry 4-2 - Ed White (MI)
Straight Seven Southern Stroll - Unk (CT)
Traveling Tootsie - Country Bound (NY)
Vertical Expressions for 2 - Jim & Wanda York (NY)
Wagonwheeler Waltz - Kenny & Bunny Fargo (CT)
Wild West Wrap - Lyndy (CT)
You Ain't Hurtin' - Larry Bass (CT)

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